What Makes A Capricorn Mad?

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What Makes A Capricorn Mad?

Born between December 21 - January 20, level-headed Capricorn may seem unbothered most of the time, but there is a boiling point.

You don't always catch them angry, but they do get mad even if they keep their feelings to themself.

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You may not realize you’ve upset a Capricorn until you must face the consequences of peeving them like being ignored or no longer trusted

Their pragmatic thinking and ability to analyze anything and everything make Capricorns good judges of character. 

Capricorn is an earth sign which can make them pretty stubborn, so once you anger a Capricorn, reconciliation won’t be easy.

To avoid making a Capricorn angry altogether, here is a list of things that upset this zodiac sign, according to astrology. 

What makes Capricorn mad:

1. Laziness

Hardworking Capricorn has an innate drive to do what needs to get done.

They are used to picking up others’ slack and going above and beyond what is expected of them.

But, they still get irked when someone seems totally unwilling to pull their own weight.

Capricorn’s modality is cardinal making them initiators, they are very motivated to start tasks and projects.

This intense drive that comes so naturally to Capricorn causes them to not understand how other people cannot have that same get-’er-done attitude.

Capricorns are more than willing to make up the work for people who need help, but if they suspect that they are being Tom Sawyered, their blood will boil. 

2. Oversharing

Capricorn can seem closed off a lot of the time due to their practicality.

Cancer, a water sign ruled by the moon, is exactly the opposite of Capricorn on the zodiac calendar.

So the expression of emotions, tied to water and the moon, doesn’t come so naturally to Capricorn.

People who overshare their emotions and lives will make Capricorn uncomfortable, even angry.

This is not to say that Capricorns are emotionless or don’t share their feelings, but there needs to be closeness and trust first to get them to open up.

People who tell their whole life story after knowing Capricorn for a second will be seen as a pest in Capricorn’s eyes.

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3. Flakiness

Capricorns’ ruling planet is Saturn making them very structured and disciplined people.

Plus their earth element also inclines the Capricorn to be steady, responsible, and reliable as well.

Flakey people really get on Capricorn’s nerves because inconsistency is so opposite to their sense of duty.

Capricorn won’t feel like they can trust someone who is around one minute and bails the next.

They may just cut you out of their life entirely if you lose a Capricorn’s trust.

Capricorn is very self-reliant.

But if they let someone into their life, they need to know that their actions and words are consistent if they are going to put any reliance or trust into that relationship.

4. Betrayal

Although betrayal would make anyone mad, Capricorns are less forgiving than most.

Betraying a Capricorn’s trust by taking advantage of them, cheating, going back on your word, etc. will get you blacklisted from their life.

Capricorn can have a high tolerance for a lot of tomfooleries, but betrayal is unforgivable to them.

Trust is one of Capricorn’s top values.

Sure, sometimes Capricorn’s high standards can often isolate them from others, but Capricorn is perfectly content being on their own.

They prefer being independent instead of having people around that they don’t find worthwhile.

If you get on a Capricorn’s bad side, there is no coming back from it. 

5. Disorder

Again, because of Capricorn’s earthiness and the ruling planet, Saturn, the structure is of the utmost importance to Capricorn.

The disarray of a place or of the structure of a life can anger the Capricorn.

Capricorn needs everything to be in its rightful place, if it is not, Capricorn will make it so.

Constantly cleaning up messes can get tiring for Capricorn, so they may end up avoiding a messy person entirely for the sake of their own sanity.

The physical or metaphorical mess can irk Capricorn to the point of them not finding it worth the effort to keep messy people around. 

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