15 Signs You're A Mysterious Person (And People Are Intrigued By You)

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Some of us are open books, always willing and ready to share our deepest thoughts and feelings with anyone who will listen.

People with this personality type think they have a unique perspective, and the world needs to hear it. They willingly share personal details and have no desire to hide anything.

However, there are those among us who prefer to maintain an air of mystery. People with a mysterious personality play their cards close to the vest and only share what is absolutely necessary.

What does it mean to have a mysterious personality?

When people have not gotten to know one another, everyone is a mystery. As time goes on, depending on who you are, you start to open up to certain people, allowing them to see parts of yourself that are hidden from the outside world.

But if you are someone with a mysterious personality, you know a lot more about others than they know about you.

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You are observant and take mental notes about everyone else while keeping your privacy.

Mysterious people don’t need to announce every move they make. They would much rather move in silence, keeping people guessing and intrigued about who they truly are.

Is it good to be a mysterious person?

Being a person of mystery is subjective. What works with some people and circumstances might not work in others. Therefore, being mysterious can’t be generalized as “good” or “bad.”

If you are introverted and have no desire to share all of the details of your personal life with every person you meet, that’s just who you are. It might even be a good practice, considering you have no idea of their intentions.

But if you are secretive and withhold pertinent information from others to place them at a disadvantage, you’re more shady than mysterious.

How do you know if you are mysterious?

If you are a person who is unconcerned with what others think about you, preferring to focus inward and be the best person you can be, you are probably mysterious.

Mysterious people are super independent. They like to work alone and show their hand at the right time, which is usually when a plan is fully baked.

People who are mysterious have the ability to keep confidence. They are not going to share their own private information with anyone or disclose any secrets they have been entrusted with.

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To really decide if you have a mysterious personality, here are 15 traits that can tell you if you are intriguing or completely see-through.

15 Traits Of A Mysterious Personality

1. You work better alone.

Mysterious people are easily confused as shy or introverted. But they are not afraid to speak up. They simply feel no pressure to keep the conversation going by oversharing. Make no mistake, mysterious personalities are bold and self-assured.

2. You're watchful.

You take notice of everything going on around you. Active listening is your strong suit, and you take more information than you give. You are astute at social cues and translating body language.

3. You keep secrets.

People who are mysterious excel at keeping secrets. They can keep them heavily guarded over long periods of time. They keep conversations relevant, limited, and intentional, saying only what is necessary.

4. You're careful with your words.

You choose your words wisely, staying away from gossiping and filling space with irrelevant details. You think before you speak, and when you do, the words are efficient and impactful.

5. You're confident.

Though you appear to be quiet and reserved, when it is your turn to speak up, you are bold and confident. Mysterious people are lone wolves who dot every "i" and cross every "t" so they can stand on what they say.

6. You're highly intelligent.

Mysterious people are thinkers. They consider all aspects before determining what they think about people and situations. Until they are sure of their stance, they remain silent, letting the talkers express themselves.

7. You control your emotions.

In order to be mysterious, you have to have great control over your emotions and reactions. You are unmoved by pressure and stress. You sit back and strategize about the best course of action and never blurt out emotional responses.

8. You're authentic.

When you do choose to share, your feelings are genuine. You have no interest in sending out false messages to people around you, so your expressions are authentic and meaningful.

9. Your words are powerful.

Because you only speak when you have something to say, people respect your thoughts. They know that you will be considerate, transparent, and forthcoming when it is the right time.

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10. You're spontaneous.

Though most of your actions are well-planned, others perceive you as spontaneous. You don’t share what might happen or the trials and tribulations of your life. Instead, you introduce things when they are complete and ready.

11. You have trouble asking for help.

One pitfall of being mysterious is the tendency to avoid asking for assistance. You would much rather go it alone, and the majority of time that works. But in times where you might need input, it can be difficult to seek it.

12. You get a lot of attention.

If there’s one thing people hate, it’s not knowing. They seek you out and try to connect simply because you are mysterious. Others have an innate need to know something, anything, about you and it causes people to gravitate toward you.

13. You have your own perspective.

Mysterious people don’t follow the leader. They know who they are and have their own unique take on the world around them. They form their opinions based on deep thought and introspection instead of outside influence.

14. You stay away from drama.

Your authenticity repels drama. Though you value the connections you have, you steer clear of anyone who is keen to stir the pot. You are mature and confident and don’t feel any need to battle with others.

15. You have nothing to prove.

Part of the reason you are mysterious is that you don’t need to impress others with your accomplishments or credentials. You enjoy your own company and your self-esteem is high so you don’t have to seek approval from others.

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