How The Astrological Galactic Alignment Will Affect Your Life This Week

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Everything happens at precisely the right moment.

This is a week for the record books! A new moon in Sagittarius, Saturn leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn after three years, Venus moves into Capricorn, Mercury turns direct, and all of this during the peak of the galactic alignment means that whether we feel completely ready or not, big things are happening this week.

First, though, many of you may be scratching your heads saying “Galactic what?” It sounds cool, but really what exactly is it?

Astrology is really all about alignments, squares and conjunctions, very much like the math we did when we all took geometry. (I promise it is a little bit easier!) So, the Galactic Alignment is basically a precise alignment of several astrological factors that deeply affect not just physical life here on earth but also our internal cellular makeup.

This alignment is between Sirius, The Milky Way, Alcyone and Earth — essentially, they align in such a way that we feel the pull on our own internal bodies as each planetary aspect triggers and affects us in a specific way. Within the Milky Way is the Galactic Center and also our greater purpose; Sirius (ying) represents the divine masculine, Alcyone (yang), the divine feminine, and Earth is our physical bodies.

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While a lot of this sounds complicated, it’s also important to note that the alignment of these planetary aspects is identical to that of the cellular makeup of quartz crystals and structured water, which is why many of us are going to literally feel different physically over the next week or so.

So, that’s all the nitty gritty science explanation of what exactly is happening, but as far as what it actually means for us? We’re basically upgrading. We all know that when we get update our phones, sometimes they have to shut off, reboot, or even get the bugs worked out of the new systems and too many degrees that will be us within the coming days.

It seems that for so many of us, we are becoming increasingly affected by the natural world around us, which means that when we have big transits like this one; even if we don’t know why, we are going to feel it.

This will most likely manifest itself physically for us in the realm of polarities; depending upon how balanced you feel already, we could be craving more sleep or find that we are unable to. We also may feel like we can’t process anything and need to shut ourselves inside and stay under our blankets for a day. Women especially might feel this with greater emotional intensity, crying more frequently or feeling like we just can’t get ourselves together.

But there is also a positive here because it’s through the chaos that we will be tuning into ourselves and our souls without even trying. This means that in the coming week we may suddenly have that "a-ha" moment as a lightbulb turns on. We may make what appears to be sudden and spontaneous decisions when we’ve probably been going over them for months.

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It’s a time when we are not only upgrading but we also are clearing out the old, the outdated and the clutter from all of our lives. There really isn’t a better way to end 2017 than to really and truly move out of where we’ve been existing and into the light of where we want to be.

The last year was important, crucial even, and those circumstances that came before now — whether they were jobs, relationships or even friendships — were also integral to our growing and developing. But that doesn’t mean we need to carry everything around with us for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, it’s important to remember that if something about our past feels heavy, we also have to give ourselves permission to set it down.

We don’t have to continually try to remain who we were, it’s okay to set aside some things so we can feel lighter and move on with greater ease. There really isn’t a better way to end this year than to look at ourselves and our lives in terms of what weighs us down versus what gives us wings.

When we think of upgrades, sometimes we associate them with better, but in truth, it’s just different. No aspect is really better or worse than any other. No life phase is better or worse, no situation; it’s just about us growing and changing, and when that occurs we need something different.

We don’t wear the same shirt at 35 that we did at 5, so we can’t expect that the same life circumstances will always fit as well. But this week is asking us to tune into where we are in our lives right now, to think about how far we have come, how much has changed, and also give ourselves credit for making it through.

Something has shifted this month and will continue to do so within the days between now and the end of the year. We are connecting more deeply to ourselves, others, and the world around us. We are leaving behind our old storylines in pursuit of new ones, and through all of this we are coming home to ourselves.

To put it simply, what this means for real life changes is to expect the unexpected.

When we finally feel that click of knowledge edge into place, it means that we are free from whatever we used to keep ourselves small. This means that we say yes where we once only said no; we may lose the ability to save face or do things solely for the happiness of others; sudden job or relationship changes are incredibly likely as well.

It’s a time when we will just know, without question or hesitation, and we’ll move in the direction of our hearts. Because everything happens at precisely the perfect time, including waking up to the truth of who we really are. 

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