Monthly Gemini Tarot Card Reading

April 2024

Past: King of Pentacles
Oh, the past looks pretty good from this standpoint, and you might refer to the 'good old days' more than once during April of 2024. This is where you must look at and deeply analyze what you did 'right' so that you can continue on with this kind of success. You know you've got it in you, Gemini; it's all about stamina and a clear mind at this point.

Present: The Sun
April definitely brings the sunshine, even when it rains, as you will see in your world of family and friends. You will be very busy this month, holding parties, perhaps doing creative things with friends, being happy to simply be alive. This card is no slouch when it comes to happiness, and to receive it as your 'present' is definitely a 'gift' indeed.

Future: The Magician, reversed
Your present attitude is what makes magic in the future. Being happy is something you have to hold on to, and while the world is all about ebb and flow, you can take what you've learned and make something amazing out of it in the future. What you build now will last as a permanent foundation in the near future.

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