Men- More than Eye Candy!

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What women REALLY think is sexy in a man! Don't worry, once you know, we won't need to kill you!

FACT: Women do it all the time.

                     Sitting around with their BFF’s and man watching! The cute face, the broad shoulders, the smoldering eyes and mmm, mmm, mmm the muscles! We can’t help that they conjure up naughty thoughts! But after you meet them, get to know them, and look beyond the surface, some men completely disappoint you. Why? Because we failed to also look for the traits that are sexy that have NOTHING to do with their appearance.

FACT: Girls are strange, confusing creatures!

                        We snub the ‘nice guys’ and turn to the ‘bad boys’, only to be disappointed and shocked when they treat us… badly. We want partners for life that will live WITH us, but then look past those that actually want to it give it to us. And other times we tolerate behavior that is unacceptable ( and sometimes harmful) and wonder why we aren’t happy. Well, stop trying to change them. Change YOU. If they evolve with you- great. If not, start looking elsewhere, but when you go ‘Man Hunting’, remember that sexy is not just a fashion style, a tattoo, or a set of dimples. You’ve MUST pay attention and look beyond the surface.

Become the love detective.

I asked 100 women what they thought was sexy in a man that had NOTHING to do with their appearance. Here are the top 10 answers that came up, in no particular order:

1. Keeping a steady job- Yes, generating a W2 is a fantastic thing! Being able to bring home money and contribute to the financial stability is one way to show that you are “in it” and responsible. Don’t make me support you while you watch TV. SOOO UNSEXY!
2. Rocking a baby to sleep- No matter how rough and tough they are, how crude their jokes are, being able to sooth a young child is one way to melt a girls heart.
3. Doing housework- Pulling your weight around the house is such a turn on! Knowing that they are not expecting you to be their maid and cook is one sure fire way to maintain ‘Stud Status’.
4. Sense of humor- Making a girl laugh goes a LONG way. Enough said!
5. Good Hygiene- Make us swoon, not gag! Shower, wear deodorant, and find a scent that makes us weak in the knees, not in our stomach. You’ll thank me later.
6. The ability to really listen- Don’t jump right in to fix me. Sometimes I just want to vent. I’ll ask you to help when I need you to.
7. Being a good father- Second to rocking that kid to sleep, being able to nurture and raise a kid to be more than a burping, farting little person brings out the best in you. Show us that you take pride in the little representative that reflects back on you.
8. Humble confidence- Not to be confused with being conceited. If you know it, then show it respectfully. If not, man up and say so. Then go look it up!
9. Ambition- Be a guy with a ‘Cause’. It may be furthering your education, working towards a certain job title, gaining new skills or becoming a father- but live for SOMETHING! And I don’t mean live for laziness on the couch!
10. Being charitable- Remember that one day you may be down and out, old and frail, or need some support. Be nice to your parents, siblings, and friends. Be nice to that stranger on the street whether they are 28 or 78. Basically, treat others like you want to be treated, unless you want to really know what it feels like to be Karma’s bitch!

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, it’s a start. One thing is for sure, being the hero isn’t hard to do. You just have to want to.