3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve On April 27

It's all about getting past the facade and into the real person.

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So much of what we base our friendships and romances on is the idea of fully knowing the person we are with. In order to get to that level of knowledge, we have to be able to see that person for who they really are, without the mask on. While that might imply that we all wear a certain kind of mask when we first get involved with others, the reality is that it's true. It's when we let down that mask that we give others a glimpse of who we are, and today, April 27, the masks come down. We see the person in front of us, and they see us, as well.


Because of the nature of this day's transit, Moon square Saturn, we're looking at how we get past obstacles so that we can continue on our merry way, equipped with honesty and reality at hand. For three zodiac signs, what we're looking at here is recognizing that moment when our friendship or romance takes a turn. This turn is, of course, for the better, and the reason it IS better is because we are now dealing with 'the real person.'


This is where we decide if this is for us, or not. Chances are, knowing a person much better is what either makes or breaks a relationship, but for these three zodiac signs, it's all about getting past the facade and into the real person. During the transit of Moon square Saturn, we will see the truth, and we will like it. Good for us!

3 zodiac signs whose friendships improve on April 27:

1. Aries

Today, you're going to get to know your partner a little better than you did only yesterday. That is because something is going to come up that requires you both to share a few intimate details. What you discover may please you, or it may have you thinking a little too hard about what you've just discovered. You are a deep thinker, Aries, so it's hard for you to avoid overthinking things, but you may find that your thoughts lead to conclusions during this day's transit of Moon square Saturn.

And, what you'll find is that you're happy to know this new knowledge about your romantic partner, even if it means you see them in a different light. It most certainly isn't a bad light, that's for sure. What you'll be learning about them is not what you expected, and so it's more about you accepting and moving on rather than dwelling for too long on this new unraveled mystery.

During the transit of Moon Square Saturn, you will not only get to know this person better, but what they tell you will also help you learn certain things about yourself. That's how Saturn's energy works; it shows us what we can accept and what we must reject. Fortunately, for the sake of your romance, it's all good in the hood. You accept what you learn, and it helps you become a better person.


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2. Gemini

The big lesson for you today, Gemini, is acceptance while knowing that people do actually change. They say that people don't change, but there's a midline here that has to be taken into consideration: we change, and we don't change. Nothing is black and white, and what brings you closer to a certain person in your life during Moon square Saturn is the fact that you now know this person a little bit better. You like what you see.

So, the person you thought you knew inside and out has yet another side to them. In getting to know this other side, you find that you, too, have another side that you'd like to be known. This could actually turn out to be a very fun-loving day for you both as you grow closer and closer, simply because the two of you can't help but spill the beans.

Once you start sharing your secrets and showing each other that you're both there for each other, then the sky is the limit. You're going to see that there is no good reason to withhold anymore. Let those gates fly open. Inhibitions, be gone! This is the day that you allow yourself to be known while letting your romantic partner know that they are welcome to do the same.


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3. Scorpio

While you are fine with the initial phases of getting to know someone, you are also OK with taking your time when it comes to this process. You don't want to rush things as you don't want your potential romantic partner to be scared away. You've seen that sometimes people get a little shy when the truth is too easily accessed, and so you want to give your new person some space to 'get into it.'

During the transit of Moon square Saturn, you and this person are going to cross into new territory together. It's not only going to happen organically and naturally, but it's going to inspire more where that came from. Basically, what this implies is that as soon as you start to feel comfortable around this person, they will start to blossom and open up.

This day brings a great opportunity for sharing. You, being someone who loves to divulge juicy secrets, will feel that you can do so in a safe and loving environment. This new person in your life will show you that whatever goes on between the two of you stays between the two of you. You're Vegas, in other words. This is a beautiful day to get to know the person you've been dying to know better. Love, respect, and boundaries...it's all good.


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