5 Subtle Signs Someone Thinks You're Attractive, According To Experts

How to know when they want to know more.

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Many people don't recognize when other people are attracted to them. We might brush off someone's interest in getting to know us better as them being a nice person who acts like that with everyone. Yet, we are all attractive to others in a variety of ways we might not always be able to perceive.

Here are 5 subtle signs someone thinks you're attractive, according to YourTango experts:

1. They allow themselves to be vulnerable

When someone feels safe to be themselves, to be vulnerable, because of how you show up, is when you know they think you’re attractive.


Carolyn Hidalgo, Executive Soul Coach

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2. People acknowledge your presence

When you walk into a room full of people, do people stop what they’re doing and give you a little look? Do they come over to say hi and introduce themselves to you? If your answer is yes, you’re more attractive than you think you are. People notice you, and they want to be noticed by you, too.


Alexandra Blogier, social issues, and pop culture writer.

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3. Their curiosity about your dreams grows

You may be in situations where you want to know if someone thinks you are attractive; however, focusing just on that isn't going to attract a great person into your life. Think about the kind of person you want to be with — not just their looks. Attraction based on looks only is superficial. You want to connect with people who are attracted to you as a person and want to get to know who you are. A subtle sign can be curiosity about who you are — your dreams, your interests, and what makes you happy. You deserve to connect with someone whom you both are attracted to each other who could be your person, a potential partner.

Marilyn Sutherland, Relationship & Communication Coach


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4. They are almost magnetically drawn to you

A positive, strong aura is one of the most important, yet subtlest signs that transforms someone into a magnet everyone wishes to speak with. Because of a positive. strong aura, someone may be attracted to you if they frequently try to be near or do not move away from being in close physical proximity to you. An example of this would be if they initiate or maintain proximity.


Subconsciously imitating your actions, such as your posture, gestures, or speech patterns, can indicate you are attractive to someone. In addition to indicating rapport, it is a type of non-verbal flattery.



Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist

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5. People get lost in your eyes

Mutual eye contact could mean either respect or admiration. And if you pay close attention, you can tell which one it is based on how different people look at you. Think about it. There’s a reason why we like to lock eyes on those we love. First of all, we tend to look at things we like. This is why one of the best signs you're a hot girl and that someone finds you attractive is that you frequently catch their gaze from across a room full of people.



Secondly, when we find someone attractive, our brains release oxytocin when we lock eyes on them. This is what makes our hearts beat faster and our pupils dilate uncontrollably. Studies have shown there are a lot of messages we trade when we make eye contact with each other. As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. This is perhaps why people who have something to hide can’t make eye contact properly.

Destiny Femi, dating coach


When we spend time around other people, we will naturally find those who are attracted to us more than others. By recognizing some of the more subtle signs of attraction, we can use our time and emotional energy for people who have a genuine interest in getting to know who we are.

Will Curtis is a writer and editor for YourTango. He's been featured on the Good Men Project and taught English abroad for ten years.