How To Tell If You're In A Karmic Relationship Based On Astrology

How does karma play a role in your relationship?

Last updated on Sep 21, 2022

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There are karmic soulmates, karmic relationships, and karmic lessons that your soul is here to learn because you have unfinished business from your past life.

According to astrology, this was part of the agreement you accepted. It's part of the soul contract that you signed when starting this life.

Karma is something everyone carries and everyone's specific karma is woven into their natal chart.

When checking your astrological compatibility with someone else, you can create a synastry chart, which shows how your energy interacts with theirs. Doing so may reveal astrological indicators of a karmic relationship.


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Natal chart signs of a karmic relationship


Your Vertex sign is not a planet but rather an angle in your birth chart where the prime vertical intersects the ecliptic. A vertex that intersects with planets or certain aspects in another person's chart may reveal a karmic past and you may find yourself irresistibly attracted to that person.

South Node

The Lunar Nodes are points in your birth chart that show the highest and lowest points of the Moon's orbit when you were born. While the North Node is said to reveal your life's purpose, or the direction your life is headed, the South Node depicts your past life.


If your South Node is conjunct another's personal planets or Ascendant sign (or vice versa), it's likely you have a past together.


The Descendant sign is located in the 7th house, called the house of partnerships. According to astrology, your Descendant sign reveals who you are on an emotional level and what you look for in relationships. 

Opposite your Ascendant sign, which represents your outward qualities, the Descendant is said to reveal those qualities that you look for in other people. As a soulmate is said to be your other half, the Descendant sign is representative of the half of you that's "missing."


Saturn is known as a karmic planet. Associated with tradition and life lessons, Saturn's placement in your birth chart can reveal a lot about what you're here in this life to achieve.


If Saturn has a strong presence in your synastry chart, it's likely that there is a karmic connection.

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Venus is the planet of love, so Venus sign compatibility can be an indicator of a karmic relationship.

12th house

In astrology, the 12th house is representative of a person's past life. In a synastry chart, the presence of someone else's personal planets in your 12th house (or vice versa) is indicative of a karmic connection.


Juno is an asteroid. In astrology, Juno represents how you approach relationships, including what kind of partners you attract, the boundaries you set, and your level of emotional intimacy.


Juno conjuct someone's Ascendant, Descendant, Sun, Moon, or Venus sign is a strong sign of a karmic relationship.


Chiron, known as the 'Wounded Healer,' is also an asteroid. Your Chiron sign represents your deepest wounds and weaknesses as well as the traits you use to overcome them. 

In a synastry chart, Chiron aspects can reveal deep issues stemming from relationships in a past life.

Karmic relationships seriously challenge us but also give us an opportunity to grow into our best selves.

If you feel like the relationship you are in right now is incredibly dramatic, challenging, and stressful, it may be a karmic relationship.

Depending on your Pluto sign or Sun sign, there are certain personalities who bring out these challenging, stressful feelings in you. You may find yourself butting heads with certain people based on their zodiac signs, but don’t take these kinds of relationships for granted.


Even though you are not always meant to be with specific zodiac signs, the relationships you have with them can actually be a karmic relationship you are meant to heal in.

While it can be hard to truly feel like this kind of relationship is good for you, a karmic relationship is a deeply transformative one that will teach you something very important about yourself.

To know if you're in a karmic relationship, there are probably a lot of red flags early on. You may feel like you keep dealing with the same red flags in every one of your relationships, or coming back to the same bad relationship, but that is because there is a lesson that needs to be learned.


And until you learn that lesson, you will keep finding yourself in the same karmic relationships over and over. But karmic relationships are not meant to scar you or put you in danger; rather, they are to teach you valuable lessons about yourself, life, and love.

No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, there will always be ups and downs, as well as opportunities to learn and grow. It’s up to you to decide what you need, and what makes you feel loved and safe.

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