4 Signs You're A Little TOO Obsessed With Your Love Horoscope

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There's good and bad.

Do you scope out magazines just to flip to the back and read your horoscope? Do you know your birth charts and star positions?

Do you read your weekly horoscope before making any big decisions? Will you reject someone if the stars say that you two are incompatible?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you’re probably OBSESSED with horoscopes and zodiac signs.

I bet you know all your friends’ star signs and casually drop them into conversations. “Oh, she’s such a Gemini!” “Of course she would do that – she’s a Pisces.” And nothing's wrong with that!

Reading your daily, weekly or monthly horoscope, knowing astrology and all the zodiac signs definitely comes in handy when you’re dating, looking to make big life decisions or to gain a little more insight to your personality. Heck, even the White House had their own astrologer for a while.

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But when you get to the point to where you're saying, “He’s a Leo? No thanks.” “He’s a Sagittarius which means he’ll never commit. Swipe left!” ... it's determined: zodiac signs pretty much rule your life.

Can't go a day without checking your horoscope and you LIVE by what the stars say? Let’s be honest — astrology is your life. 

Horoscopes are entertaining and all, but it's totally possible to be a little TOO into them.

Do your friends constantly roll their eyes when you try to tell them about their star sign? Are you rejecting way too many people simply because the stars say you two should not date? Is your mother tired of hearing you talk on and on about how you're "a total Sagittarius" and need a lot of space?

At some point, we just have to accept that not even the most educated and "in the know" astrologer knows EVERYTHING. There are going to be some points to where you find that your life isn't exactly matching up to your horoscope — and if you find yourself stressing over why and freaking out, it's time you ask yourself if you're maybe a little too far into this.

Life has ups and downs, and not everything is predictable — not even your personality. There are times in ALL of our lives that we act out of character. It's human nature.

So if you want to know whether or not you take the stars just a LITTLE too seriously, look to the warning signs below.

You reject people based on their star sign.

When you go on dates, the FIRST thing you ask is, “What’s your star sign?” You’re not even subtle about it.

You pounce the question on your date like it’s THE most important piece of information.

When your date gives you an answer that you DON’T want to hear, then you hide your disappointment and secretly plan an escape route…   

You get excited when your horoscope says you’re meeting someone new this week.

The first thing you do when you wake up is check your phone. You glance over your texts and emails, but what REALLY gets you pumped up is your horoscope.

And NOTHING gets you more excited than when your horoscope app tells you you’re meeting someone new this week. This is definitely the highlight of your day.

You thought the week was going to be boring, but the stars had a different plan and now you literally can’t wait. You sit on pins and needles ALL week and wait for it to happen.

You use horoscopes to explain your S.O.’s behavior.

Whenever your S.O. acts out, you use his zodiac sign to explain his behavior. You say things like, “Ugh, you are such a Scorpio!” Or, “That’s such a typical Capricorn thing to do.”

You try to explain everything your partner does (in addition to every aspect of your relationship) by using star signs because the stars just know what's going to happen and why.

The first thing you do when you meet someone you like is look up their sign to determine if you're SOULMATES.

So you finally met the PERFECT person. Smart, attractive, AND funny. But wait…just one thing is missing. You don’t know his star sign.

You HAVE to know his birthday down to the clock, so you can find out EVERY little detail about his star sign. And you NEED to know whether or not his sign is compatible with yours. If not... ut oh. 

Just as it's important to ask a million questions on a first date to learn more about the other person, it's also necessary to look up your date's star sign and find out EVERYTHING you can.