8 Best Crystals For Capricorn Energy

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emerald and capricorn zodiac sign symbolism

If you're choosing a healing stone or energy crystal for a Capricorn zodiac sign, pick a gem that matches their personality traits.

Capricorns, born between December 22 and January 19, are earth signs represented by a sea-goat. They're known to be ambitious, realistic, goal-oriented, disciplined, and have a great work ethic. However, they can also have difficulty forgiving.

The best crystals for Capricorn complement their best traits while encouraging healing and protection in the areas of life where they might have some weaknesses.

Best crystals for Capricorn energy

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1. Black onyx

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Black onyx is a protection crystal that helps preserve personal energy while steering you clear of any negative energy.

Negative energy is absorbed into the crystal so that it doesn't transmit into your body and soul.

Also, utilizing black onyx as a crystal will help to bring on happiness and good fortune. Despite black being a dark color, it's only used for positive things within a Capricorn's life.

This crystal is a power stone. What this means for Capricorns is that it'll help you gain mental clarity to focus on the task at hand and the goals that you have for yourself.

Something to note about black onyx is that it helps to ground a Capricorn so that they don't go off the deep end when they're in an argument. This helps to bring them back to reality, so they can focus on what's being presented to them.

Black onyx can also bring out eloquence within a Capricorn, which helps with expressing one's thoughts and feelings to others about what's being discussed.

What this means for anyone that's communicating with a Capricorn is that you can expect to experience no BS with them, which is a good thing if you're seeking out honesty in your conversations.

This might lead to a confrontation, but if that happens, then let it happen.

2. Emerald

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Emerald is a dark-ish green crystal. Emerald is a healing stone that also helps with love by opening up the heart chakra.

It's also believed that an emerald can change its color when it suspects that someone's not loyal within a relationship.

It's safe to say that emeralds definitely help out with the romantic side of a Capricorn, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

While Capricorns tend to be cold due to how ambitious and disciplined they are, they too have a soft spot deep down inside of them that you probably don't know about and would want to uncover to some extent.

This shouldn't discount how a Capricorn is on the outside when you first meet them since when this first interaction occurs, you and said Capricorn are strangers, to say the least.

3. Ruby

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A ruby represents love, purity, peace of mind, mental power, courage, and persistence.

The thing with Capricorns is that they're dedicated and disciplined to the task at hand, and they're also persistent, so there's nothing in the world that could stop them from getting stuff done. Rubies also help to boost confidence within a Capricorn.

Another thing that rubies do for Capricorns is that it increases their energy.

Whether this can be taken as a positive or negative thing depends on the time of day and situation, everyone needs a little bit of energy to get through the day.

4. Garnet

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Ah, the official birthstone of a Capricorn. Wearing a garnet might as well be the best thing that a Capricorn could do since it seems to be the most protective and beneficial crystal that a Capricorn could possess.

Garnets protect against depression and negative thoughts, boost confidence, and they can help with overall clarity in a Capricorn's life.

The garnet can also help with love, improving one's imagination, and increasing passion.

Garnets also help with productivity, which is something that a Capricorn will take a liking to due to how ambitious and disciplined they are.

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5. Smoky quartz

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This stone of love helps mostly with Capricorn women and creates a healthy family with the right person.

Another thing to note about smoky quartz is that it's believed to help with a Capricorn's self-esteem, making them care less about the opinion of others — especially those of strangers.

6. Turquoise

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Not only does it boost their empathy with other people, but turquoise also increases their positive thinking.

Turquoise is a healing and protective stone that is believed to open up the throat chakra and allow for more effective communication.

7. Blue topaz

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Blue topaz is excellent for bringing peace and calmness and is beneficial for meditation.

What this does for you is it'll help to cool you off when you're feeling tense, and it'll help you to cope with those things that might be difficult to deal with when they're first presented to you.

8. Agate

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This final crystal benefits Capricorns by enhancing prudence within a Capricorn, which is something that a typical Capricorn would find to be beneficial.

The standard Capricorn is dedicated and ambitious, which means that they don't have a lot of time to waste on utter nonsense.

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