How To Be More Psychic & Tap Into Your Abilities In 10 Steps

Listen to your inner voice when it speaks to you.

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If you think you might have psychic powers, or you want to develop your psychic abilities, it's important to know when to listen to your gut.

Being a psychic means you have a special mental ability that cannot be explained by science or by nature, such as knowing what’s going to happen in the future or even what people are thinking.

While there are all different kinds of psychic abilities, it's more than just being able to see into the future. It's about honing those abilities to be more aware.


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How can you be more psychic?

You may be able to "see" a solution to a problem, but to do so, it's important to increase your awareness and intuitive mind.

When you are psychic and increase your awareness, you may even be able to figure something out when you are not even thinking, like in the shower or right before you go to bed. You may have already stumbled on increasing your intuitive nature through life, in general.


Being more psychic comes in waves. For example, insights may even come to you when you are meditating, doing yoga, or just enjoying a nice glass of wine.

These are the times where your brain wave activity decreases and you become more open to the influences of the energies around you. Having psychic powers can also mean that you just know certain information without being told.

"Each of us has the ability to develop psychic talents, says psychic and spiritual coach Polly Wirum. "Honing these powerful skills requires self-reflection, meditation and lots of practice. There are many different techniques to explore, like tarot, angel cards, angel messages, mediumship and much more. With practice you can discover your strongest ability."

How can you tell if you're developing your psychic abilities?

Psychics see people differently — most often psychics "see" people as either blue or red. This is called synesthesia, where a person experiences one of their senses through another.


In this case, a psychic may be able to see someone's pain in color. Or, they may be able to perceive that person's aura color.

Usually, when someone sees people as the color blue, that person is a natural healer and teacher. This makes the psychic feel more comfortable around them.

If a psychic sees someone as the color red, that person is experiencing stress and anxiety; red can also mean that person is short-tempered. So, a psychic will be less likely to want to be around a red-colored person.

“Being psychic is a very easy way to monitor the energy you are around. If something doesn’t feel right, move on. This is a great tool to help you find your vibrational matches,” Wirum recommends.


Another way you can tell if you're developing your abilities is being drawn to do or not to do certain things. It's like a strong urge overtakes you; a gut reaction but it's always right.

Finally, your dreams point to something in your daily life. This can be best explained as dreaming something, like where your missing jewelry is, and then waking up and finding it in that place. These dreams are most likely pushed off as coincidences, but they could indicate your psychic powers.

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Luckily, there are some great ways to start tapping into your psychic powers so you can become a better psychic.


Here are 10 ways to be more psychic and tap into your abilities.

1. Don't be afraid of tapping into your abilities.

The first step to increasing your abilities is to not convince yourself that this is something scary!

While it may feel intimidating knowing that you possess psychic powers of some kind, this will never result in bad or negative experiences. Rather, your psychic abilities allow you to reach your highest self and help you move through life.

So, instead of shying away from delving into your abilities, be open and willing to declare to the Universe that you are ready to take that next step.

2. Meditate.

The best way to become a better psychic is to quiet your mind. This opens you up to the energies around you and to listen.


When you can consciously stop your thoughts, you can accept the energies from the world around you and the messages that angels, spirits, and departed loved ones are trying to tell you.

3. Listen to your inner voice and intuition.

Psychics are very sensitive to the senses. When you start paying attention and listening to your intuition, it means that your inner spirit senses what path is the best for you to take. When you start listening to your instincts and intuition, you will eventually stop listening to everything else so you can only listen to your intuition.

One way to improve your connection to your inner voice is to assign a color to a specific emotion you feel. As you do this practice on a daily basis, eventually, your intuition will be able to communicate with you by showing that color.

4. Get in touch with your subconscious.

Your subconscious absorbs information and experiences that affect the decisions you make every single day, though you aren't aware of it; it's the part of your mind that makes decisions without you needing to think about them.


That's why connecting to your subconscious is another great way to tap into your abilities. Hypnosis, positive self-talk, and keeping track of your dreams are just a few ways to do this.

5. Practice reading others' energies.

By channeling your abilities to read the energy of another person, you're ultimately improving those skills along the way, honing your intuition as well. You can read energies by being around people, even without touching them!

Rely on your intuitive thoughts about this person and then, if you're comfortable, have a conversation where you can confirm your thoughts. You can also do this by touching items that the person owns.

Adds Wirum, “Being psychic allows you to know more than meets the eye. You can look at a person and feel what their life has been like. You understand how they move through life. You feel if they are at peace or not. You know if they feel good to be around or not.”


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6. Connect with your spirit guides.

Your spirit guides and angels are there to support you and offer guidance as you fulfill your life path and purpose. And connecting with your spiritual guides can help you further develop your psychic abilities.

To do this, you must determine what you seek and desire in life, open your heart, and lead with gratitude. You can also ask the Universe for a sign that your guides are there for you.

7. Take psychic classes.

Lots of psychics teach classes to help other less experienced psychics develop and connect to their abilities. These teachers can also point out your special gifts and abilities to you so you are aware of what is special about your psychic skills.


"I strongly suggest that everyone has a strong spiritual foundation. This will enhance your psychic abilities. Find a group or class that mixes spirituality with psychic development. Here, you will meet like-minded people and they could easily become lifelong friends,” says Wirum.

8. Nourish your body.

When your body feels healthy, you make it easier to tap into your abilities. Be sure to eat healthy, exercise, and refrain or limit substances like alcohol or cigarettes.

Taking care of your body affects your mind as well, so be sure to give yourself what you truly need.

9. Open your chakras.

The first step to opening your chakras is understanding what they are. ​Chakras are the energy points of your body that can help you access specific psychic information. Once you learn to open and unblock your chakras, you're one step closer to improving your abilities.


Opening your chakras is a process, so be sure to keep an open mind and not get frustrated if you don't understand at first.

10. Keep a dream journal.

To become more psychic, consider starting a dream journal to keep track of your hunches; this way, you know how it felt to be right or wrong.

A lot of psychics encounter vivid dreams, so it's a good idea to write the situation down. This gives you time to reflect on your dreams and really think things through to figure out the meaning behind your dreams, and then connect your dreams to the present and future.

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