How To Tell What Type Of Karmic Relationship You're In, Using Astrology

An astrologer details some of the most important astrology aspects that can represent a karmic connection — both positive and negative.

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When doing readings I am often asked if the person the querent is interested in or involved with is their soulmate or is the relationship karmic in nature, and there are placements in the birth chart that can show astrological signs of a karmic relationship. 

For the record, I believe we can have many soulmates in life, including siblings, parents, friends, co-workers or any other number of people we encounter. They don't have to be romantic, and anyone who can be considered a 'soulmate' can also be a karmic connection.


How to tell what type of karmic relationship you're in, using astrology

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Karma or relationships that are ‘fated to be’ so to speak typically involve the north and south nodes. Points that are calculated in the chart, the north node shows us our karmic path in life and the south node shows us the past, or what is familiar that we have already experienced. From an esoteric standpoint, the south node is often seen as our natural gifts while the north node represents our future and our path in this life. The south node can also represent what stands in our way of accomplishing where we are going or what the north node is showing us.


When the nodes make significant contact with someone else’s chart, our paths are typically destined to cross, depending, of course, on the nature of the north/south node connection.

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A karmic relationship in and of itself does not mean the relationship will last forever. Not all karmic relationships are positive and some can end badly depending on what the aspects are. Or, alternatively, things may last, depending on the synastry. It is important to look at which house your partner’s nodes fall, the sign they fall in and if they conjunct a planet. If that is the case, it is important to know what these three things mean.

The house your partner’s nodes fall in indicate the area of life you are connected through. It can also represent physical attributes and attraction, especially in the first house. The sign the nodes fall in represents how this energy will be expressed, while the planet the sign falls on can represent the subconscious facilities through which the information is processed.


At times, the planets can indicate people or persons. For example, the moon in the fifth house conjunct the north node in the partner’s chart can indicate an emotional connection but it might also indicate children.

Personal planets conjunct the north node indicate a similar life path

Some of the connections to look for in a karmic or fated relationship can include the personal planets (the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) of one or both partners conjunct the north node of the other. If one of these planets conjunct the others north node this indicates an important relationship and that the two of you are on a similar life path and can learn much from each other.

If Venus is involved, it can sometimes seem like love at first sight.

If the sun is involved, it represents a connection in terms of shared life lessons.


If the moon is involved, you will be deeply affected on an emotional level — for better or worse.

If Mercury is involved, the other person can make you feel inspired and communication will play an important role.

If Mars is involved, it represents good physical energy — but bear in mind, Mars is considered ‘the God of War.’


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Saturn or Pluto and the nodes can indicate karma

Sometimes it can indicate more difficult karma, or there will be many obstacles to work through if the relationship is to be successful. At times, Pluto can represent control.

The ascendant and the nodes can indicate instant attraction

If the north node is conjunct the ascendant in synastry you may feel as though you already know the person and it can represent deep desire. 

If the south node is conjunct the ascendant, however, your life goals may radically differ despite feeling a strong connection.


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Personal planets of one partner falling in the 12th house of the other indicate past life connection

The 12th house is considered the house of 'karma' in astrology. A partner’s planets falling here can indicate past connections. Once again, however, it depends on the sign and planetary ruler of the 12th house and what else is aspected.

Saturn and Pluto aspecting another's personal planets can indicate karma or past connections, as can Neptune. Easy aspects (sextile, trine, conjunct) to either of these planets can indicate past connections and can be positive and indicate a lighter less troubled connection. 


Harsh connections (opposition, square, conjunct) indicate a difficult and intense relationship at times. Sometimes the karmic lesson is to walk away and be free, thus learning boundaries. I have often noticed learning to let go can be a theme in today’s world.

Saturn can represent stability or difficult relationships. It might take a long time to work things out and the two may face man difficult situations together. At best, it can bring lasting stability.

Pluto can represent intense connections, or difficult relationships that can include abuse. It could also represent undying or obsessive physical attraction.


These are some of the most important aspects that can represent a karmic connection and the more there are, the more likely you have found a soulmate. 

There are, however, hundreds of planetary connections or connections that involve the nodes that can be considered.

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