Cancer Man & Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

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Cancer Man Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

If you happen to be either a Cancer man or a Pisces woman, and you find yourself wondering if the two of you could be together in any kind of positive capacity, then look no further — this match is excellent.

Your zodiac compatibility on so many topics is through the roof, my dears. In other words, this is it. Numero uno, if you please.

Let's discuss the love compatibility of the Cancer man and Pisces woman.

Their elements: Both Cancer and Pisces are Water signs.

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This instantly tells us that these two flow together quite naturally.

Water signs are deep thinkers, both being profoundly sensitive and spiritual. Both parties are open to knowing the subtleties and nuances of the other, and both make efforts to show kindness and understanding in a love relationship.

Are these zodiac signs compatible in love and intimacy?

If both of these signs, both the Cancer man and the Pisces woman had their choice of sex with love, or just plain sex, they'd both go for the sex-with-love option. 

The intimate touch that Cancer brings is extremely appealing to the Pisces woman, as she's been looking for the right guy all her life. She wants to be understood; she's not there for the sexual approval and wants the whole package — love, sex, family, longevity.

Fortunately for her, the Cancer man is down for the whole love shebang, and together their compatibility is right on the mark. They understand each other in the bedroom, and they are willing to communicate their feelings if anything goes wrong.

They both share the same attitude towards love and sex: "Go big or go home."

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Do they share personal values in their relationship?

While these two shine in so many departments, they don't share as many values as one might think.

Yes, they get along like champs in the bedroom, but the Cancer man is a bit more down to earth than the Pisces woman, and she may turn out to be idealistic, which may not be a place where he can dwell.

They value honesty, security and the idea of love, but the Pisces woman may want too much out of her Cancer man. It's hard to leap over hurdles to please someone's sense of idealism, and that is what might act as their downfall.

How do the Pisces woman and Cancer man express their emotions?

Emotionally, the Cancer man and the Pisces woman are almost the same person.

This is a field that doesn't scare them off; in fact, they seek out this kind of raw, emotional honesty in each other and they find it in abundance.

Pisces is an extraordinarily sensitive sign, maybe too much for most, but the Cancer man is equipped with his own version of hyper-sensitivity, and he respects and honors that in his Pisces mate. They will both cry over the same movies, the same trusted lines, and the same time-tested characters.

In emotion, these two are perfect for each other.

Is there a possibility for a trusting relationship?

These two are able to come to an understanding once they work out the kinks in their relationship.

And that is because the Cancer man is patient and kind, and the Pisces woman only needs to know that he's there for her, no matter what she goes through.

She sees the relationship as a fairy tale come true. He may know better, or think in a more realistic way; however he's only too happy to coddle her if she feels shaky. He knows he can't live up to her fantastical ideals, but he's got what others don't have: trustworthiness.

With work, they will be able to live in trust of the other.

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Are these zodiac signs able to communicate effectively?

What these zodiac two signs have that makes this a superior coupling is that both signs are, indeed, very sensitive to the other, and they have no malicious agenda in mind.

If something comes up, they will talk it over. What's funny is that they may end up talking it over for a week. Yes, they love to communicate together. They have no need for forceful confrontation, as they both do not fear talking to each other.

It's an open line of communication, always, and these two always take advantage of this wonderful shared trait.

If there is anything that might stand in the way of the Cancer man/Pisces woman relationship, it's the idea of expectation.

What he wants is very much like what she wants, but she's an idealist and has a built-in idea of what love should look like.

Often times, she'll expect him to fit neatly into her fantasy world. He wants to give her everything, but tends to feel the pressure of her needs and can become frustrated by her.

In the end, this coupling has great potential, and if they can get past the initial attraction (which is always massive and intense), they could be consider two of the most compatible signs there are. If they can find the balance, and they most definitely can find it — they will be set for life.

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