Jump Into July With YOUR Sign's Horoscope (And Theme Song!!)

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Fun, Free Weekly Work & Love Horoscope For July 3 - 9

Free horoscope for July 3 - 9. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song!

Cancer: It’s a great week to start a new project. You’re focused and driven, and nothing's getting in your way. The first few days of the week, let your personality shine and you'll see some excellent opportunities heading your way. Love heats up as the week goes on. It’s a great time to settle any ongoing feuds or amp things up in a new relationship. Money is on your side this week as well.

Things are going well, so if at any moment you feel like lashing out at someone, ask yourself: what am I really mad about? Put your claws aside for the week and revel in the positive vibes.

Cancer's weekly theme songEverything's Coming Our Way —Santana

Leo: It’s a busy, busy time for you right now. You’ve got lots of changes going on. You might be moving homes or jobs, and you’re definitely venturing on to new projects and adventures (while still keeping one foot in exisiting projects!). It'll take some of your balancing skills to get it all done, but you can!

Don’t forget about summer love — yours is heating up towards the end of the week. You want romance more than anything right now (one night stands need not apply). You’re attracting lots of attention over the weekend, so you can be picky about who gets to stroll with you at sunset.

Leo's weekly theme song: Let's Spend The Night Together —David Bowie

Virgo: You’re feeling supported by the universe this week. Your communication skills are on point and relationships are running smoothly. You're feeling extra intuitive (even more than usual), and your gut is telling you exactly what your friends need. Your love heats up midweek, so it helps that you know exactly what to say (in and out of the bedroom!). You’re a diplomat extraordinaire at work and at home, so make sure the compromises you come to are fair for all.

After what will be a busy week, you let your hair down this weekend and really shine. Try a new look and definitely keep the positive playful attitude coming! It's working for you.

Virgo's weekly theme song: All She Wants Is —Duran Duran

Libra: Love is certainly on your mind! July may start off with you sacrificing some things you want so that your love interest gets more of what they need. Frustrating, we know — but relationships go through cycles and if they’re really worth it to you, you'll have to suck it up for now knowing your future will be better for it.

The week definitely has a couple wonderful days and then a few filled with tension, but you can ride it out. Your persuasion skills are strong right now, so a compromise is possible (at work and at home). People are trying your patience on all fronts, but you can do this! Kkeep your scales even and everything will be just fine.

Libra's weekly theme song: She Bangs The Drums —The Stone Roses

Scorpio: Things are looking up this week (or at least calmer than they’ve been of late). Your loving side is dominant right now so you're feeling more nurturing than usual. Just avoid being the middle man or messenger — keep yourself out of the crossfire if you can. You might be feeling a tad unmotivated, but your energy is good so make sure you use it wisely. One you get yourself moving, you’ll feel inspired to start a new project or make a move you’ve been dreaming about.

Your love life has a lot of potential this week, but take it slow. When it comes to relationships, your own shadow scares you the most — work on that to avoid losing a great experience. Stay positive and keep moving this week. Things will work out better than you thought.

Scorpio's weekly theme song: Hat Trick —Empress Of

Sagittarius: Your Twitter and Instagram feeds are killin' it! You are your biggest advocate for your personal and professional goals. This week, your fingers are about ready to fall off from all the texting, tweeting, snapchatting and instagramming you do. You’re feeling fueled and passionate about your goals.

Love heats up later in the week, and you’re more than happy to switch over from self-promoting to swiping because you’ve got needs! Just remember: when things get a little too crazy, you may not want to get all of that on the Internet. You have a reputation to uphold (one that shines best before midnight!).

Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Wow —Beck

Capricorn: You’re charging ahead, and anyone in your way had better move it — and fast! You know you love competition and being at the top of your game, and this couldn't be more true right now. Try to stay focused, because all the excitement can leave you feeling frazzled. If you can make a plan and stick to it, you’re golden.

Though part of you wants to delve into a relationship with everything you've got, another part still wants to do its own thing for a while. Do what you need to get yourself on track, because ultimately you need to be happy with yourself before you can feel content with someone else. So whatever is calling you (yoga, work, or just socializing with the squad) follow your heart. It’s all worth it in the end.

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Step Into A World —KRS-One

Aquarius: It might feel like you’re being tested a little at the moment. You have tons of responsibility on your plate and people pulling you in a million directions. You need to prioritize before things get too tense. You’re definitely better off focusing on current relationships and projects than trying to juggle too many new things at the moment. Plus, you want quality over quantity in work and love. Substance is more important to you now than pretty flashy things, whether they be items or people.

Keep your nose to the ground and you’ll see a few opportunities surface over the weekend. You work hard and some just rewards are in sight! Try to keep your cool all week and know things will settle down a bit soon.

Aquarius' weekly theme song: Patience —Guns N’ Roses

Pisces: This week promises a lot of good things. Your communication game is on fleek and the only danger is that too many people want your advice and company right now! It’s okay to say no to some — let them fend for themselves. You can only do so much! 

Despite your drive at work and the opportunities you're faced with, remember to make some time for play and fun, too. You want to enjoy some summer romance, and the season won't last forever! You’re balancing a lot right now, but you can’t help it if everyone from work to home is vying for your attention. Just do your best and stay positive.

Pisces' weekly theme song: Crazy For You —Madonna

Aries: Kkeep it together this week! Summer vacation mode is hitting you and you certainly have less self-discipline and focus than usual. But you know if you try, you can get back in the zone!

Everyone wants a piece of you, so try to balance everyone’s needs as best you can. Keep your eyes open, because your attraction meter is red hot midweek. You are on the prowl, and now’s a great time to garner some positive attention. Just be picky — make sure people are as they appear before you decide to get serious! It’s a busy time, but you can manage.

Aries' weekly theme song: Light My Fire —The Doors

Taurus: You’re on fire right now. Your energy is off the charts and though that can be great, you need to make sure you don’t burn out or drive yourself into the ground. Moderation is key, as well as finding a balance in your life. All work and no play makes you a grumpy bull, and may upset those around you who want some of your time.

Love is hot this week, so carry some of that strong energy from the boardroom to the bedroom. Just remember: though you enjoy being the star of the show, it isn’t all about you. Take others' needs into account and everyone will be better off for it.

Taurus' weekly theme song: Hands To Myself —Selena Gomez

Gemini: You’re in a loving, nurturing mood. You want to be there for those you love, and are giving your all in many aspects of your life. Though this is beautiful, you also want to make sure people don’t take advantage and that you don’t burn out. You also need to make sure you make time for yourself! You’ve got some stellar financial opportunities this week and you don’t want to miss them because you’re too busy mothering everyone. You need to nurture yourself too!

Make time for love this weekend, and make sure you give and receive — it’s more fun that way!

Gemini's weekly theme song: Slave To Love —Bryan Ferry