All The 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 Couples Who Are Still Together After The Altar

Is love really blind?

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"Love Is Blind" has captured the attention of millions of viewers, many of whom have binged season after season, and can't seem to get enough.

While the season 4 couples are the latest fixation for fans of the show, you might be wondering which couples from season 3 are still going strong in their lives after the pods.

During season 3, viewers witnessed five couples fall in love in the pods. Out of those couples — Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux, Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton, Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett, Raven Ross and Sikiru "SK" Alagbada, and Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden — only two ended up getting married. Jaffrey said "I do not" at the altar, as did Alagbada and Bowden.


And while Ross and Alagbada tried to date outside of the experiment, their relationship didn't stand the test of time. 

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Here's an update on which 'Love Is Blind' season 3 couples are still together. 

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux are ready to have kids.

Alfia and Lemiux had an undeniable connection in the pods and they are still very much in love. In an interview with Us Weekly in February 2023, the couple revealed that they are trying to start a family. "[We’re] working and twerking on it,” Alfia said.


The two have come pretty far in their relationship and say that communication has been key. "Everything happened so quickly. … Now I can look at him and I can see if he needs just, like, time to regroup on something, you know? We have those cues now that we didn’t have in the very beginning," she explained.

Speaking with People magazine, Alfia and Lemieux proved that they are still very much in love. "I think I cried every time our wedding comes on the screen. Every time that we watch it. We've only ever watched it a few times, but every time we do it's like, it's very emotional," Lemieux said.



The two are both very active on Instagram and often share photos with their fans. "We love a happily ever after," read a caption on a joint post the two shared on February 11.


Fun fact: In an interview with Elite Daily, Alfia revealed that Lemieux "proposed to [her] every single day" before they got married. Her answer? Was always "yes."

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Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton are planning on moving in together in the spring of 2023.

Watching season 3 of "Love Is Blind," many fans had their doubts about Reed and Bolton, especially during their fights. Ultimately, however, the two made it work, both of them said "I do," and they made sure to do things on their terms. For example, even after they were married, they chose to live separately as they continued getting to know one another.

"Logistics-wise and money-wise, we weren’t there. As soon as the wedding, the next day, we weren’t money-wise ready to give up on our leases,” Reed said on the "Love Is Blind" season 3 reunion. “It’s a very complicated situation. We got married in an unorthodox way, so we’re doing marriage in an unorthodox way."


"We have a plan in a couple of months. We made sure our leases line up in the same amount of time, and we are going to move in together. I can’t wait to move in with him, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him. So I'm content. We are content. We are on the same page with how we’re doing things," she added.

In an interview with Women's Health in November 2022, Reed shared the reality of her marriage.

"Just because we got married doesn't mean that all those issues that we were having were all of a sudden going to be resolved and we weren't going to have them anymore. So, for some time, we were still working on those issues. But it was very nice not to do in front of cameras," she said at the time. 



Both Reed and Bolton are active on Instagram and have penned touching tributes to one another for all to see.


"Isn't she lovely," Bolton captioned a snap he posted on April 8. The couple is expected to move in together soon, per Reed's Instagram Q&A. "No, we don't live together right now, but we will in the spring. We pretty much stay with each other every single night of the week," she said, according to Entertainment Tonight

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