12 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up What It's Like To Be A Capricorn Woman

12 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up What It's Like To Be A Capricorn Woman
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Sometimes people get a little bit confused about the true nature of a Capricorn woman.

Sure, she has tons of amazing personality traits and characteristics. She's sure to be super-smart (maybe even a bit of a know-it-all). She's always responsible, like in the way she logs major hours at her job. And she might be a little bit more serious than many of the other people you know. But, if that's all you see in her, you definitely aren't getting the full Capricorn experience.

If you want a friend who is ride or die, you want a Capricorn woman in your life.


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If you want someone who can call out liars, someone who loves themselves and won't let their friends trash talk about themselves either, then you need a Capricorn woman at your side.

Sure, she can be blunt, and sometimes she's so traditional it can make you want to role your eyes. But if you're looking for a friend with deep values, a friend who can take it on the chin and get back up for more, a friend who isn't afraid to let others shine, then get yourself a Capricorn woman for a bestie, stat! 

To celebrate these magnificent women in all of their glorious forms, here are 12 memes about Capricorn women that perfectly sum up what it's like to be them! 

1. They are the queens of all bullstuff detectors.

"The face you make when you know you're being lied to."


2. They protect their own.

"I'm not jealous, I'm territorial. Jealousy is wanting something that's not yours. Territorial is protecting what you already have."


3. They know exactly what it means to "love yourself."

"The beach gonna get whatever body I give it."


4. They find moodiness baffling.

"When bae acts moody but you don't know what you did."


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5. They are not fans of anyone's advice.

"Thanks, but no thanks."


6. And they're not too keen on trusting others with their deepest feelings.

"I don't always trust people, but when I do, they give me every reason not to."


7. Alone time is something they need. 

"When your friends ask you to go out but you'd rather Netflix and chill solo."


8. Brutal honesty is the only kind of honesty they know. 

"I'm just being honest."


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9. This are thick skin personified.

"Not sure if I have thick skin or no feelings to hurt."


10. No one can match them when it comes to working hard! 

"40 hour work week? I remember my first part time job." 


11. They are true friends to the end.

"They just don't understand our special friendship."


12. For Cappy women, routine = the best thing ever. 

"I love routine. Until I'm bored. Then I love excitement. Until I'm overwhelmed. Then I love routine."


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