These 5 Zodiac Signs Know What It's Like To Always Be The Designated Driver

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Zodiac Sign What It's Like To Be The Designated Driver Based On Horoscope
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The momma bears of astrology.

If you look to astrology and to your horoscope, it's easy to see which zodiac signs are more responsible when it comes to partying. Many of us don't think about things ahead of time — leaving the designated driving to be figured out at the end of the night — but if you're friends with one of these people, college, frat and house parties start to become a lot safer (and a whole lot more fun) to attend.

A party is a melting pot of characters. You’ve got your crazy drunks who jump off the roof into the pool, the emotional drunks who won’t stop crying ... and then you've got your responsible partiers — the momma bears of the party.

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If you have a close friend who is a “momma bear” at a party, you are in luck. At first thought, “momma bear” sounds like someone who would ruin the party atmosphere, but really she is looking out for her friends, while STILL having a good time.

She is the type of friend that stays with the group and doesn’t walk off to the closest Mickey D’s. She’s actually probably chasing after the drunky who wanted some chicken nuggets and fries.

She makes sure that everyone is having a good time and that no one gets into any MAJOR trouble.

So when you do that one thing the bouncer told you NOT to do, she will be there to back you up and talk to bouncer in a calm voice. And if everyone's ready to head home, she's either the one driving (SOBER), or the one organizing the Ubers.

This momma bear is SUPER reliable and would do anything your own mom would do. She goes to the bathroom with you, holds your hair when you are puking, and calls it a night when you get on a table to dance.

In other words, she's a godsend when things get way too crazy.

According to her zodiac sign, it's only natural for her to make sure her friends don’t do anything dumb or make any questionable decisions.

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So next time she cuts you off from drinking or says it's time to go home, respect her! She loves you and knows your limits better than you do.

So read on to find out which astrological signs know what it's like to always be the designated driver (or Uber-organizer) of your friend group — it'll make you appreciate her efforts even more (and maybe even help you to stop pressuring her to drink along with you).

She's got your back, so it's time you get hers right back.

Invite the momma bear to the next party you go to - you're gonna need her. And don’t forget to give her a Mother’s Day present! I heard she likes Fireball.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus is super reliable. If you need a ride home, someone to cry to, or someone to play be beer pong with (don't worry, she'll fill her cup with Martinelli's), she will ALWAYS be there to help you out.

She also SUPER patient and will wait in the bathroom line even though you’ve gone 5 times tonight. She is just a good friend and genuinely wants to have a good time with her friends... Even if you DO throw up on her shoes.

When she goes into mom mode, you know you will be safe. She is responsible but also stubborn and possessive. If someone is giving one of her BFFs a hard time at the bar, she will step in and protect her.

Seriously, you will definitely want her in you girl crew!

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer is the sign that will handle (with grace) the emotional drunks. She is deeply emotional and sentimental herself, so she finds it easy to connect to people on that level — even while drunk.

And you know you can’t just call up your own mom while drunk at a party, so Cancer is the sign for you. She will sit with you until all of your tears have dried. And she will even comfort random girls that are having a hard time as well.

When she sees anyone upset she wants to help and make sure they know that they are wonderful people.

So when your feelings about your ex finally pop up at a house party, she will be there to hold you when you cry and talk through all those feelings.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo is a REALLY good planner. She only does things in her specific order and it usually turns out to be a great night. (Plus, she's the one in charge of getting you home safely at the end of the night).

She might start with a pregame of caffeine and then out to the clubs, or maybe a house party (because everyone knows those are the best). But if she reads that the group is really tired, she might suggest happy hour and in bed by 10pm. (What's better than that?!)

Whatever the group does, she has a plan ready. And she’ll do a little research beforehand to make sure that the sequence of events is perfect for the group.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is going to make sure NO ONE gets in a fight about which club to go to first. Going out can be stressful because everyone has different agendas. But Libra will make sure that everyone has a good time.

She will listen to both sides and come up with a solution that will make everyone happy. She hates when the night is not harmonious and will do anything to make sure everyone is nice and drunk by the end of the night. She doesn’t want any hair pulling and she will definitely not stand for people crying or feeling left out. She just won’t stand for it!

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn is a family-oriented sign. If you are in her group for the night, you are now family.

Although she does like to get shwasted herself at times, she keeps herself in check when she's been designated safe driver for the night and ALWAYS remains a master of self control. 

She is serious and responsible, so if you are out with a Capricorn, you are in the BEST hands. She will let you have your fun, but if it gets dangerous or you start stumbling, she will be right there to catch you and call an Uber.

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