Your Free Daily Horoscope For Friday May 19th Is Here And It's GOOOOOD!

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Best Free Daily Horoscope For Friday May 19th Is Ready And It's GOOOOOD!
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How will YOUR Friday be?


It's almost the freakin' weekend, baby and we have the best news about your day, thanks to your horoscope for Friday, May 19! 

SO much is going on for you today.

We have some excited folks who need to keep their emotions in check.

Others who may be meeting a new potential partner!

And some who just need to learn to have a little patience.

Trust in the universe and its signs.

But what are you waiting for?

Scroll down to your zodiac sign to find out what's up for Friday!


Your colleagues are going to want you to jump on their train today. 

Before you go along for the ride, make sure you are well informed.

They will be very persuasive and may even offer to buy you your lunch.

How nice is that?!

It's awesome but remember to follow your instinct.

You know what's right!

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You are wearing your rose tinted glasses today, my friend.

Everything is looking pretty awesome.

Maybe because it's Friday, or are you thinking of bigger and better things for your future?

If you take a step and fail, don't be upset.

It's a learning experience and things will get better!

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It might be in your best interest to keep your head down today and just do your work.

Sometimes silence has a louder affect than words.

There might be someone around you who wants to see you fail, so anything you do or say could be used against you.

Don't fear the worst, though. This person will move on from you.

In the mean time, get your ducks in a row so you're confident no one can plan your failure behind your back!

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Today is going to be a GOOD day for you!

Have the confidence that you know what you are doing, because you DO!

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Enjoy what Friday May 19th has to offer you.

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There's something you're working on and so close to finishing.

Before you close the file on this part of your life, make sure you've read all the fine print.

You are confident enough to know what you want and go for it.


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What is your dream?

It's time to put your two feet forward and start moving in on that dream.

As a Libra, it's hard to set boundaries but it will be necessary to do so and maintain balance in your life.

Watch for clues from the universe today. They will be loud and clear.

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As stubborn as you may be, you may need to start shadowing someone you has more experience than you.

It's the only way to learn and grow; learn from their knowledge.

If people are blocking you, don't get snappy!

Be the better person and breathe.

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Have patience today.

Things might be flying at you from all directions but just take it all in.

And at the end of the day, if you want to treat yourself to a tasty beverage, go for it.

After today, you deserve it!

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Is there a work function you're invited to?


But don't drink or get so out of touch will reality that you lose yourself.

This could be a big chance to move up in your career.

Or ... maybe you'll meet someone that you didn't expect!

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Give credit when it's due, even if it's to a person you may not particularly like. It's only fair.

If you're at work today, expect to be day dreaming ... a LOT!

But that's OK, as long as you get you work done.

You may even come up with a new journey to begin!

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Today may be the day you find out who your real friends are.

It doesn't mean something catastrophic will happen, but you'll definitely see who's there for you and who's NOT.

Keep your expectations for the weekend at bay.

You may be feeling a little excited about something, but you could be disappointed if it doesn't turn out as planned.

Stay balanced!

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If you are in a relationship, you're going to be edgy and push for your partner to open up.

Let them do it at their own pace. You'll get the answers you need in time.

But you need to be honest with yourself, too. Are you hiding anything.

When it comes to friends and lovers, now is the time to stay true to yourself.

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