Yearly Gemini Tarot Card Reading


Past: Knight of Pentacles, reversed

What you started last year in 2023 has served to bring you some of the best insight you'll ever have when it comes to money and communication. You are not going to repeat the mistakes of the past because you see them all as perfect lessons. You are wise enough now to know not to go over the past and not to dwell too long on that which brought you down. You feel as though you are healed now and ready to move forward.

Present: Eight of Cups, reversed

You look at love and romance now with the eyes of someone who has seen their share of the good and the bad, and being that this balanced perspective has only done you a world of good, you now feel that 2024 is open to exploring. You aren't as fearful of love as you might have been in the past. In fact, the NOW moment feels good and hopeful; you want to remain open, as this is how you attract positive experiences. You crave experience and love comes to you.

Future: King of Swords, reversed

Being that 2024 is so filled with interest in love for you, Gemini, you are going to recognize that certain things about you need to change, and you will definitely be implementing this change. You'll find that during 2024, you will no longer be as strict or as cold-tempered as you've been in the past when it comes to romantic interests. This is because you are no longer afraid of love. You are ready to dive right in, and so you shall ... fearlessly.

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