What A Pisces Venus Sign Means In Your Birth Chart

When it comes to love, Pisces runs hot and cold.

Last updated on Aug 16, 2022

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Your Venus sign provides insight into your connections with others as well as your ideas of beauty and personal values.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) is the last sign of the zodiac, which makes them one of the wisest, grown-up signs.

Venus in Pisces meaning in the birth chart

If you have a Pisces Venus sign, that means this astuteness characterizes your relationships.

Of course, there’s still oodles of playfulness and youthful energy in this zodiac placement. Pisces is most well-known for giving great advice, being wise beyond their years, and being intuitive and empathetic.


Ruled by the fish, Pisces can be incredibly elusive and slippery. When it comes to relationships, Pisces is often hot and cold. One minute, they’re ready to commit to a serious relationship and start a family, the next they want to be single for life and always keep their liaisons casual.

One of the most exciting and frustrating things about people with Venus in Pisces is that they will always keep you guessing. You may never know for sure what Pisces wants from you (even if they tell you) because their interests and feelings can change every single day.

As someone who is incredibly compassionate and kind, Pisces is definitely someone you need to have in your inner circle.


This Venus sign will always keep your secrets, never judge, and always be there when you need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen.

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Emotions run deep with this Venus sign. Pisces tends to carry the feelings and heartaches of others with them and is likely to mourn or celebrate with you when you share your highs and lows.


One of Pisces’ biggest weaknesses is playing the victim. It is an active practice for this zodiac sign to learn how to set boundaries, avoid playing the martyr, and stop themselves from falling for damaged, troubled souls.

Not everything needs a hero, but Pisces can’t help but put on their cape and try to rescue everyone in need.

Call it a blessing and a curse, but one thing you can’t do is take the compassionate bone from Pisces’ body. Pisces is ruled by the element of water.

Along with Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces is known for waves of emotion and feeling, being intuitively connected to the people around them, and latching onto emotional ways to express themselves through things like music, art, and dance.


Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune, a god known and feared for his intense temper and waves of emotion.

Like Neptune, Pisces needs to learn how to control and harness the emotions they feel. Otherwise, there may be a time when too much damage is done to be able to fix things.

As a mutable sign along with Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius, Pisces’ job is to prepare everyone for the changing seasons. Mutable signs are adapters, very flexible, and can mold themselves to fit a variety of situations. Pisces wraps up the winter season, helping others learn lessons, and puts a sparkly bow at the end of the season.

Pisces can be easily overwhelmed and sensitive in new environments or situations. When it comes to making new friends or starting new relationships, the Venus in Pisces needs to do things on their own time and move to the next level when they’re comfortable.


Pisces may be highly mysterious and paradoxical when it comes to love, but they can also be one of the most romantic and giving of the zodiac signs. The reality of committing to one person for the rest of their life can turn Pisces into a hot and cold mess, but as long as they don’t get in the way of themselves, they can overcome any fear.

A Venus in Pisces believes that romance is their reason for being and is looking for someone to share their life with.

Flirting and wooing may come easily for Venus in Pisces, but the idea of a committed relationship may be much more alluring and intoxicating than a real relationship.

Pisces may be their own worst enemy when it comes to love, simply because they hold themselves to such high standards.


Pisces’ reality may never be exactly like their dreams, but they can make the best out of any situation if they try.

Pisces Venus sign compatibility

Venus in Pisces + Aries compatibility

When you put Aries (ruler of the brain) and Pisces (ruler of the imagination) together, you get a connection that is totally cerebral and creative.

When these two signs put their heads together, they can manifest just about anything into reality.

Even before the thought of something romantic comes up, this pairing can be great business partners, best friends, or even roommates.

Where these Pisces Venus sign and Aries Sun sign clash is in their moods.

Both signs have a penchant for mood swings, but while Aries wants to hash things out right away, Pisces wants to disappear when conflict arises.


For this partnership to work, both signs need to compromise. As a fire sign, Aries thrives in new and often challenging situations — situations they may want to see their romantic partners explore, too.

As a water sign, Pisces finds comfort at home where all of his creature comforts are. Bringing together a traditionalist water sign and a risk-taking fire sign may spell disaster.

However, embracing their differences (rather than letting their differences tear them apart) will be what keeps them together.

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Venus in Pisces + Aries compatibility

A Taurus-Pisces duo is very dreamy. Bringing together two zodiac signs who love to love means endless affection, romance, and sensuality. These two zodiac signs click on a spiritual, idealistic level.


Where they clash is in their penchant for overindulgence. Pisces may bring out Taurus’ love of ultimate comfort, which can lead to laziness, while Taurus may encourage Venus in Pisces’ imaginative streak, which can make Pisces lose touch with reality.

As an earth sign, Taurus can bring comfort, security, and stability to the Pisces Venus sign while the Pisces water sign can create a comfortable space for Taurus to open up and be vulnerable.

Together, these two zodiac signs can shine, as long as they work on making their reality the best it can be (rather than trying to live in a dream world that can’t live up to their reality).

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Venus in Pisces + Gemini compatibility

Talk about surreal! A Gemini-Pisces match is one that defies reality, in a way. Both zodiac signs prefer fantasy over the real world, which can make the relationship they have with each other seem much different than it really is.

While these two signs do bond over creativity, dreams, and the duality of their personalities, they can clash just as hard over their similarities.

For example, both signs are commitment-phobes who often have mood swings, which can lead to a lot of “breaks” and splitting up in the relationship — at least until things calm down.

For this relationship to work, Gemini and Pisces will need to compromise on what makes them happy and try to make each other happy.


Gemini may enjoy social activities that the Pisces Venus sign isn’t always comfortable with, so Gemini will have to compromise and spend time with Pisces at home.

Likewise, Pisces may want to have emotionally charged conversations with Gemini but will have to be patient so that Gemini feels comfortable opening up to Pisces.

Ultimately, this relationship will have a lot of give and take. It may not last a long time, but the time that Gemini and Pisces do spend together has the potential to be fun and rewarding.

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Venus in Pisces + Cancer compatibility

A Cancer-Pisces match-up is an emotional rollercoaster. When two water signs come together — empathetic Pisces and vulnerable Cancer — it can mean a deeply intimate, emotional connection.


That said, even though both signs are in touch with their spiritual, vulnerable side, it can be easy for the relationship to become too emotionally overwhelming.

In order to avoid clashing, Cancer and Pisces Venus will need to set aside feelings and embrace logic in order to keep the relationship grounded and practical.

Once these zodiac placements get the hang of domestic life (and learn when to rely on emotion and when to call on logic) a Cancer-Pisces pairing can last for a long time.

Both zodiac signs feel safe with each other, are receptive to each other’s sensitive personalities, and are open to nurturing the relationship.

This match-up can be too much of a good thing if these two zodiac signs don’t maintain a sense of practicality, but there’s also the potential for ultimate growth.


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Venus in Pisces + Leo compatibility

Leo is assertive, dramatic, and confident, while Pisces is pensive, sensitive, and introverted. Together, these zodiac placements don’t seem like they would make a good match because they’re so different, but even opposites can attract!

Leo is a fixed sign and Pisces is mutable. They click because both are highly creative and imaginative. Where they clash: high emotions running through both zodiac signs.

Leo is the kind of person who expresses each emotion as they come, while Pisces tends to deal with emotions just as big internally.


Finding a way to express these emotions in a healthy way will save both signs from sabotaging the relationship.

As a fire sign, Leo will expect the Venus in Pisces to get out of his comfort zone and embrace their social life. As a water sign, Pisces will want to open Leo up to family visits and downtime together at home.

Even though these zodiac signs are opposites in more ways than one, self-awareness of what works and what doesn’t can make the Leo-Pisces couple happy.

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Venus in Pisces + Virgo compatibility

Nurturing, healing, and magnetic, a Virgo-Pisces pairing is the ultimate, down-home match-up. In other words, this is the couple that will make every other couple around them pale in comparison.


Even when it’s not, these zodiac placements make their relationship look easy because of the abundance of love and care they have for each other.

If it’s possible, Virgo and Pisces Venus can have a “healthy obsession” with each other. Pisces’ compassion and penchant for attracting troubled souls mean Virgo has a safe space to be neurotic.

Virgo’s ability to stay realistic and practical means that Pisces has someone to keep him grounded when emotions run high.

The key for this pairing will be to create healthy boundaries so that everything that’s good in this relationship won’t be tarnished by codependency or trying to be each other’s knight in shining armor every time something goes wrong.


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Venus in Pisces + Libra compatibility

Hopelessly devoted to you! When Libra and Pisces get together, it’s a match made in starry-eyed, rose-colored glasses heaven.

These two zodiac placements love all the trappings of a romantic relationship: candle-lit dinners, spontaneous date nights, flower petals in the bathtub… they both love it all.

A Libra-Pisces pairing is very compassionate, loving, and affectionate.

Where these two clash: Neither likes conflict or confrontation all that much. They would much rather sweep issues under the rug instead of possibly ruining their fairytale relationship, which only leads to more issues in the future.


Pisces and Libra can either be soulmates for life or have a karmic meeting that burns bright but fast. It all depends on how these two cultivate their relationship.

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Venus in Pisces + Scorpio compatibility

A little bit mystical, a little bit mysterious — that’s what you get when you match up Scorpio and Pisces. Both zodiac placements need a partner who will understand their shared need for intimacy and a safe space to be vulnerable.

While it can be hard for both signs to really open up at first, when they take things slow, these two signs can really make some magic happen.

Of course, since both are water signs, it can mean the relationship between Scorpio and Pisces is a constant emotional rollercoaster.


While it’s certainly nice that both signs can find comfort in each other, it can lead to manipulation and codependency if there aren’t any boundaries to keep each zodiac sign happy beyond the relationship.

For this relationship to truly thrive, there needs to be personal growth from each zodiac sign, as well as growth within the relationship.

If Scorpio and Pisces Venus show each other that they can be there when it’s needed and can let each other’s support systems be there during other times, this relationship will have room to flourish.

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Venus in Pisces + Sagittarius compatibility

The relationship between adventurer Sagittarius and dreamer Pisces is highly romantic and creative. Both zodiac placemednts are looking for a rose-colored glasses fantasy relationship.


The Venus in Pisces’ creativity can inspire Sagittarius, while Sagittarius’ motivational spirit can teach Pisces how to hone strengths. There is a lot of good that can come from this relationship, but also a lot of negative.

Both of these signs have trouble committing to serious relationships but can also depend far too heavily on each other without stimulation beyond their relationship.

For Pisces and Sagittarius to happily coexist, compromise and honest communication will be most important.

Pisces will need to let independent, fiery Sagittarius know when they need attention, and Sagittarius will need to let clingy, watery Pisces know when they need alone time.


Being able to be open when it matters most will be the glue that keeps these zodiac signs together.

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Venus in Pisces + Capricorn compatibility

A Capricorn-Pisces match-up may defy what people think when they imagine these two zodiac placements together, but you’d be surprised just how well this relationship works.

Venus in Pisces will bring a little magic and creativity to Capricorn’s life, while Capricorn will bring the stability Pisces needs to feel safe and (financially) secure. Of course, Capricorn will want to make things official right away, while Pisces may struggle to find comfort in commitment.


And on the other hand, Pisces’ need for emotional connection may be stunted by Capricorn’s penchant for logic and practicality.

All of that said, a Capricorn-Pisces pairing has all the fixings of a happy, healthy relationship.

They may have to break up and come together a couple of times before they find their groove, but once they get somewhere comfortable, this relationship will evolve into something fantastic… just wait!

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Venus in Pisces + Aquarius compatibility

An Aquarius-Pisces relationship is one that is intellectually stimulating with high chemistry. Even though both zodiac placements may differ on the surface, they are both known for being creative, quirky, and deeply intelligent in their own ways.


Both are good at playing a supportive role for each other, which means that there is endless love and encouragement in this pairing.

Where this pairing clashes when it comes to needing both independence and closeness. Pisces can be hot and cold. Aquarius can be flighty with a clingy streak deep down inside. So, being honest about how they feel about each other will be the saving grace for this relationship.

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Venus in Pisces + Pisces compatibility

A Pisces-Pisces relationship is one that is built on a strong foundation of nurturing, healing, and a codependent dynamic. This pairing isn’t always the healthiest relationship, but no one knows Pisces better than Pisces.


What will be important for this relationship is making sure that there is equal time to be autonomous as there is to be together. If these placements spend too much time being with each other, they will end up resenting all the good in their relationship.

Venus in Pisces and Pisces obviously click in a passionate, intimate, emotional way. They are able to strengthen their bond with each other through long talks, touch, and spending quality time with each other.

Where they clash is in overindulgence. Because both are interested in creating a luxurious home life, it can be hard for them to find stimulation outside of the relationship and the bedroom – meaning that there’s no one else for them to lean on than each other.

Codependency, possessiveness, and jealousy can rock the boat for these two water signs.


In order to make sure this — or anything similar — doesn’t happen and ruin the relationship, it will be a lifelong practice for these zodiac placements to expand their horizons, create healthy boundaries, and learn how to write their own rules for their relationship.

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