130+ Fun & Creative Things To Do When You're Bored At Home

What do you do when you have too much time on your hands?

Last updated on Oct 04, 2022

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Stuck for ways to pass the time?

Filling your days is draining work when you don’t have enough activities to keep you occupied. When you’re idle, your mind has a way of blocking out any entertaining ideas, making you feel like there’s nothing to do.

Sure, there are probably loads of activities and things to do when bored, but sometimes you just can’t think of anything.

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To help, there are plenty of activities you can do when you're bored. And these things will cram your lazy days and give you the exciting entertainment you've been craving!

130 Things To Do When You're Bored At Home

Creative Activities

1. Upcycle your clothes.

Have an old t-shirt that you don’t wear anymore? A pair of pants that are too big? Get out your sewing kit and get creative. You could use the fabric to make a new look or crop your oversized sweaters.

2. Become a DJ.

Tired of your music taste? Learn how to mix and make your own beats online on You.DJ, or take an EDM class online.

3. Make a Pinterest mood board.

Plan some interior decor, find fashion inspiration, or make a vision for your next birthday party. Pinterest has it all.


4. Learn to play the piano.

Find your inner Mozart by practicing some scales and tunes. You don’t even need an actual piano because there’s an app for that.

5. Make bath bombs.

If you’re lacking the tools to host your own spa night, don’t fear. Making your own bath bombs is a lot easier than it looks.

6. Make a bird feeder.

Have some feathered friends who love visiting your yard? Make them a feeder and give them a feast of leftover breadcrumbs or seeds you’re not eating.

7. Tie-dye something.

It’s all the rage year-round, and it’s easy to do at home.

8. Make an indoor obstacle course.

Jump over chairs and piles of books, hop on cushions, slide down the stairs, pretend the floor is lava, and climb across tables and kitchen counters.


9. Paint.

Give your bedroom walls a fresh coat, or get creative and make your own mural.

10. Make a short film.

Write your own mini script, act it out on camera, and edit it to your liking.

11. Start DIY projects.

Hang up the photo frames you bought months ago or repaint an old chair that no longer matches your interior. There’s bound to be a DIY task you’ve been putting off.

Delicious Activities

12. Learn a new recipe.

Missing a meal you had on vacation years ago? Craving a delicacy from your favorite restaurant? Why not try it out for yourself by browsing recipes online to satisfy your belly grumbles?

13. Become a Michelin standard chef.

Massimo Bottura, the man in the kitchen at Gucci’s Italian restaurant, hosts his own cooking classes on his Instagram page for your viewing pleasure.


14. Host a happy hour.

Perfect some cocktail recipes and invite some friends over. Or just drink them yourself!

15. Make fresh juice.

Squeezing your own orange juice or making homemade lemonade is deceptively time-consuming, but oh-so-rewarding in the end.

16. Make a meal plan.

A good diet should leave you feeling full of energy, meaning you’ll rarely feel unproductive or down. Use your free time to plan out some healthy meals and write up your grocery list so you stay on track with your diet.

17. Bake something.

The only thing better than a delicious baked treat is a delicious baked treat that you made from scratch. Satisfaction and the reward of accomplishing something tastes sweet.


18. Make dalgona coffee.

This trend blew up on TikTok — and for good reason, too. This dessert-like coffee drink is addictive but super-easy to make.

19. Make a no-bake cake.

If you’re craving something sweet but need it stat, check out one of these recipes for a quick sugar fix that won’t require you to heat your oven.

20. Go on a picnic.

Take your lunch to your balcony, backyard or a local park, and get in touch with nature.

21. Meal prep.

Even if you’re not hungry right now, you can always make life easier for your future self by peeling and chopping some fruit and vegetables, or making sauces that can be frozen for later.

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Fun and Entertaining Activities

22. Play dress up.

Throw on a crazy themed outfit from your Halloween collection or old clothes. Get your whole house involved for maximum entertainment.

23. Try the cinnamon challenge.

Can you swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon powder without water? Time to find out but be prepared to spit out a cloud of dust after 10 seconds.

24. Watch a DJ set.

DJs like Diplo, Dillon Francis, and more live stream sets on Instagram, Twitch, and Zoom. Follow your favorite EDM or techno stars to dance it out to one of their streams.

25. Do karaoke.

Look up lyric videos for your favorite musical numbers. Then, belt it out like no one’s listening.


26. Ride a rollercoaster.

Bring the theme park to your living room with these virtual rollercoaster rides.

27. Watch a drag show.

You can have your own kiki at home with a drag show live stream! Check out this Digital Drag Show account!

28. Laugh it out.

Watch comedy videos to get those good endorphins flowing. Even forcing yourself to fake laugh is bound to bring on some real giggles.

29. Create a bucket list.

Plan out some goals so you have a focus for your life. Travel the globe, buy a home, go to a music festival. No dream is too big here.

30. Delve into your interests.

Have a favorite author or musician? Care about a certain tech product? Research the history behind your hobbies so you’re even more connected with the things you love.


31. Go on a virtual haunted house tour.

Prepare to be spooked with one of these terrifying tours.

32. Make an at-home zoo.

Thanks to Google’s projection tool, you can get a 3D animal right next to you on the couch for movie night.

33. Build a fort.

Pile some throw blankets across chairs and lay cushions on the ground to make your own fortress to chill in. String up some fairy lights and bring snacks to maximize the vibes.

Relaxing Activities

34. Visit a history museum.

Remember that massive dinosaur skeleton from "Night at the Museum"? Well, you can visit him online via the American Natural History Museums website.

35. Relax with ASMR videos.

Love the sound of hair brushing, cutting soap or slime being squished? There’s an ASMR video out there for everything imaginable.


36. Meditate.

Being bored is a great opportunity to check in with yourself and calm your hectic mind. Try a guided meditation online or sit in a comfortable silence alone. Focus on your breathing and let your mind relax.

37. Edit old photos.

Reminisce about the good old days by taking a look through your college photos and family vacations. Use a photo editing app to brighten them up and get them ready for a throwback post on social media.

38. Listen to a podcast.

Podcasts are a great way to get you off your phone without really getting you off your phone. You can stay entertained while giving your eyes a much-needed break from your screen. Check out Spotify and Apple Music for a podcast about literally anything.

39. Write a journal entry.

Connect with your uncensored thoughts by letting your mind carry your pen across the page. You can keep this in a notebook, type it out, or just scrawl on the back of a receipt and toss it later. What’s important is that you let go and let it all out.


40. Watch a TED Talk.

These videos are informative and entertaining. Trust me, I’ve had many entrepreneurial ideas and inspirational revelations while watching TED Talks. There’s tons available on YouTube on any topic you can think of.

41. Watch a Shakespeare play.

There’s nothing like an Elizabethan play to pass the time. Thanks to The Show Must Go Online, a digital project launched in quarantine, you can watch classically trained actors perform every single one of Shakespeare’s plays in order.

42. Make a gratitude list.

It’s important to remember everything and everyone that we’re grateful for.

43. Sharpen your mind.

If you’re bored, maybe you're just not thinking hard enough. Try out a brain training app, like Lumosity, for mental exercise.


44. Visit Japan’s cherry blossom displays.

Well, not quite, but with this 360 virtual reality video, you’ll be transported to the beautiful scenery of Japan.

45. Tour Frida Kahlo’s work.

See 800 of Kahlo’s most famous artwork from all around the globe with this Google Arts and Culture collection, “Faces of Frida.”

46. Go to the opera.

The New York Metropolitan Opera raided its archives to bring streamed events of your favorite performances.

47. Scrapbook.

If you have printed photos, old concert tickets or boarding passes lying around, glue them into one place and write fun captions so you can look back on them for years to come.

48. Visit an art museum.

The most stunning and impressive artworks in the world are available for virtual viewing, thanks to MoMa.


49. Do a crossword.

If you still get your paper round, flip through for a crossword. If not, there’s plenty available online.

50. Go to the aquarium.

A live cam in Chicago’s Shedd Museum allows you to observe underwater friends 24/7.

51. Write a letter to your future self.

Wish your future self well in all of their adventures and fill them in on what’s going on in your life right now. This moment is just a blip in the grand scheme of your life, and it might even be fun to look back on.

52. Make a mindfulness jar.

Clean out a used jar and fill it with notes reminding you to take a breather, be grateful, do yoga, or other positive affirmations. These make great gifts, too.


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Home-Oriented Activities

53. Clean out your closet.

Toss out your old clothes, rediscover unworn gems, put away your seasonal items, or just neatly stack your unfolded piles. A good cleaning will declutter your mind and make room for your next shopping spree.

54. Rearrange your furniture.

If you’re feeling off, it could be because the Feng Shui in your house is all wrong. Redecorating can fight off boredom by giving you a whole new scenery to get bored of.

55. Prepare for emergencies.

Expect the unexpected and be prepped for all outcomes. Plan your fire escape route, fill a backpack with emergency supplies in case you have to evacuate your home in a hurry, and practice self-defense moves. You never know when these preparations will come in handy!


56. Do your laundry.

Whether it’s that silk skirt you’ve been meaning to hand wash, a winter jacket at the back of your closet, or the backpack you take to the gym, get cleaning.

57. Reorganize your workspace.

Neatly stack your files or notes and find a hold for your pens. A clean workspace optimizes your focus.

58. Declutter your space.

Tidy up your bookshelf, put away the shoes thrown at your front door, clear the wires and chargers that are scattered around your walls. A clean house makes for a clear mind.

59. Organize your pantry.

Have an overflowing spice rack or 3 open bags of flour that need to be combined? Make room for your next grocery shop by tidying out foods you don’t need.


Lazy Activities

60. Give yourself a pedicure.

Pamper yourself with a relaxing pedicure, and get glossy toenails to show off.

61. Take a nap.

If you’re feeling lethargic, you might not have gotten enough rest the night before. A quick 20-minute nap will give you the boost of energy you need to liven up your day.

62. Read a book.

A good book makes time fly. You might not think reading is for you, but that’s just because you’re reading the wrong things. There’s a book out there for everyone.

63. Take a bubble bath.

When is the last time you had some "me time"? Get yourself a bath bomb and bubbles, and chill out. To truly relax, enjoy your bath with a glass of wine and a good book.


64. Do some coloring.

The pastime isn’t just for kids, you know. Get yourself an adult coloring book or download templates online to focus your mind and stay within the lines.

65. Watch a classic movie.

Choose a movie from before you were born, or one that your parents are always raving about, and catch a glimpse into the past.

66. Make a motivational playlist.

Music has the power to pick us up when we’re down. Make a soundtrack of your favorite uplifting tunes to get you pumped in the morning or to keep you going during your workouts.

67. Play a board game.

Take it back to your childhood with a game of Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, or whatever you have available to you. You can even find a version of most classic board games online.


68. Shop online.

Find some fun new clothes or practical home-ware tools, and get them delivered. Shopping can be surprisingly therapeutic.

69. Do a puzzle.

Get your hands on an adult jigsaw or have a go at your kids’ ones.

70. Try origami.

Enthusiasts take this very seriously, but this ancient Japanese pastime is a fun little hobby to do when you’re bored. There’s plenty of tutorials on YouTube to get you started.

71. Google yourself.

Fight off identity fraud, see what your future employers might see, or just find someone with the same name as you. (I once discovered that there was a murderer who shared my name! How fun.)

72. Browse magazines.

Even if you don’t have stacks of new magazines like you see at the salon, check out your favorite publications online to find digital content.


73. Daydream.

Did you know daydreams are a sign of high intelligence? Let your thoughts wander — some of your best thinking is done when you’re not paying attention.

74. Watch a documentary.

Learn something new with an entertaining factual show. There are plenty of recent documentaries on multiple streaming services!

75. Listen to an audiobook.

Download an audiobook and let someone else do the work for you so you can close your eyes and listen to the story unfold.

76. Doodle.

Remember how you used to do this in your notebooks to pass time in class? Now you can sketch and draw to your heart’s content, and maybe even make an art piece out of it.


77. Take an IQ test.

These tests are sure to pass the time.

78. Read your horoscope.

There could be an exciting change coming your way and you don’t want to miss it. Keep up with your horoscope!

79. Give yourself a facial.

Improve your skin without breaking the bank with these DIY facials.

80. Start a chain email.

Let’s bring this trend back. Make it something positive like a self-love chain, a recipe sharing platform, or some book recommendations. Then just hit send to all!

81. Do Sudoku puzzles.

Test your logic skill with this Japanese number puzzle.

82. Binge a new show.

The right show will hook you in and expel all your boredom.

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Productive Activities

83. Start your holiday gift list.

It’s never too early to get ahead of your Christmas gift list.

84. Update your resumé.

You never know when you might need it next, so you might as well keep it up to date and ready to go.

85. Train your dog.

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks just hasn’t been committed enough to the task. Check out this YouTube playlist for help.

86. Budget.

This isn’t exactly the most riveting of tasks, but it will make your life easier in the long run. Organize your personal finances and set savings goals so you can afford a fun trip, a new purse, or pay off your student loans.

87. Wash your makeup brushes.

I’m mainly including this to remind myself to do this later, but I’m sure there’s a good chance you need to clean yours, too. There’s nothing worse than accidentally smudging black eyeshadow into your light palettes because you used a dirty brush.


88. Clean up your computer.

Do you really need a copy of your resumé from your first ever part-time job? Or that assigned reading you never got around to last semester? Delete old files to free up space on your laptop and increase your computer’s startup speed.

89. Clean your car.

Still have sand on your seats from a beach trip two months ago? Or mud on your rims after an off-roading expedition? Become your own car wash and leave your ride looking brand new.

90. Clean up your social media.

Spend some time going through your following lists and delete anyone who’s been annoying you with their content, or people you don’t speak to anymore.

91. Clean out your purse.

Toss out old receipts, find those sunglasses you’ve been looking for, maybe even come across some extra cash you had lying around.


92. Clean out your inbox.

Sort through your unopened texts and emails, unsubscribe from mailing lists you no longer need, and block any spam accounts sending things your way.

93. Update your devices.

Have you been clicking “Remind me later” on all your phone, tablet, and laptop updates? Later is now.

94. Practice creative writing.

There’s a book for all of us. Or, at least, a short story or haiku if you’re really pressed for time.

95. Learn keyboard shortcuts.

Get as efficient as possible with your typing skills.

96. Update your contacts.

Digitize business cards you’ve been given and delete duplicate contacts. Keep all your connections in one easily accessible place.


97. Make some money.

Time really is money so use your spare time wisely. Here’s how to make money from home.

98. Raise awareness.

Share election information, support social justice issues and climate action advice, and LGBTQ solidarity on your social media platforms, or by sending information to your friends.

99. Set short-term goals.

Make a list of 100 goals for 100 days so you’re never bored again. Keep it simple and attainable so you can hit each goal and feel accomplished.

100. Contact politicians.

Petition your local officials to make changes for your community. These can be about any cause that matters to you, but here’s how to write an effective letter that will make your voice heard.


101. Take an online class.

Learn a new skill or advance one you already have with any online class.

102. Groom your pet.

Brush out your pet’s fur or give them a bath if they’ll allow it.

103. Keep up to date.

Reading and watching the news is a great way to be productive with your downtime. There’s a lot going on in the world and it's so important to stay up to date.

104. Learn more about your industry.

Read up on news related to your field of work, research industry trends, and learn more about the leading forces in your career path.


105. Become a freelancer.

Lend your editing, styling, accounting or tech skills to companies looking for temporary assistance.

106. Give your resolutions another try.

No matter what time of year it is, life is full of whirlwinds of unexpected events, so it’s quite likely you ditched some of your plans along the way. But now is a great time to revisit those goals and give yourself a newfound focus.

107. Plan your dream vacation.

Check out luxury villas or crazy adventures with an unlimited budget, or get practical and lay out a road trip map for your next vacation.

108. Discover your heritage.

Use an online platform like Family Search or Ancestry to connect with your roots and track where you come from.


109. Learn a new language.

Being multilingual is a great way to impress employers, friends, and family. Practice a language of your choice by watching educational videos or downloading a language app like DuoLingo.

110. Send a letter.

Anyone can call or text, but sending someone a handwritten note is far more sentimental if you want to let someone know you’re thinking about them.

111. Spread positivity.

Give a stranger or friend some joy by leaving a kind comment on social media or sending an uplifting text.

112. Sign petitions.

Head over to Change.org and put your name behind causes that are important to you.

113. Start a blog.

Bloggers never seem to be bored. Why not try your hand at online expression by sharing your thoughts, skills or advice on your own blog?


114. Restyle your hair.

Test out a new 'do, or maybe even cut yourself some bangs if you’re feeling extra brave.

115. Photograph something.

Thanks to high-res phone cameras, there’s a photographer in all of us. Stage a photo shoot with your pets, friends, or fruit bowl.

116. Try new makeup looks.

Test out crazy eyeliner designs, use vibrant eyeshadows, and go all-out with a highlighter. If you mess up, who cares?

117. Practice body positivity.

Get comfortable with yourself in the mirror, embrace your curves, trace out your stretch marks, accept your imperfections. There’s never a bad time to fall in love with yourself.

118. Leave positive reviews.

Show support to a local business you love by leaving them good reviews online.


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Outdoor Activities

119. Start your own garden.

Whether it’s a potted plant on your window sill or rows of flowerbeds and exotic trees in your backyard, gardening is a great way to unwind. You could even plant herbs for your culinary adventures.

120. Go for a drive.

Pick a destination nearby that you’ve never been to and take the scenic route.

121. Go for a walk.

Bored at home? Why not leave your home? A quick stroll will break up your boredom and leave you feeling refreshed.

122. Stargaze.

I'm not talking lying on your back in your garden, although that could be fun, too. Thanks to NASA you can explore the planets and stars — all from your laptop.


123. Mow your lawn.

This is like exercise and chores all rolled into one. That grass isn’t going to cut itself.

Fitness Activities

124. Dance!

Dancing alone is oddly liberating and incredibly entertaining. Groove out to your favorite tunes or learn a routine on TikTok (all the cool kids are doing it!).

125. Stretch your body.

Stretching improves circulation and fights off feelings of tiredness that are often associated with boredom. This will give you a boost of energy and make you more productive, even on your lazy days.

126. Do a workout.

If you’re bored, you might have too much energy to burn. Get your sweat on with one of these free workout videos.


Interpersonal Activities

127. Join a choir.

Why not make singing in the shower into an actual hobby by joining a choir? Warm-up those vocal cords!

128. Call a loved one.

Life can be hectic and we often put off reaching out to people. If you’re bored, now is the time to respond to those calls from your mother you’ve been avoiding, or texts from a long-lost friend that you keep forgetting about.

129. Throw a party.

Invite a few of your best friends around to keep you company. Prep some snacks and decor to keep you busy before they arrive.

130. Build connections.

Reach out to people in your industry on LinkedIn or via email to discuss career opportunities and trade some advice.

131. Reconnect with an old friend on social media.

While we’re on the topic of people you don’t speak to anymore, why not rediscover an old friend from middle school or someone you met at camp?

132. Get deep.

Use your free time to have meaningful conversations with your close ones. Talk about your feelings and get even closer.

133. Style your friends.

Choose an event or outing and raid each other’s wardrobe for an outfit to match. This can be as serious or hilarious as you make it.

134. Play charades.

Drama, competition, and a time limit. What could go wrong?

135. Make a care package.

Fill a box full of your friend or family’s favorite things and mail it to them to make them feel special.

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