The Ultimate Scorpio Compatibility Guide: Understanding Love & Relationships According To The Zodiac

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Scorpio Compatibility Guide: Love, Sex, Relationships, Trust
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The truth about this zodiac sign.

Ever wonder what makes a Scorpio a Scorpio? If you've ever wanted to learn more about this zodiac sign, you can from checking out astrology and the horoscope.

Scorpios are one of those complicated signs of the zodiac with a reputation for being mysterious and private. Once you get to know them you realize that while some consider their moodiness as a dark, evil demeanor, they are actually loyal and kind.

Relationships for Scorpios are a little harder to get started. It seems like they demand so much from someone, while also wanting their freedom.

They can achieve a bit of harmony in a relationship by finding someone that's compatible with them — someone who matches their intellect, personality, and style.

Birth dates: October 23 - November 21

Symbol: Scorpion

Element: Water

Birthstone: Topaz

Famous Scorpios: Ryan Reynolds (October 23), Drake (October 24), Hillary Clinton (October 26), Bill Gates (October 28), Julia Roberts (October 28), Leonardo DiCaprio (November 11).

What zodiac signs are most compatible with Scorpio?

Scorpios don't get along with just anybody. They're specific about who they make friends with, and they enjoy the company of some of the zodiac signs more than others.

1. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Scorpios and Cancer understand each other mentally, physically, and emotionally more than any of the other signs.

Scorpio and Cancer just get each other and have the same values in life. The two of you understand each other emotionally. 

Both of you also have an equal intellect level that allows both of you to communicate and trust each other with ease, which neither of you find common with anyone else. 

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2. Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Because both Aries and Scorpio have a deep, dark intensity, the two of you will come together perfectly. Not only will each of you team up nicely, you'll actually need each other.

When Aries and Scorpio put each of your energies and attitudes together, the two of you become one big unstoppable force. Though, if as a couple you don't find ways to get past small obstacles, your mutual energy burns out quickly.

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3. Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus are one of the few lucky signs a Scorpio will trust. Taurus are open and free when it comes to being around Scorpios, allowing a Scorpio to read and observe them.

Even though Scorpios and Taurus have virtually nothing in common, the two of you make great friends, making great equals for each other.

Their one thing in common is your shared perspective on the world and how each of you view others.

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4. Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Scorpios are compatible physically and sexually with Libra, but when it comes down to starting a relationship with each other, it can't work.

Scorpios and Libra are both too similar and too different, and the two of you would end up clashing a lot more than a normal couple would.

Perhaps Scorpios and Libras are are better off as a friends with benefits relationship in the future?

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Who is the LEAST compatible with Scorpios?

Not all friendship and relationship pairings can work, especially between these signs:

1. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Scorpios are the least compatible with Gemini. A relationship between your two signs is rare.

You're too alike and both very stubborn, resulting in a messy relationship.

The fact that the two of you have common goals in life is what hurts a potential relationship between you two as a couple the most.

Each of you wouldn't be afraid to step all over the other to get what you both want.

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2. Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leos and Scorpios can't have a good and healthy relationship due to the fact that the two of you are too different.

Each of your personalities and ambitions are both very different, only resulting in potential chaos between both of your signs.

While the two of you are both very driven and motivated signs, a relationship with each other would be a disaster.

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3. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Any kind of relationship wouldn't work between your two signs not because you'd hate each other, but because as a couple, you'd really have nothing in common.

Both of your zodiac signs express feelings way differently than the other, and a relationship between the two of you usually ends with one of you being hurt.

Scorpios tend to have more intense feelings toward others, and when an Aquarius doesn't reciprocate, feelings and hearts are shattered.

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What a Scorpio needs in a relationship:

In a relationship, Scorpios need someone who’s in it for the long haul. They doesn't want to mess around or play games.

They also need someone whose personality matches theirs, but not too much, because sometimes too much of one thing isn't good for compatility.

Scorpios also need someone who can keep them guessing and take them on adventures.

Something they hate more than anything is being bored — and being bored in a relationship can only lead to bad things.

What is it like to be in a relationship with a Scorpio?

Scorpio is the most passionate of all the zodiac signs; they don't shy away from emotions. Every little thing they do is done out of love with the strongest of emotions.

Once a relationship with a Scorpio begins, they are committed. Don't worry about their flaking out on you because they're all in.

Where should a Scorpio look for love?

A problem with Scorpios is their constant need for love and attention; they'll often look in the wrong places. The best thing is to try and stop looking at all. Let love come easily and stop searching for it.

Scorpios end up getting hurt by putting everything into a relationship that wasn’t worth it from the beginning.

But, if they have to look, that special someone might already be in their daily life and they just haven't noticed yet. 

The ultimate no-no for looking for love, especially with Scorpios, is the bar or club. People like them, when looking for longtime happiness, won't search for her future spouse at a nightclub.

They'll take it easy and stop searching and let their next relationship find her.

When is it the right time in a Scorpio's life to look for love?

The best time for a Scorpio to look for love is when they feel like they are at the top and the best they can be.

Sometimes, when they feel down, they feel desperate for love and affection, but they need to hold back and wait it out.

Looking for love when their not at their best results in finding someone that doesn’t deserve them, and they end up hurt once again.

A Scorpio tends to only want a serious long-term relationship, but won’t ever admit it. They're not interested in playing tag and getting hurt along the way.

Again, though, this all correlates to when a Scorpio should go looking for love. They'll wait until they feel like their 100% and won’t rely on someone else to be their complete source of happiness.

Who can resist a Scorpio?

Scorpios have a mysteriousness to them that no one can resist. No one can read them, making them harder to resist.

When you meet one, you’re drawn in. People born under this sign like adventures, and they tend to play with people’s feelings, yet people always come back to them with no hesitation.

How do Scorpios ruin their own relationships?

While Scorpios tend to have their suitors under a spell, they often ruin a relationship with their tendency to keep people out of their personal lives.

They tend to be a closed door, and they don't easily let people in. It’s part of their intrigue, but it’s also what ruins their chance at any kind of love or relationship.

How to keep a Scorpio happy:

To make a Scorpio happy in a relationship isn’t as hard as everyone thinks it is. This star sign's favorite thing to do is talk about their favorite things like TV shows, books, and movies.

When their partner pays attention while they talk and gush about these things, they'll know it’s real.

Even more importantly, if their partner asks to watch that movie with them or borrow the book, it shows that they are listening and want to join in and be involved.

What turns a Scorpio man or woman off:

Something that will turn a relationship with a Scorpio sour is lack of trust. A Scorpio is one of the most trusting of the zodiac signs, and they need their partner to reciprocate.

A relationship without trust is nothing. If they can't trust their partner, they will end the relationship in a heartbeat.

How to make a Scorpio fall in love with you:

Making a Scorpio fall head-over-heels isn’t scary, like everyone would assume it is. They love people that pay attention to them, not to be self-centered. 

But they like to know that someone is thinking of them. Also, to repeat a previous point, they loves it when someone they likes shows interest or enjoys the same activities and topics as they do.