Analyzing The 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 Couples' Zodiac Compatibility

Love might be blind, but does the zodiac compatibility of the final four 'Love Is Blind' Season Four couples reveal that astrology is not?

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In Episode One of "Love is Blind" Season Four, 15 men and 15 women walked into "the pods," but only five couples were shown getting engaged by Episode Five. Only then were they finally allowed to see each other for the first time, after which they flew off immediately to Mexico for a honeymoon vacation to see if they passed each other's vibe check enough to say “I do” 28 days later. 

After various twists and turns this season, the five couples that emerged out of the pods at the end of Episode Five were not the same by the time Episode 10 rolled around. And then there were only four at the end of Episode 11.


So while we wait eagerly for Netflix to drop the final episode of Love is Blind Season 4 revealing the wedding day outcomes, let's take a look at the zodiac compatibility of the final four couples who will be walking down the aisle and figure out why things may have happened the way they did. And, of course, we'll also predict which ones amongst them (if any) will finally say “I do."

Analyzing the ‘Love is Blind’ Season 4 couples' zodiac compatibility

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Chelsea (Taurus) and Kwame (Aries) zodiac compatibility: low

Chelsea is a Taurus Sun and Capricorn Moon while Kwame is an Aries Sun and Gemini Moon. Any way you look at it, the two are never going to be on the same page with each other. And given how Kwame and Micah were flirting behind Chelsea's back (well, really right in front of her eyes) during their Mexico honeymoon, and how Moon in Gemini people tend to be big-time players, things are not looking ideal for these two.

Chelsea and Kwame's Sun signs form a semi-sextile aspect with each other and their moon signs are quincunx. So even if they make an effort to blend their lives together (as is the case in semi-sextile relationships), the quincunx between their emotional natures will eventually drive a wedge between them. And since Kwame has a more non-traditional zodiac nature compared to Chelsea's very traditional Taurus-Capricorn chart, if their relationship ends, it may in part be because Kwame is unwilling to put in as much effort as Chelsea is.

As for whether Chelsea and Kwame will get married in the season finale of "Love is Blind:" the possibility is very high that they will. He was raised in a traditional household and won't be so ill-mannered as to turn her down at the aisle. And we already know how she feels. 

Zack (Aries) and Bliss (Libra) zodiac compatibility: medium

Zack is an Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon, and Bliss is a double Libra with both her Sun and Moon in the diplomatic sign. This makes their zodiac compatibility pretty solid for marriage with just enough differences to keep them on their toes.


Aries and Libra are opposite zodiac signs, which naturally creates strong attraction. And with Bliss' double Libra chart, she's the kind of person who goes all in when she makes up her mind about someone.

But Zack's natal Sun inconjunct Moon makes him the kind of person who says one thing and does another, time and time again. His heart and mind are never on the same page at the same time. This is why, despite his reservations about Irina's “vicious side” and Bliss literally baking cupcakes for his birthday, he still chose Irina over Bliss at first. And this is coming from the dude who literally mentioned in his Netflix promo that the way to his heart is “through steak” (food) and “thoughtful gestures!”

As for whether Zack and Bliss will get married in the season finale of "Love is Blind:" the possibility is very high they will. But you never know with Zack. His internal conflict can easily cause history to repeat itself like before when he chose Irina instead of Bliss.

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Micah (Pisces) and Paul (Aries) zodiac compatibility: low

Micah is a Pisces Sun with Libra Moon and Leo Rising. Paul is an Aries Sun with Virgo Moon and Cancer Rising. Any way you look at it, these two can never be. There couldn't have been a more textbook semi-sextile couple than this!

As we discussed with Kwame and Chelsea, the semi-sextile aspect is formed between adjacent zodiac signs that have nothing in common. And so relationships like this require a lot of intentional work to make them work.

Of course, Paul with his Virgo Moon and science background is better suited to make such a relationship work. But Micah with her dreamy Pisces Sun and lover-of-fairytales Libra Moon and Leo Rising signs will never be interested in doing the same. She's looking for someone she can fall head over heels in love with and who will fit into her life perfectly right from the get-go. And Paul isn't that.

As for whether Micah and Paul will get married in the season finale of "Love is Blind:" it's highly possible Paul will say “I do,” and then — after she hears his response — Micah will say “I don't.”


Tiffany (Sagittarius) and Brett (Scorpio) zodiac compatibility: high

Tiffany and Brett are Season Four's fan-favorite couple. And their zodiac compatibility reveals why these two are the least problematic and the most ship-worthy pair of them all.

Tiffany is a Sagittarius Sun with a Gemini Moon while Brett is a Scorpio Sun with an Aries Moon. Her Netflix information card says she's searching for a partner who "takes initiative” but also needs space to do “her own thing.” Brett's says his ideal woman is “successful, independent, and fearless.” Can this pair be any more made for each other than this?

The interesting thing is both Tiffany and Brett are a bundle of contradictions by themselves.

Her Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon are opposite signs. So she will often find herself oscillating between her heart and her mind. She even mentioned that if it hadn't been for "Love is Blind," she wouldn't have given Brett a chance because he doesn't have a college degree and pursued a non-traditional career path.


Brett too has his personal share of heart vs. mind problems. His Scorpio Sun and Aries Moon are inconjunct each other, very much like with Zack (as we saw earlier). But inconjunctions usually are in favor of the Moon sign as the Moon represents our soul and what we are comfortable with as opposed to the Sun, which represents who we are becoming. So while Zack chose Irina instead of Bliss because of his Scorpio Moon's emotional attraction to complicated relationships, Brett's Aries Moon made him follow his heart right from the start and choose Tiffany.

Brett and Tiffany's Rising signs are not known so far. But it won't be surprising if it turns out he's a Capricorn Rising and she's a Cancer Rising.

As for whether Brett and Tiffany will get married in the season finale of "Love is Blind:" the possibility is really, really high they will. But considering the internal contradictions of both individuals, it's also possible they will choose to date each other a little longer and then get married later in a ceremony that's more stress-free.


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