4 Zodiac Signs That'll Experience Positive Transformation Once Mercury Goes Direct On April 25

New beginnings bring hope and prospective opportunities for four zodiac signs in particular.

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Eclipse season has profoundly transformed cardinal signs, especially Aries and Libra. However, cardinal signs are known for embracing that with hard work comes rewards, which they'll experience firsthand when Mercury stations direct in Aries on April 25th, 2024.

For four zodiac signs, it's a favorable period to initiate something new that will help them prosper. We are now in Taurus season, stepping closer to feeling abundant energy. New beginnings bring hope and prospective opportunities are on the horizon.


4 zodiac signs that'll experience positive transformation once Mercury goes direct on April 25



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1. Aries

Eclipse season has rocked your world, meaning Mercury retrograde may have been quite intense this Aries season. But things will begin to settle down and cool off now that Taurus season has started and Mercury has stationed direct. You can think of this as the start of your new year and can set those intentions, move forward with plans and reconnect with who you are. You may have had a lot of responsibilities thrown your way, and if you managed to handle them successfully, you could see the fruits of your labor during this period. The season may also have helped you evolve regarding how you view relationships. Embracing your independent side could result from this transit because you will be your superhero.


2. Cancer

Miscommunications and delays may have been abundant during this transit, but as a cardinal sign, you know nothing comes easily. Mercury retrograde in the sign of Aries may have felt a little like a rude awakening. Nevertheless, you know how to get things in motion because you do not back down when there is a challenge. Things begin to feel calmer with school or work since the transit occurred at the highest point in your chart. You could now have a better dynamic with colleagues or people in positions of power. People are learning more about your leadership skills and will see your value.

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3. Libra

Libra, you have endured and battled for victory. Mercury retrograde and the eclipse energy may have made you feel more like your sister sign Aries during these transits. The result of Mercury stationing direct will be a new appreciation for the warrior that is dormant within. You will see just how much power and strength you have. If relationship energy has been rocky for you since the March eclipse in your sign, you can feel some relief now with more self-love and courage. Mercury direct also makes you feel more optimistic about what lies ahead since, in a month, Jupiter will be in Gemini, giving air signs a lot to talk about.



4. Capricorn

Embracing more peaceful energy is a sign of this transit as the Mercury retrograde cycle has you returning home and finding footing where you need to. This can be an excellent time to heal relationships and tension and practice a more diplomatic approach. The eclipses have helped you learn and evolve during the last several weeks. As the energy settles, you will see how you have transformed and uncover your desire to stay ahead and triumph. The energy now will bring you much more alignment with your creative side and now is the perfect time to review the work you did during the retrograde.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.