5 Ways To Expand Your Aura & Get Exactly What You Need In Your Life

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As a human being, you are not just flesh and blood. It’s a scientific fact that you are made of energy and surrounded by an energy field, known as your auric field.

All living things are made of energy that extends beyond the physical limits of the body or plant. In other words, everything alive has an energy field.

Surprisingly, the aura color and aura strength are changeable and influenced by emotions.

Some people can actually see the aura color or outline of plants and trees while others can see the human aura, often filled with colors that readers give meaning to.

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Why your aura matters

The condition of your aura represents your vital life force energy. When you are strong and healthy, your aura is full and balanced. However, when you are ill or feeling down, your aura shrinks and condenses.

The auric field can be further expanded to be more magnetic. You can do this naturally to attract your dreams and achieve your goals. To manifest something, you'll want to expand your aura, which creates space for more of what you want in your auric field.

On the other hand, when you are under the weather or unhappy, your field becomes condensed and pulled in, leaving little or no room for anything else to enter.

How to measure the aura

When you are happy or joyful, your energy field fills out around your body. This can be demonstrated using simple divining rods. I have used a metal coat hanger, by cutting off the hook at the top. Then I cut the bottom in the middle creating two L-shaped pieces. Adjust the bend of the angle to 90 degrees for this experiment.

Next, get a plastic straw and cut it into two pieces. Hold one piece of straw in your hand and put the short end of the L-shaped metal into it. This allows you to hold the metal without actually touching it directly, so you can't manipulate it. Do the same on the other hand.

You need a volunteer to stand at least 10-12 feet in front of you. Ask the person to think about a big disappointment in their life or something extremely sad.

Once the volunteer has something in mind, slowly walk toward them with the wires pointing directly at them, parallel to the floor. Once you reach the energy field, the wires will automatically cross. You can often get close, like three feet away or closer when a person is unhappy.

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Happiness creates a bigger auric field

Now, try it again, but this time have your volunteer think of a happy event. This can be a memory or something they hope to manifest. Wait until the person tells you they have this clearly in mind.

Again, walk towards the volunteer with the wires pointed at them. If your partner has done a good job, you won’t get near them. The wires will cross at six feet or more. I’ve seen the wires cross even 10 feet away. Now that’s how to expand your aura!

What does this mean?

The wires are reacting to your volunteer’s energy field. When the person is happy, the field is expansive and full. When sad, the field contracts closely around them. This is a totally natural phenomenon.

A bigger field means there is more space between the energy particles, rather than more energy. And in this space, you are physically making room for your hopes and dreams. Isn’t that a fun and empowering idea?

Five ways to expand your aura

Keeping your field expanded as much as possible is easy and fun. Here are five simple things you can do to fluff out your aura:

  1. Think happy thoughts and be grateful for what is good in your life.
  2. Remember wonderful memories that fill your heart.
  3. Use your imagination and picture to expand your aura.
  4. Sing which lifts your frequency by vibrating your vocal cords.
  5. Dance and movement also can uplift your mood and raise your vibe.

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Healthy aura color

When your auric field consists of pure, clean colors, that’s when it’s healthy and strong. Clean colors are made of vibrant hues or are mixed with white. If they are tinged with gray or other darker colors, the aura likely needs a good clearing.

How to maintain a strong aura

Staying healthy, both emotionally and physically, keeps your aura strong. That means all the typical things like eating well, drinking water, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep. Positive thinking also contributes to good energy.

In addition, you want to clear your aura on a regular basis. Energy hygiene is very important but often not recognized by most western people. On the other hand, many indigenous cultures value this activity to keep their energy clear.

Just think about how everyone is bombarded by electronic frequencies, other people’s emotions, upsetting stories in the news, and so much more. All this can drag you down and dampen your aura.

To keep a robust aura, clear it by using any of these methods:

  • Smudge with a sage stick or Palo Santo wood. Light the sage or wood and blow out the flame, leaving the smoke rising. Wave the stick from head to toe in slow sweeping motions with the intention of clearing your field with the smoke.
  • Take an Epsom salt bath which detoxes the body and field at the same time.
  • Walk in the woods or near running water which balances out an overabundance of positive ions that naturally build up over time.
  • Use breathing exercises, like simply concentrating on breathing in positive energy and exhaling negative energy or whatever no longer serves you.

All of these methods help you release negative or unwanted energy, keep your aura expanded and lift your vibration.

Now that you know more about your auric field and how to keep it healthy and strong, have fun with it. Make yourself more magnetic and attractive when you expand your aura. Be sure to clear your field and keep the aura colors vivid to help manifest your dreams.

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