11 Signs Your Root Chakra Is Blocked & Is Messing Up Your Life

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Your body isn't just limited to what you can see, nor is it limited to your organs, blood, and bones.

You also have a spiritual body that surrounds you like a cocoon. It's what we unconsciously refer to when we exclaim that someone has invaded our "personal space," and what we really mean when we say that we are getting bad (or good) vibes from someone.

Chakras just happen to be the energy centers of this spiritual body. And since each of them affects us physically and emotionally, blocks in them can actually end up hurting our life in pretty bad ways.

We are going to focus on just the first one — the root chakra (aka Muladhara Chakra) — and the things that go down in your life when it's blocked.

But first, what exactly is the root chakra? And where is it located?

As the name suggests, the root chakra is the lowest energy center of our body. It roots us physically and emotionally to reality so we feel secure and stable at all times. And like the roots of a tree, it is located at the base of our spine, where our butt touches the floor when we sit cross-legged.

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That's why, when your root chakra is healthy, you feel secure and confident in life.

You don't falter when faced with problems and see them as challenges you can overcome with resilience, willpower, and patience. Emotionally, you enjoy healthy self-esteem and find it easy to make friends wherever you go.

But all this does a 180 when the root chakra becomes blocked.

It's something that happens when the environment we live in is unstable and unsafe, like in poverty, famines, and wars. Or, when we are in emotionally unhealthy situations caused by poor parenting, traumatic relationships or our own cowardice.

Here are 11 signs your root chakra is blocked, and what you can do to get your life back on track.

1. You are nervous and anxious all the time.

Like a building with a weak foundation, when your root chakra is blocked, it can lead you to feel unstable and under-confident in life. You will constantly feel like you are incapable of handling problems, and thus, will be paralyzed by fear before you even make a move.

2. You feel empty inside and disconnected from everyone.

And this prevents you from going out and making friends or even dating people. Heck, you might even feel like you are doomed to be alone forever.

3. You don't think you have enough money.

While a blocked root chakra is very common for those suffering from extreme financial crises, most people who are extremely rich also suffer from this problem. That's why they evade taxes, squirrel away their money behind shell companies, and stress out over not having enough villas and Ferraris.

In short, your root chakra is blocked if your hunger for money (and possessions) is insatiable even when you technically do have enough.

4. You are a shopaholic.

Whether you like cars or perfumes, if you own one too many things and can't stop yourself from buying more, it's a clear sign you are trying to plug your insecurities with superficial possessions.

5. You have anger issues.

If you have a habit of lashing out at people, stonewalling them, or holding onto bitter grudges, it's because you felt the situation shouldn't have happened the way it did and the person who wronged you shouldn't have behaved in such a manner.

And frankly, that's laughable. Why? Because we have zero control over people and life. Nevertheless, if you persist in trying to control people and your surroundings, it's a big sign that you are unstable and insecure on the inside.

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6. People tend to walk all over you.

It's not because they are mean or selfish, it's because your boundaries are so fluid that you let them walk all over you. All because you are afraid of what will happen if you dare to say no.

7. You eat too much or too little.

This is a classic symptom of compensating for the emptiness we feel on the inside (when we eat too much) or trying to mimic it (when we eat too little).

8. You are afraid of change and the future.

If there's anything you can be sure of in this world, it's that things change all the time. And only those who feel insecure on the inside are afraid of this. They are afraid they will collapse when times are tough.

9. You are always tired.

Your mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. That's why blocks in one of them always have a negative impact on the others as well. And in this case, chronic body pain, lack of energy, or even depression is a clear sign of a blocked root chakra.

10. You have no idea who you are.

Or, you get influenced by people so easily.

11. You wonder why your career is going nowhere.

The fact that you are wondering "why" is a big sign you feel inadequate on the inside.

The truth is, you are stuck in a bad, low-paying job because you aren't confident enough to go and seize a better opportunity. In fact, you might have even had a history of letting such opportunities go by because you felt it was "not the right time."

What can you do about a blocked root chakra?

A blocked root chakra is a matter of urgency because of all the negative consequences it has in our life. So if you identified with at least half of the above signs (and were honest with yourself about the rest), there's a simple technique that will slowly help you open your Muladhara once more.

Walk outside in nature for at least half an hour every day. Even if you live in a city, find a park and do this. It will reconnect you with Mother Earth, which is the element of the root chakra, and thus, will slowly help you regain your confidence.

Or, you can join a Hatha yoga class, an ancient technique devised to help us open all our chakras, including our root!

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. Visit her YouTube channel for more.