How Venus In Cancer In Your Birth Chart Affects Your Life & Relationships

Venus Cancer is an intriguing and amazing sign that is worth the effort.

Last updated on Aug 03, 2022

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Just as you were born under a specific zodiac Sun sign, there are other planet placements in your birth chart that complete your unique personality makeup.

Your Venus sign is one of those placements and shapes your relationships. 

Cancer Venus signs are one of the most loving personality types of all.

Venus in Cancer meaning in the birth chart

A Venus in Cancer placement in your natal chart means that these areas of your life are influenced by Cancer zodiac sign traits.


People with their Venus in Cancer devote their entire beings to one another and being in love. They jump feet first into the deep end as soon as they’re given the go-ahead.

Because of how eager they are when they start off their love stories, if they get hurt in the process, they immediately go into self-protective mode.

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Cancer Venus sign traits

1. Slow to trust

People with Venus in Cancer take time to love.

Venus in Cancer signs become very hesitant to give themselves and their heart to someone else in the future.

Trust is then a very difficult thing to gain from a Venus in Cancer.

2. Reserved

People with the Venus sign in Cancer tend to put on a tough exterior even if neither of them actually feels that way deep down.

Chances are, most of the time, they don't actually feel that way, they are just afraid of getting hurt so they cover up their true emotions.

Venus in Cancer signs tend to act overly casual about intimacy, and love.

It genuinely helps nobody in these situations but makes that person feel like they’re protecting themselves.


3. Standoffish

Cancer Venus signs need space.

According to love astrology, in order for a Venus in Cancer to open up about love and give it an honest chance, they need to feel safe to an extent.

They are very sentimental and will feel attached and broken-hearted about a lost love for years and years sometimes.

With Venus in Cancer, you are a caring and emotionally perceptive person who is a good listener and can be very sentimental and nurturing to your friends and boyfriend or girlfriend.

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4. Emotional

Cancer is a water sign. This means that they are a creative and passionate lover. Cancer is also a Cardinal sign, meaning they often work hard at love.


They want real intimacy other than just the physical connection with their partner. They want and really need the emotional aspect of the relationship to be pretty prominent.

They are definitely cautious in love and don’t rush into anything without getting an idea of conviction beforehand, but once they have a reason, any reason at all, they’ll dive right in without hesitation.

This Venus sign needs time to get to know someone before they are willing to say that they are comfortable committing their whole life and future to a person.

5. Loyal

Their trust and loyalty have to be earned because they’ve been hurt in the past and are not willing to let that happen so easily again the next time.


However, once that right person is found, they feel so safe and secure and willing to give their all to them to risk it for everything.

Working your way into the heart of a Cancer Venus isn’t easy. They don’t want to be approached too directly.

They want to form a friendship first and feel comfortable with that person.

You have to show your love when dating a Cancer Venus.

People with the Venus in Cancer want to know that they can trust you before pursuing a romantic relationship.

When the courting does begin, they appreciate it when a lot of effort is put into trying to impress and woo them, such as planning a romantic, well-thought-out date. They just want clarity and sincerity.


They don’t appreciate games or beating around the bush. They want openness and straightforwardness.

It helps them feel more trusting and willing to be open with you.

They want to feel like they are genuinely and deeply cared about.

They can tell when you’re being fake or not giving something your all, so don’t even try to fool them.

There are so many ways that a Cancer Venus can be hard to figure out and pursue, but it needs to be known that it is always worth all the effort in the end because of the genuine type of person that they are.

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