7 Ways To 'Read' Energy So You Always Know What Someone Is Thinking

It's all about using your senses.

Last updated on Aug 30, 2022

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation of unknown social territory? Maybe you're meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time or you have an important work presentation.

Whatever the case may be, if you could know how people are feeling and what they're thinking, would you want to? Fortunately, you can learn how to read people's energy and vibrations, channeling this powerful skill.

What is energy reading?

Energy reading refers to the act of "sensing" someone's unique energy field, which is influenced by their emotions and feelings, and then interpreting what that person is thinking. 


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For example, a highly sensitive person has the ability to feel a person's energy, as well as the energy around them. People who are able to read energy rely on their gut feelings and are intuitive, feel things deeply, and are easily overwhelmed by the emotional energies they absorb or feel.


Another more common example is being able to "read" a person without touching or conversing with them. Think about a time when a stranger walked into the room, and you could immediately determine if they had good or bad energy, based only on their presence and maybe their facial expressions or body language.

This is a form of energy reading, as is being psychic, clairvoyant, or even figuring out a person's aura.

Reading energies and vibrations in a room is really just reading the energy of the room. It's tuning into the collective energy. Does it feel good and welcoming, or not so much?

When reading people, you can also get specific and tune into the vibrations of a person, upcoming event, or whatever will be used for the highest good of all. But there are a few things to keep in mind to successfully read a person's energy.


Here are 7 ways to read a person's energy.

1. Be respectful.

Reading vibrations must be used respectfully and with good intentions. You will not receive clear answers if your intent is to cause harm to another.

This skill also only works if you have an open heart. Is your heart open? Are you coming from a place of love so you can successfully read vibrational energy?

2. Meditate.

You've probably heard by now how important meditation is.

One of the benefits of meditation is the discovery of self. You recognize what your energy feels like. This is important if you want to feel another person’s energy.

There's no way around this: You need to meditate and discover how you feel.


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3. Tune into your 'heart space.'

A great trick to being in an open heart space is to sit in a quiet space and think about a happy memory.

You can also think about someone you love or something you are grateful for. This opens up your heart and allows you to tune into the heart space of others.

You are open to receiving the good stuff in life, including what's a good fit for you. You can strengthen your practice by asking the Universe, your angels and your guides to help you.

Working with love in your heart allows you to receive messages that are helpful for all involved.

4. Practice on a friend's energy field. 

Once you know what you feel like and what open heart energy is, you're ready to practice on a person’s energy field.


Ask a friend if you can try tuning into their energy. Sometimes, it helps to take a few deep breaths together. Now, ask your guides and angels to help you receive messages.

As your friend enjoys their happy memory, you need to go to your happy memory. Now, shift your awareness to your friend’s energy. Can you feel the subtle difference in your energy compared to your friend’s energy?

After tuning into your friend’s energy, what do you feel? With your eyes closed, do you see anything? Do you hear anything? Do you feel like you have knowledge of something? Do you feel a tightness or any sensation in your body?

Share everything you saw, heard, or felt with your friend. This takes a lot of courage and you're learning a new skill that requires a lot of practice.


Remember that one of the most important parts of this is knowing what your personal energy feels like — this is your energy when you're calm and grounded. Now that you really know what you feel like and maybe how you receive energetic messages, you can practice on more people. 

5. Keep an open mind.

There's no room for judgment when reading energy.

It's also worth noting that all of this work is done with an objective and open mind. The Universe has a lovely way of sharing clear messages to open minds and hearts.


6. Focus on the eyes.

Looking into someone's eyes can reveal a lot about them, including their mood, emotions and overall disposition. Once you've taken the time to practice energy reading with a friend, you can try it out on a person you've never met or are just acquaintances with.

When you look into this person's eyes, focus on how it makes you feel. Do you feel comfortable when gazing, or does the look in their eyes give you a bad feeling?

7. Listen to the tone of voice.

When a person is angry, happy, caring, or sad, this can all be determined by the way they speak. When this person talks or laughs, pay attention to the feelings it evokes in you.

Is this person coming from a place of coldness, or do you feel positive energies in their voice? Are the vibrations in their voice high- or low-pitched? Be sure to listen intently for authenticity or deception.


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Polly Wirum is an intuitive life coach and writer. She helps people connect to the energy of peace via intuitive reading, life coaching, or live channeling sessions.