8 Zodiac Placements That Have The Hardest Time Finding Love

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In astrology, there are certain zodiac placements in the birth chart that bring more challenging energy to love and relationships.  

According to TikToker and certified hellentistic astrologer @0degreestaurus, these transits or placements end up having to learn greater lessons before they are able to be in the place to find their forever love because love is wrapped up in growth for each of these placements.



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Whether it is a transit in your natal chart or the placement of Venus, none of these aspects mean that you will forever be alone, but it does mean that it will take more time for you to reach a space where you can truly attract what it is you need.  

Your natal chart shows who you are as a whole person and in many ways how you innately love, but as you learn and grow this can change even if the truth of yourself does not.  

When looking to see if you have any of the placements listed below it is important to understand not just the challenges they represent, but also the lessons.  

This is one of the true purposes of the natal chart in astrology: to show you what you will have to learn in this lifetime in order to truly live the life and have the relationship that you dream of.  

Lessons can take a different amount of time for everyone, but the sooner you can be aware of what is in your chart then the more awareness that you can bring to your dating life or relationship.  

There is nothing that you dream of that is not meant for you. 

It is just that often in order to be able to fully create it, you have to grow through certain challenges. 

And when you do find your forever love, or it finds you, you will understand exactly why it was something that was always worth waiting for.  

These are the zodiac placements that have a harder time finding their forever love.

1. Leo Rising 

The Sun rules Leos who are known for being able to follow their heart, so it may come as a surprise that this placement is one that represents finding love later in life.

Leo Rising has the relationship area of their life ruled over by Saturn. Saturn is the Lord of Time and Karma, which means that many karmic lessons are often learned at the hands of this planet. For a Leo rising, many of these lessons center around control in a relationship, focusing on appearances rather than substance within a partner and being impulsive in their decision making.

To be able to overcome this it is important to make sure that you are allowing your partner to fully show up and be themselves, as well as choosing someone that is good for you, not just one that looks good to you.

When you are able to master these lessons, then you will be able to fully experience the kind of love that you desire.  

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2. Cancer Rising 

Like Leo Risings, you also have your relationships ruled by Saturn which means that while karmic lessons will come into play, so will learning some important lessons about yourself.

You are the caretaker and nurturer of the zodiac, but that often means you can lack boundaries in relationships. This can even be seen as developing some codependent tendencies, which means that your emotions may directly correlate to what your partner is experiencing. If they are not happy, you will not be able to be.

You are also prone to be attracted to the fixer-uppers, those partners who have such amazing potential but ultimately lack what you really need to make a relationship last.

For you, boundaries are key. This means making sure that you do not over-give or over-promise yourself to your partner, abandoning yourself for the sake of the relationship.

Once you can implement this, and learn in the process your needs matter too, then love suddenly becomes everything you always thought it should be.  

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3. Saturn in the 7th house  

Saturn is the main planet that can cause relationship challenges because it means that you will feel greater restriction in achieving growth in this area.

In astrology, the seventh house is the one that rules committed relationships. To have Saturn in this house means that you will go through more lessons than others when it comes to love. There may be an endless stream of partners where it seems like you are still dating the same person or that no matter what you do, nothing seems to improve things.

Saturn in the seventh house asks you to focus on yourself and your own healing. No lover, even if they are amazing, will be able to help you grow or move through obstacles that are in your own life.

The more that you can learn from your past relationships, including those you observed in childhood, the more you will be able to overcome this challenging placement.  

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4. Saturn square Venus 

This is one of the most challenging astrological aspects of all because it places high importance on happiness and love. Early on, these can be sought after in relationships instead of being focused on within yourself. Because of this, you can feel lonely, self-isolated, and disappointed that it seems everyone else can have what you want so desperately.

The lesson with this aspect, though, is self-worth and self-love. The more that you know what you are worthy of, the less you will leave it up to others to provide. By doing this your energy changes to one that is more confident which will naturally attract the relationship that you have always hoped to find.

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5. Saturn opposite Venus 

This aspect is particularly not fun as it represents that you are going to have to spend large chunks of your time alone, at least early on in life.

These two planets are at odds with each other, Saturn on one side representing boundaries and aloneness and Venus on the other ruling over happiness and love. Because it seems like love is elusive under this aspect, being alone can seem preferable, even talking yourself into thinking that you do not actually want a relationship.

A big part of the lesson of this aspect is being honest with yourself and allowing vulnerability to exist within your love life. If you forever try to protect yourself from what you say you want, then you will never actually achieve it. Instead, it is about letting those walls down and trusting someone enough to let them inside.  

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6. Venus in Virgo 

Venus is the planet of love. In Virgo, it has a very hard time finding and maintaining a relationship.

Virgo is an earth sign, one that is represented by the earth goddess and is known as a very fertile sign that represents healing. Venus in Virgo, though, can take on this sign’s more challenging qualities, including perfectionism.

In relationships, this can come across as being overly critical of your partner. You may also have a vision of love in your mind of what you are supposed to have or what love is supposed to be and anything that does not match up to that ends up being somehow wrong.

There can also be a tendency to never feel like anything is enough. If your partner starts doing more of what you need them to, instead of feeling grateful and satisfied, you will go to what you want them to do next.

To help balance this out, make sure that you are not projecting an unrealistic ideal of love onto your relationship. Make sure that you use positive words of affirmation to let them know that you are happy and most of all, remember that they are just a person too and will have their own needs for love too.

Work together, not against each other.

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7. Venus in Gemini 

This placement is tricky, as it does not represent a challenge in finding love, but only in being faithful in love.

Venus is loving and wants to commit to it fully. However, Gemini represents a sense of duality and can be flighty at times, having multiple ideas or options going all the time. Venus in Gemini can have a very challenging time being monogamous or faithful in relationships because of always having more than one option open to you.

You also tend to be very flirtatious by nature which means that it is also not hard to attract new partners. This placement may do especially well in polyamorous situations in which you are free to follow your attractions or even heart with new partners. If not, then what will become the deciding factor is knowing ultimately why you chose and are continuing to choose your current partner.

Because Gemini rules mental activity, having a logical reason for why you are choosing to be faithful can help you alleviate that risk of throwing something amazing away simply because you thought that something better existed.  

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8. Venus in Sagittarius  

Venus in Sagittarius is as much a lover as any other Venus sign, but it becomes a bit trickier.

The myth of Sagittarius is that this is the sign that often has a hard time committing, which is not true. For them, though, they need the best of both worlds: stability and freedom. This balance of desires can be challenging for many traditional relationships as this sign may prefer to live in separate homes or need to leave for a few weeks a year in order to find themselves again or learn something new.

Sagittarius is the seeker of the zodiac and early on this may apply to romantic relationships as they are always thinking that something better exists. Sometimes it does, but it is also that rather than just being alone this sign will tend to find someone that fulfills only a certain need instead of an all-encompassing love.

Making sure that your partner is truly in alignment with you is a huge step in creating your forever love. That along with the necessary freedom to continue to grow and experience life will allow you to not just find that love you have been seeking but keep it as well.  

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