The Best Movie To Watch On Netflix Now, By Zodiac Sign

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The Best Movie To Watch On Netflix Now, By Zodiac Sign
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Ever wonder what Netflix movies your zodiac sign likes? Check it out!

What type of activities does your zodiac sign enjoying doing? If you don't know, then ask yourself how do you spend your time when you need to decompress? Do you read books, play video games, take a nap or is it with “Netflix and chill” (the literal one, not the pop culture one)?

Even though it’s 2018 with all of this technology around us, TV has consistently remained the most common leisure activity in America. On average Americans spend 156 minutes a week watching TV, with socializing and communicating as a not close second with 35 minutes per week. Now granted this 156 minutes is most likely including Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, etc. because you can watch those all on TV (especially if you have a smart TV).

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With that being said, what do you like to watch on Netflix? There are so many genres out there. It depends on whether you want to see someone walking away like there’s not a car and house getting blown to pieces behind them, or a couple ending up together after a series of situations that would lead us to believe they would never be together, or a drama about one of the most memorable times in American history.

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So many options and so little time it seems like, but streaming movies on Netflix is definitely affordable. Well, that means you probably should choose wisely so you don’t waste your time (or money) watching something that’ll have you pulling out your phone just 10 minutes in.

What if I told you that based off of your zodiac sign, I can tell you what you should watch the next time you log in to Netflix? It’s true, different horoscopes have different tastes, so take a look below at what your zodiac sign’s recommended movies are, using astrology.

1. ARIES (March 21-April 19)

As an Aries, you either like mellow romantic movies, high-octane action-packed films, or movies that really make you think. This is because your sign is known for its limitless energy, courage and competitive spirit. So many of the James Bond movies or “Sky High”, and “Die Hard With a Vengeance” are a good fit for you. For rom-coms, “The Break Up” and “A Lot Like Love” are solid options.

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2. TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

For the Taurus sign movies are an escape so you enjoy ones that can either give you a good laugh or make you appreciate a deep concept, or even both if possible. You typically have an old-school taste in movies as well, such as “Gentleman Prefer Blondes.” Quentin Tarantino movies are also right up your alley so if you’re going to do a movie marathon, you might want to purchase the Kill Bill collection.

3. GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

As a Gemini, you’re typically kind, affectionate and curious about all of the intricacies of this world. As a result, you like complex dramas, thrillers or mystery and suspense movies. Therefore “The Tenant” and  “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” are two movies you would fancy. You also enjoy your fair share of raunchy movies, so  “Secretary” and “Nine and a Half Weeks” are two others you’d enjoy.

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4. CANCER (June 21-July 22)

As a Cancer, you’re very much in touch with your emotions and are very intuitive. When looking for a movie or show the more drama the better. Even if you’re a guy you’ll enjoy movies like “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Love, Actually”, “Mona Lisa Smile” and “Julia.”

5. LEO (July 23-August 22)

As a Leo, you can be warmhearted, but can also be a little self-centred as well. When you’re picking different movies, it depends on whatever mood you’re in. You can go from watching a mystery, a drama, a romance or a comedy. However, you keep your affectionate side on the low so movies that are tearjerkers, such as “Love Story,” you’ll watch only here and there. Some other movies up your alley though are “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “How to be Single.”

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6. VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

You enjoy analyzing things so documentaries, science fiction, thrillers and things based off of true events fall within your taste. Movies like “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The Matrix” series are your kind of movies. Your sign also typically loves animals, so you would enjoy  “Babe”, “Ace Ventura” and “March of the Penguins” as well.

7. LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

As a Libra, you’re a hopeless romantic that yearns for harmony. You like to relax with a feel-good movie and therefore “Beethoven”, “White Tuft: The Little Beaver” and “The Adventures of Milo and Otis” are for you. “Clueless” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding” are also some classics that you’d enjoy.

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8. SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

You are known as mysterious and a lover of all things dark. However, you also like superhero and action movies. Therefore the following movies are just right for you: “The Ring”, “Scream”, “The Grudge”, “Night of the Living Dead”, “The Blair Witch Project”, “Good Will Hunting” and “Ocean’s 11.”

9. SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

The Sagittarius sign is known for two things: being adventurous and also being tough around the edges while being gentler on the inside. Therefore you can enjoy rom-coms such as “The Proposal” and “She’s All That.” For your action movie desires you also would enjoy James Bond movies such as “From Russia With Love” and “Casino Royale.”

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10. CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

The Capricorn sign is known as the family type so you like those kinds of movies such as “Finding Nemo”, “The Lion King”, “Despicable Me” and “Lilo and Stitch.” You also like science fiction movies such as “Men in Black”, “Back to the Future”, and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

11. AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)

You are known for being intelligent, artsy and philosophical. You typically like thrillers, horror as well as some science fiction movies. With that being said movies like “The Birds”, “War of the Worlds”, “Psycho” and “I Am Legend” are perfect for you.

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12. PISCES (February 19-March 20)

Pisces is intuitive, compassionate and wiser than most people their age. As long as you’re in good company you don’t care as much about the type of movie you’re watching. You, like many other signs, enjoy rom-coms though so these following selections would be to your liking: “You’ve Got Mail”, “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, “The Blue Lagoon”, and “Cast Away.”