Monthly Gemini Love Horoscope

December 2020

This is your time, Gemini, and don’t you forget it.

We begin December with a Lunar Eclipse in your sign, the final of four this year, and since you've been riding this Sagittarius/Gemini axis all year, you’re ready.

As expansive as your energy can be, the person who tends to hold you back the most is yourself. This year has been one to realize which ideals, expectations and even fears are calling the shots behind the scenes, pressing into the spaces where you want to dream.

In this moment, sit down and take a breath; you’ve already made your decision. You know what is right, what isn’t, what feels good, and what doesn’t; now is not the time to question yourself. Instead, rise up, say what needs to be said, and then be prepared for life to adjust accordingly.

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