Weekly Horoscope Forecast November 12 - 18, 2018, By Astrology Zodiac Sign

Weekly Horoscope Predictions For All Zodiac Signs For November 12 - 18, 2018
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Here's your zodiac sign's weekly astrology horoscope forecast for November 12th - 18th, 2018.

Your weekly horoscopes are here for all zodiac signs in astrology for November 12th-18th, 2018. The week begins on a positive note with Jupiter happily in the sign of Sagittarius where good luck favors everyone. 

Mercury is in Sagittarius, and even though this can bring more honesty to the table, and for some this can be hard to hear, at the end of the day, it's good to have disclosures when needed.

The Sun is in Scorpio for a little under two weeks, yet. The Moon in Capricorn on Monday quickly transitioned into a Moon in Aquarius, setting a tone for work and analytical productivity most of this week.

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Some weeks are more transformational than others. Both the South Node and the North Node are in new zodiac signs as well. Uranus is no longer in Taurus inflicting chaos on finances or personal possessions. Now in Aries, the transformation takes place on a personal level and real work for inner growth can begin.

This week, there are lots more changes taking place in the universe that can impact your personal astrological roadmap. Starting with planets going direct and others going retrograde!

From Mars changing zodiac signs, Mercury completing the final stretch of it's shadow phase and Venus going direct, this week pretty much changes the landscape and things can begin to clarify (sort of, Mercury goes retrograde on the same day that Venus goes direct.)

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So, there are some communication and tech challenges when love and the stars start to align. You may have an opportunity to meet someone you really like and all signs are go, but there's difficulty with getting your schedules to sync up. You may have problems with transportation planning, or whatever fun things that Mercury tends to do when it goes retrograde in our world. 

But that's Thursday... for now, we have four planets in retrograde. 

  1. Venus the ruler or Taurus and Libra is retrograde in the sign of Libra. 
  2. Uranus Rx the ruler of Aquarius is Rx in Aries.
  3. Neptune Rx the ruler of Pisces is Rx in Pisces
  4. Chiron Rx is in the sign of Pisces.

Here's a brief rundown of what's happening in the celestial sky this week.

Sun in Scorpio: 

During the Sun in Scorpio, you may feel motivated and driven internally to remain intensely focused on your personal goals and objectives. There can be an element hyper awareness as well.

For example, if you see a problem, you can't help but laser in on it. If you see something that gets in your way, you will not likely wish to avoid it. Instead, you'll be prone to address it with passion that borders along the lines of anger.

The Sun is often the symbol of our public image, as well. So, during this time, people may perceive you as being more in control of your emotions or feel you have more information than you are sharing. 

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Quarter Moon in Aquarius:

The First Quarter Moon marks the halfway point for the upcoming Full Moon. The Quarter Moon will square the Sun in the sign of Scorpio and this can bring up problems or challenges to projects that started at the beginning of the New Moon in Scorpio.

You will feel like taking an analytical approach to solve these issues and remain focused on the end goal. There's a possibility to remain objective and not allow yourself to become emotionally lost in the trenches.

You can also feel intuitively connected with resources and people who meet you on this journey to help you find new solutions that you had not considered.

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Mars in Aquarius:

Mars starts the week of in the sign of Aquarius, but on Thursday it moves into the zodiac sign of Pisces. This is a huge shift in the energy for the planet of war. It's a sense of being so close (because it's nearly reaching home in the sign of Aries) and yet, so far.

During this transit, you can perceive spiritual matters more acutely, and depending on how you feel about religion, it can be a transcendental time or one where you feel out of sorts trying to discover or readdress your personal belief systems.

Mars harmonizes with Uranus at the start of this transit and this opens up the door to doing something fresh for yourself that's both creative and different. Choosing to go in a new direction can stir the pot of your life but it can also bring new life into a dream that you might have been neglecting for too long.

Venus In Libra:


After 40 days of retrograde, Venus goes direct this week on Thursday, November 16th which can help make finding love easier because the planet of love and relationships also goes visible. You may also feel that it's easier to communicate your feelings or sense when a person is being genuine.

Venus rules multiple things in astrology — love, relationships, property, finances, career, and even partnerships and how well people will get along. During the last month or so, Venus direct could create tensions with partners whose relationship was already on the rocks.

You could have become aware of the truth of your relationship or working relationships and determined to get out of your situation. Good news is that going direct, now Venus can support positive changes in these areas of life. 

Mercury goes Retrograde:

Early this week, you may notice that some things don't go to plan in the realm of tech or travel. This can be the early tremors of Mercury preparing for its retrograde season which will last until December 6th, 2018. 

On November 16th-17th during Venus direct, as per usual, Mercury will take it's own spin as it squares Neptune as it goes retrograde which can lead to loss of ability to focus or feeling less aware of the details, and some people say this is a time when people can lose things.

The good news is that this is a wonderful time to be aware and pay attention to potential errors. From paper work that needs revision resurfacing to old loves coming back for one more conversation, you can use this transit to your advantage in preparation for a strong 2019.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries, this week's transitions empower you to move on in the areas of relationships and love. When Venus goes direct in Libra this opens the door to your love sector. You may notice that it's easier for you to engage with people on a heart to heart level.

You might find that you are in the right place at the right time for a business opportunity. You could get a job offer or starting getting responses to your resume if you send it out. This is a great week for you to make some changes and to let the past be gone.

Mercury retrograde becomes active in the area of travel and learning. There can be mishaps related to travel or to completing research where you have to make an extra effort to complete tasks. 

Mars enters your 12th House which opens the door to spiritual matters and you can become more connected to your higher power. 

Aries weekly theme song: Thank You, Next — Ariana Grande

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, Mars opens the door to friendships for you. You may meet or want to hang out with people who understand you on an emotional level and give you much needed support. 

Venus goes direct in your health sector. This is a time when you could look at your diet and exercise routine and make changes that help improve your health and energy levels.

Mercury goes retrograde opening up the door to the past. You could have a return of some sort of paperwork or a person where you need to fix a misunderstanding but one that change this for you in a positive way. 

Taurus's weekly theme song: Ocean — Martin Garrix feat. Khalid

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, your ruling planet goes retrograde in your love sector and this can mean that an old lover from the past re-enters your life in some way via text message or you could run into them when you're out. 

With Venus direct in your happiness and romantic sector, this could be a vulnerable time for you or you may perceive a run in with an ex partner as an act of faith where problems can be addressed leading to a potential reunion,

Mars enters your work sector and this can mean that you meet people at a new job or a new person starts but you don't see a problem coming when you should. Paying attention to the patterns of people's behavior can keep you on the right path.  

Gemini's weekly theme song: Oh God feat. Konshens — Era Istrefi 

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22) 

Cancer, Mars enters your adventure and desire to do something unusual sector. You may desire to try new things and to be a little less like yourself in a good way. With Venus going retrograde in the area of family, you could even surprise people that are closest to you at the sudden interest in daring activities. 

Venus goes direct in the area of your communication. It will be easier for you to connect with friends in conversation or emotionally. You may find it easier to share ideas and even create a plan for a new partnership you'd like to form. 

Cancer's weekly theme song: Girls Night Out — Charli XCX

Leo, when Venus goes direct in the area of communication, the conversations you've been having with bae can be more clear. If someone has expressed a desire for you but seems to only play games, the truth can come out and you will know what to think.

Mercury goes retrograde in your romance and playful sector. You may be more prone to take things seriously and not want to play around. In fact, playful, flirty Leo may be ready to settle down.

Mars opens the door to the past for you. There can be some internal changes that take place either caused by a disappointment that you feel strongly about or from having an awakening that came through by your meditative practice or by prayer. 

Leo's weekly theme song: Lucky Day —  Stela Cole

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo, when your ruling planet goes retrograde in Sagittarius, it can feel like you are ready to explore things if not for all the obstacles coming up in your life. From a busier schedule with changes that are unexpected that may require you to make some adjustments to planning it can be a tough transit. 

However, Venus goes direct in your 2nd house and that can open the door to more attention and prosperity in the area of finances. You may decide to ditch some things at home that you don't need or want, change furniture around to refresh the look of you home. 

Mars in your 7th House can reignite your desire for love and passion at work or even in the area of your personal life on a spiritual level. If you have creative interests you want to pursue, you can reach new levels of excellence in your work.

Virgo's weekly theme song: With You — Mariah Carey

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libra, when Venus goes direct in your first house, it can create a new desire to take care of yourself and to do things in a way that is personalized and intentional. You may find that you are self motivated and self aware, too.

Mercury in retrograde in Sagittarius this can be a time when you start to speak up for yourself and maybe even speak up in a way that surprised others with your truth.

With Mars entering your health sector, some feelings of the past can come up and help you to resolve to improve things in the future.

You may start thinking about your new year's resolutions and set a schedule in place where you'd like to changes that brings pleasure into your life. 

Libra's weekly theme song: Rare —  Ruth B. 

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio, when Venus goes direct it opens the door to your 12th house. You can find that you know someone that you didn't really recognize as playing a supportive role for you. You can make new friends who inspire you to be a better person. You can potentially come into resources that you didn't know that you had access to.

Mercury retrograde can bring you to evaluate paperwork or contracts, finances, or areas of your life that involve transportation.

Mars entering Pisces it can bring you to desire love and romance in a new way. You may get caught up in the idea of love and desire to embrace it in various forms including enjoying nature or art. 

Scorpio's weekly theme song: Told You So  —  Little Mix

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign this week and this can mean you come to realize something that was communicated but in an unclear way. There can be communication problems that affect you on a personal level. There can also be unexpected problems that come up in the past involving a trip that you took.

Mars going into the sign of Pisces opens your family sector. You can feel like you have the need to put more energy into your family-life. You may see some major changes that bring you to realize the value life and what you want for your own personal life, too.

Venus going direct in your friendship sector and this can help you make new friends or partnerships that are supportive towards your goals. You may also find new financial assistance that help you to support projects. You can be more productive and even get recognized for things that you have accomplished related to your work.

Sagittarius's weekly theme song: Meant to Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line) — Bebe Rexha

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn, when Venus opens the door to new adventures in your work sector. You can find this a great time to make good first impressions with new people. If you are working on projects, you can have successful outcomes and see your career or vocation advance. 

With Mercury going retrograde in your 12th house, someone from the past can reenter your life. You may uncover information that you overlooked before and it can bring you new insight or developments that help you to finalize a project.

Mars entering Pisces can make you more driven to do things and to make changes that have deep meaning. You may have had plans you've thought of for a while and you can feel that there's a war between your personal desires or that of others and determine to follow your heart. 

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Rich —  Maren Morris 

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius, you may feel a sense of relief once Mars leaves your sign and enters your 2nd house. This is a time when you can feel deeply connected to your work and your convictions can clash with others. 

Venus going direct you may meet people who have information or resources to share, and you may realize that you are in a position of influence. You can meet new counselors during this month where you get helpful advice or new learning experiences that help you to grow.

Mercury going retrograde can affect your friendships in that you may have to revisit old conversations. If you have some goals that you worked on but didn't complete, these may return. If you have had some financial situations that held you from completing a goal or finishing a project, this can come back up again with an opportunity to finish and finalize in the way that you wanted to.

Aquarius's weekly theme song: Beautiful — Bazzi feat. Camila Cabello

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces, when Mars enters your sign, it can feel like you are more aware of your personal needs and wants. This is a time when you can set boundaries and stand your ground. 

Venus goes direct and helps you to address issues in the past that can bring about healing and growth. You can find yourself feeling reborn or having a new take on life.

Mercury goes retrograde in your career and reputation sector. This can be a time when you feel challenged or the need to prove yourself to others. You may desire to dig into what you are doing in order to show yourself to have a competitive edge. You may be more aware of goals that you want to achieve and decide to plan to reach them by being more organized.

Pisces's weekly theme song: ​No Brainer (Official Video) ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo — DJ Khaled 

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