Why Are Scorpios So Hard To Understand?

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Why Are Scorpios So Hard To Understand?

Born between October 23 to November 22, Scorpios are known to be intense. As a Scorpio, it might be hard to get your friends or others to be on the same page as you, but it’s not your fault.

Why are Scorpios so hard to understand?

Your star sign just makes it hard for others to get what you are talking about, but you're not all that hard to understand.

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Your personality is fixed, and you are a water sign, which makes you have an emotional personality. Unlike Cancer or Pisces, who are also part of the water element tribe, you own your choices, which can make it hard for someone to get where you’re coming from.

And if wanting your friends and peers to really understand what you are trying to say, there are some things to think about that might help.

You might think you are coming off clearer than a piece of glass, but others might feel like you’re coming off as clear as wood, but astrology can explain what's going on.

Here are a few reasons why Scorpios are so hard to understand, per astrology:

1. Scorpios are dominant.

Scorpios are leaders. They do their best to be good at everything no matter the topic/subject.

As a Scorpio, this makes you not want to listen to other’s opinions on things you have taken interest in. You want to show how superior your thoughts are on that topic to show you know more.

2. They have a mysterious aura.

Scorpios are full of secrets that are either theirs or secrets they know of other people. It’s not easy to predict what they will do, as they don’t want to let others know more about them than they know about themselves.

But it’s only because you as a Scorpio have a sensitive heart and aren’t too keen on letting anyone, no matter how close, into your heart. You would rather put up a facade than letting others see your true colors.

3. Scorpios want to win every time.

Scorpios are very persistent and will always want to win. No matter the situation (argument or friendly game nights), they will be victorious, even if that means losing some friends.

As a Scorpio, you just don’t want your rivals to win. It can also be because you don’t want to show you can be vulnerable, so winning is your ultimate goal.

4. They can be overprotective.

Their dominant nature comes into play with any of their partners. Scorpios, as they want to be in control, will not let anyone come between them and their partner.

This is your way as a Scorpio of showing that you care about the other. But it can come off as you are trying to be their bodyguard at times, and that you are forbidding them to do anything that might lead to them talking to another person.

5. Scorpios are stubborn.

Just like their need to win, Scorpios can be very stubborn. Once they focus on something, they do not want anything changing their minds.

In a way, this can be a result of your overprotectiveness as a Scorpio. You are protective about your thought process and/or goals, and see other’s trying to change your mind as a threat to your intelligence.

6. Their curiosity gets the better of them.

Scorpios are curious about the world and all it has to offer. But it can lead them to trouble most of the time.

Which can cause you to stick your nose into something that’s not meant for you, such as getting yourself hurt physically or mentally like finding out a secret. You will stick to the trail until someone pulls you out, but you won’t stop peacefully.

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7. Scorpio's energy can be too much.

Scorpios have never-ending energy to help them keep up with all they want to explore. This gets them going and motivated, so there is no sign of wearing themselves out as that is not heard of.

However, others around you want to relax once in a while. But as a Scorpio, you don’t believe in slowing down and letting things go by, you need to be the ones leading the group or getting things done always.

Instead of getting frustrated, try taking the time and use these next steps to get your message across and to help yourself come out of that funk in your mind that everyone is out to get you. Admitting that you aren’t knowledgeable in some things and letting others get the spotlight is not a sign of weakness.

8. They move fast.

It's hard for others to get where you are coming from. They might not have the same thought process as you, and that’s okay.

To avoid this, try and go through each thought you had that got you to your end goal. Even things that don’t relate to the bigger picture, it all helps.

9. Scorpios see what they want.

Although you like being the talk of the town, let others have their shot in the spotlight. Even if you are included, let your friend, coworker and/or acquaintance tell their side of the story without speaking over them.

That way, people will want to listen to you when it’s your turn. They see that you are willing to let others have the floor and are fine sharing with everyone without bragging.

10. They use dry humor.

It's not fun being serious all the time. Life can get boring that way

Try and see the humorous side of things. Even when it seems like things aren’t too great, as it will help you see things in a better light.

11. Scorpios don't always understand what others want.

You always make sure you let others know how you feel and what you want. But try and let others get what they want.

That way, you see how others might bend over backward to please you. And see that others might actually have needs you took for granted.

12. They have competitive tendencies.

No one likes to lose to someone who rubs it in their face. It's not a bad thing to win at everything, and that feeling of accomplishing something can never be truly replicated.

But try and accept the trophy with gratitude and grace. And hold back on doing everything to win, as winning is not everything.

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