3 Venus Signs That Make The Best Boyfriends

If he has one of these Venus signs, he's a keeper!

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A person's birth chart provides insight into their key personality traits, including how they tend to act in relationships. For example, our Venus signs influence how we love, and certain Venus placements are known for creating great romantic partners. So if you're trying to determine whether or not someone is a good match for you, here are the Venus signs to look for.

3 Venus signs that make the best boyfriends

1. Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn is typically considered responsible, hard-working and, if evolved enough, able to balance his work life with his personal life and relationship. This individual is patient and willing to wait for love to bloom if necessary. These individuals are typically in it for the long haul and not prone to flings. 


They declare their love in practical and down-to-earth ways as opposed to grand gestures (like Venus in Leo, for example). This is a Venus that would pick you up and take you to dinner after a particularly rough day and not complain about it. If they are mature enough themselves and in touch with their Venus they are all about building a commitment and being there for you.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule if the man in question has not matured enough to be in touch with himself. Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, at times, they can come across as cold — although this is not necessarily true since they are naturally not prone to excessiveness or showiness. And of course, Capricorn placements are not going to be a perfect match for everyone.


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2. Venus in Scorpio

When Scorpio Venus loves, they are capable of loving unconditionally and forever. Scorpio is the deepest of signs and once smitten, it takes a lot for them to give up. This Venus will stand by you even if they know you are wrong. Loyalty is the key with Scorpio and if they are evolved enough and truly in love they will walk through a burning desert if this is what it takes, and you will never have to question their love.

This sign is passionate, sexy, romantic and seductive. Their powerful intensity makes them seem black-and-white in terms of their emotions but if you are lucky enough to be in love with an evolved Venus Scorpio you will not have to doubt their love or commitment.


This sign is not for everyone, however, because Venus Scorpio can have a very jealous streak if not mature enough. The unevolved Scorpio is seldom loyal and can have a bit of revenge in his nature.

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3. Venus in Cancer

The mature Venus in Cancer man can be among the most loving and protective of signs. With this sign, emotions and emotional connection are everything. They are sensitive and nurturing and find comfort in security in a happy home life. Family is generally important to these men and at times so is tradition. 


When they are in love, the sky is the limit in terms of how far they will go for you. They are typically intuitive in their emotions and will know when you have had a bad day or something is wrong. Cancer Venus is typically a loyal sign and, like Capricorn, they are generally in things for the long haul as flings seldom appeal.

Of course, like any other sign, the above qualities come out much more so in the evolved Venus Cancer. If immature, they can be emotionally dependent, insecure and run when they start having feelings.

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While these three Venus signs can make great boyfriends, the more mature they are, the more these qualities can manifest.

If immature they can lean toward the negative tendencies.


In addition, synastry is everything in a chart. For example, a Venus Cancer boyfriend may not work out so well if it opposes Saturn in their partner’s chart. Or if Venus Scorpio opposes Uranus in the other chart it will probably not last, and so on.

While these three Venus signs have many positive qualities and can make some of the best boyfriends they are not for everyone. But, for those lucky individuals who otherwise have good synastry, you may feel you have hit the jackpot!

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