2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On April 27 During The Sagittarius Moon

The most amazing moments in your life haven’t even happened yet, but they can when the Moon enters Sagittairus.

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A dream isn’t just the nighttime sequences that play through your mind or the fruitless wishing for a better life — but instead, a divine idea that is given to only you. Depending on the astrology, it can affect how you honor, embrace, or take action on a dream because, inevitably, it will ask you to move into a new phase of your life. Realizing that the most amazing moments in your life haven’t even happened yet can help you understand that the path to what you desire most is found through manifesting the life of your dreams.


On Saturday, April 27, the Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius inspires you to become more aware of the dreams and desires that you have yet to manifest in your life — but it will also give you the courage to go after what you want. A Waning Gibbous Moon is a time when you can better understand why you haven’t yet taken action or manifested what you desire from your life, all in an effort to refocus on what is most important.


While this is an incredibly beneficial transit, in Sagittarius, it’s intensified as this fire sign seeks to explore, create, and embrace boldness in pursuit of its innermost desires. While the past few weeks have brought delays due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, now that the planet of communication is direct, you are being encouraged to remember what it is you dream of and begin to take action on manifesting a life that is more abundant and incredible than you can imagine.

2 zodiac signs who experience abundance during the Sagittarius Moon on April 27

1. Aries abundance affirmation: I am manifesting luck and joy in this new phase of my life.

You are meant for wonderful things in this life, but part of that is also removing all that is no longer needed on this new journey of yours. The North Node in Aries is continuing to churn up changes and opportunities for you to live a life that is authentically yours. Part of this phase of your life is being so committed to your future that the past no longer matters. There may still be lessons and closure on the way, but when you remember the power you have in your own life over your destiny, you become unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams.


On Saturday, the Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius will light up your sector of abundance, luck, and new opportunities, highlighting a shift within yourself and the choices that you make. While you may take up a new business prospect or travel, you might also decide that it’s your heart that matters most in this new chapter, and because of that, there could be a new priority placed on your relationships. A Waning Gibbous Moon makes you aware of what it is that you want, while Sagittarius invites you on a journey of learning, experiencing, and manifesting all you desire. The first step is being able to say out loud to the universe who you are and what kind of life you want to live.



Try to spend time reconnecting with your heart during this opportunistic Sagittarius Moon. Before making any big decisions, reflect on what you really dream of for yourself and also what is emerging as most important. As you step into greater clarity of what living the life of your dreams means, remember that there will always be reasons why the timing isn’t right. That doesn’t mean you should put off choosing the abundance, the success, or the love you’ve always wanted.

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2. Scorpio abundance affirmation: I am on a quest to attract greater wealth and abundant opportunities.

Sagittarius energy governs over your house of wealth and is able to advocate for what it is that you deserve. While the Moon moves through Sagittarius, you can tap into your inner feelings involving what you actually want from life, and you’re no longer afraid to say it aloud. The universe will always ask you to declare with confidence what you want and what you deserve so that you can then co-create together to attract all you desire.

On Saturday, the Waning Gibbous Sagittarius Moon in your house of wealth helps you focus your boldest, courageous spirit on manifesting what you really dream of for your life. Sagittarius energy doesn’t just help you increase your finances but also allows you to break free from limitations or doubts so that you can channel all of your energy to manifest the life you fully deserve. This energy can help you tune into your true feelings as you begin to understand what dream is the most significant for you. While you may hope to manifest greater abundance, it may also tie into enhanced freedom or increased joy in your life, which will help you understand where to invest your energy so you can enjoy the best results.




Allow yourself to release any fears about stating aloud what you want from life, knowing that once you do, you will set off a chain of events that incorporates the power of attraction. Move as if you already have everything you dream of, meaning that you shouldn’t wait until everything you conceive of is in place precisely the way you want before taking action or enjoying life more. Live today as if it’s everything you’ve always wanted, and let yourself show up as the person who is capable of creating not just more incredible wealth but a never-ending stream of abundant opportunities.

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