The Kind Of Bridesmaid You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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kind of bridesmaid you are
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You got this.

Everybody knows that an out-of-control bride is a bridezilla, but what do you call the bridesmaid who takes her role way too seriously?

At some point, we all are bridesmaids and usually not just the once. It can be frustrating AF to always be the bridesmaid never the bride. Having to buy a completely ugly dress in a color or style that you’d never wear, getting paired up with a groomsman that you don’t click with, and then having to help the bride (who is frantic) with whatever she needs is annoying.

Being a bridesmaid can be exhausting and, honestly, sometimes a little thankless.

I’ve had all kinds of things happen when I’ve been in a wedding, everything from getting so drunk that my mother had to come and get me in a cab to being stuck with the bride, another friend and the flowers for the ceremony in a car going up a windy road on the way to the venue that was so crazy it made me sick to my stomach. But don’t worry, I took my job seriously, got myself together and was there 100 percent for the bride.

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When you’re a bridesmaid in a wedding, it isn’t just the wedding that you have to go to — there’s the engagement party, the showers, the bachelorette party, and the rehearsal dinner. It’s more than being a visible part of the ceremony, it’s a part-time job but without the benefits.

Being a in the wedding party is a gift that you give the bride that’s more precious than a china table setting or a toaster because it’s a gift of yourself. When you’re a bridesmaid, you’re saying to the bride, "No matter what, I’m here for you."

Some women thrive on being a bridesmaid as they love showing off their talents and organizational skills, while for others it’s torture. Here’s the kind of bridesmaid you are, according to what we know about zodiac sign personality traits.

ARIES: You're the up for anything bridesmaid.
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Sometimes people actually forget that a wedding is a celebration — not you. You enjoy it all: the parties, the gatherings, the rites of passage, everything that leads up to the ceremony and beyond. You love it. Yes, it's not out of the realm of possibilities for you to have a quick fling with a groomsman. You're happiest when it's a destination wedding because that gives you an excuse to go somewhere new and have an adventure. It may not be your wedding but you make the most of it and have a fantastic time at everything.


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TAURUS: You're the self-appointed co-wedding planner bridesmaid.
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The bride is more likely to consult with you before making a decision than her own spouse-to-be. You have excellent taste and you're able to find the finest quality fabrics, flowers, and table settings for the wedding. The bride also relies on your amazing organizational skills and how you can pinpoint details that aren't right or could present a problem. You'll probably get into a number of disagreements with the actual wedding planner which will cause the bride some stress, but you're not going to back down from a fight, even if it's about place cards.


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GEMINI: You're the social media maven bridesmaid.
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There's no doubt that the happy couple already has a photographer, videographer, and even a page with everything about the wedding, but that won't stop you from Instagramming the crap of the wedding. You'll be posting on every social media outlet throughout the day. Everyone will know more about the wedding than probably the bride and groom will feel comfortable with, but it makes you happy to share the joy.


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CANCER: You're the overly-emotional bridesmaid.
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You're trying to be there for the bride with whatever she needs but when she gets frustrated or angry, you feel overwhelmed and start to cry. Weddings bring so many feelings, especially for you. You want to be 100 percent with your happiness for the bride and groom, but you can't help thinking about your ex and wondering when it will be your special day. So, you must work hard to keep it together and keep a smile on your face, but everything's so beautiful, you could just cry.


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LEO: You're the diva bridesmaid.
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You're there for your bride but it's challenging for you to relinquish the spotlight. You're the bridesmaid who has too much to drink, who makes a toast that seems to have less to do with the bride and groom than herself, and you hold up on the picture-taking because you need to feel that you look your best. Did you really just take a selfie of yourself during the ceremony? It's a good thing you've got so much confidence and self-esteem because once the video gets out of you intoxicatedly dancing, it's going to go viral.


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VIRGO: You're the problem-solver bridesmaid.
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You make sure that the bride has everything she needs, especially the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition. If something (God forbid) happens to anything that is wedding related, you're able to fix it. You give the bride help wherever she needs it from fixing her makeup to delivering a note from her to her future husband/wife. Only you would be able to create a garter from a rubber band and a plastic flower.


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LIBRA: You're the emotionally supportive bridesmaid.
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If the bride starts having the jitters, you're able to talk her down and convince her that she's not ruining her life forever, that she's marrying the person she loves best in the world, and that everything will be wonderful. You support her every step of her journey and you always picked up the phone when she had doubts about her choices. You're her rock and her future partner owes you a lot for helping get her not only to the church on time but to the alter without regrets.


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SCORPIO: You're the super-chill bridesmaid.
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Weddings don't faze you and while others are running around like maniacs, you're laid back and easygoing. You're enjoying the ride and if anything is needed of you, you're there to give it. You balance out all the wedding frenzy. You believe in love and you're happy that your friend or family member has found it. You seem to know what people need before they do and so you're able to prevent any problems before they happen.


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SAGITTARIUS: You're the hilarious bridesmaid.
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When things get tense, you're there to ease the tension by making everybody laugh. When the bridal shower seems like a one-way ticket to Dullsville, you're able to make it fun again — your one-liners regarding the gifts are hilarious. You're great at talking to people so even if everyone at your table at the reception are strangers to each other, they'll be friends by the end of the evening. If only you could be part of every wedding.


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CAPRICORN: You're the veteran bridesmaid.
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You take your bridesmaid duties very seriously. This isn't your first time at the wedding rodeo and you've learned a thing or two like insisting that the bride bring a pair of comfortable shoes to change into for the reception or to make sure there are appetizers served before the ceremony (especially if it's a long one) so that people don't get annoyed. You will make sure that the bride and the rest of the bridesmaids get to the church on time, even if it causes some tension. You know that ultimately everyone will be grateful for your diligence.


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AQUARIUS: You're the unconventional bridesmaid.
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Even if all the bridesmaids have to wear the exact same thing, you'll do something a little differently so that you stand out. Is it your choice of skull accessories or how you redesigned your bridesmaid dress? You can never look or be like everyone else even if you try. You help to keep things feeling modern and fresh. You don't think you'd have a traditional wedding if it were you getting married but if it's what they want, then you'll support them.


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PISCES: You're the overly romantic bridesmaid.
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Oh, how you love weddings, especially ones that seem like a fairytale, but not everyone agrees that a bride should arrive at the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage. You'll help the bride write her vows, and you'll probably volunteer to write a poem for the happy couple or sing at the ceremony. You'll try to stay alert but there will be times when your mind will drift off and you'll be imagining your own wedding.


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