The Kind Of Support Group You REALLY Need, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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This is the kind of support group you need.
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We can all use a little support now and then.

There are many respectable support groups out there for all matter of illnesses, mental health, and recovery and that’s fantastic, but sometimes I wish there were some support groups for the not-so-serious issues and for personality characteristics.

We need support groups for the silly, the stupid, and the unusual parts of our personalities because it’s important to be able to talk about whatever you need to with people who understand and won’t judge you. If there was a support group for people who obsessively love their cats, I would absolutely join.

It’s not that there aren’t any number of groups for the safety, protection, and health of cats but I want one where I could list the number of ways that my cat enriches my life. If you say how much you love cats to a non-cat person, they just write you off as a crazy cat lady, but if I had a squad of people that understood my obsession, I might not feel like a freak sometimes.

There should be support groups based on personality traits, passions, and strange fascinations — things that may not affect our health and well-being but that make us into the truly unique individuals that we are.

As humans, we seek connection to others which is why support groups can be so healthy. Like support groups, zodiac signs are a way of connecting us to others and a few make us feel as if our behavior isn’t so out there, it’s just something that individuals born under our sign do.

Anything that helps you to accept yourself is a good thing and astrology can help you do that. The stars can offer us a new way to see ourselves and the way we act, not unlike a support group. Sometimes we need to feel a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves to appreciate our own specialness.

Here's the kind of support group you need, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries need a support group for people who act first and think later.
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Do you have any fear, Aries? You seem to jump out of airplanes or hike Mount Everest with the same ease that some people have when they take their dog to the park. You love to take chances, go on adventures, and challenge yourself, and you also tend to do all that without considering the consequences beforehand. Caution doesn't seem to be a word in your vocabulary.

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Taurus needs a support group for people who believe it's their way or the highway.
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Taurus, admit it: you're not big on compromise. Once you've made up your mind, there's practically nothing that will change it. You're not known for your flexibility, but luckily, you're so wonderful in many other ways that going along with you is easy.

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Gemini needs a support group for boredom-haters.
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You're whip sharp and your mind is constantly coming up with new ideas. Gemini can play mental hopscotch like a pro and will do anything to prevent themselves from being bored, whether it's starting a new hobby weekly or going to all different kinds of social events. Death to all things dull and boring!

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Cancer needs a "freedom to feel" support group.
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There are a lot of uncaring people out there who aren't empathetic to what you're feeling and the range of emotions that you have. Sure, Cancer is constantly expressing their feelings but that's just who they are. You need a group of supportive feelers who understand that sometimes it's important to get your feelings out in order to heal.

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Leo needs an "I'm addicted to constant compliments" support group.
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It's not that you don't know your own self-worth — you do, you just like to make sure other people are aware of how awesome you are. What better way to show that than with praise? Leo, you might be a tiny bit insecure underneath all that bravado and getting evidence that you're amazing helps alleviate your self-doubt.

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Virgo needs a "research is fun" support group.
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Do you enjoy anything more than rolling up your sleeves and researching a project? Of course you do, Virgo, and analyzing the data comes in a close second. You're much more comfortable with details and data than you are with emotions, but no one is a better problem-solver than you.

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Libra needs a support group that encourages peace, love, and understanding.
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Libras just want everybody to get along and love each other. Is that too much to ask for? You can say they're crunchy granola types and they don't care. 

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Scorpio needs a support group for those who suffer from intensity overload.
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Scorpios are kind of the divas of the zodiac as they do everything passionately. Their emotions are dramatic and you never want to cross one or they will retaliate in a big way. They could benefit from a support group where they could let off some steam in a non-dangerous/toxic way.

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Sagittarius needs a "laughing through life" support group.
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Sagittarius don't like to be told what they can or can't do and they hate being tied down. They like laughing until they can't laugh anymore, traveling, and experiencing all the joys life has to offer.

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Capricorn needs a "too responsible" support group.
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Capricorns tend to work a little too hard, be too mature, and act too mature, which is why they need a support group that understands that a Capricorn needs to loosen up from time to time. You know what they say about too much work, Capricorn.

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Aquarius needs a "flying the freak flag" support group.
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The worst thing you can tell an Aquarius is that they're like everybody else; they pride themselves on being unique and unorthodox. They don't believe in groups, but if they were going to join one it would encourage freedom of thought and total acceptance of one's strange ways.

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Pisces need a support group for dreamers and artists.
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Pisces people are insanely creative and sensitive beings, but the world doesn't always understand artistic types. Since Pisces tend to be extremely imaginative and dreamy, they'd need a support group who'd give them permission to spend time in their imagination.

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