Your Horoscope (+ Happy Hour MUST-HAVE) For Thursday, November 19

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Your free daily horoscope for Thursday, November 19.

There's only one day left until the weekend. You know what that means? Thirsty Thursday! Grab a couple friends, your boo or the nearest glass of wine — depending on what your horoscope predicts, of course — and prepare for a wonderful day.

Scorpio: Your love meter is fired up and DAMN it’s through the roof! You love being the center of attention, which is perfect ‘cuz today you will be. Single peeps, it’s a good night to go out and flirt, have a date… or two. Coupled up? Get rid of any stress from the day with a couple’s massage or bubble bath.

Scorpio's Happy Hour must-have: Fireball, the only liquor as fired up as you are.

Sagittarius: You’ve been feelin’ yourself lately and your energy is high! Birthday celebrations are headed your way and today is a good day to start working on resolutions for your new personal year. What are your big dreams? Goals? Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve, get started now!

Sagittarius' Happy Hour must-have: Vodka + Redbull — you've got wings, my dear!

Capricorn: FINALLY you get the chance for the family time you’ve been hoping for. Whether it’s quality time with your parents, BFFs, pets or even coworkers, it’s a team kind of day. Strength in numbers! Plus, you could use the company. You’ve been working hard and it’s time for some R&R.

Capricorn's Happy Hour must-have: Long Island Iced Tea, because it takes some real team work from these alcohols to make a drink so damn delicious.

Aquarius: If you’ve been on the outs with someone, today is the day to reach out and make it all better. You’ve just got that special something about you right now which will keep everything running smooth. Even doing bills (ugh, we know) today will be easier than most days. Note: we said easier… NOT easy.

Aquarius' Happy Hour must-have: Irish Coffee — as smooth as you, but not too strong: you've got some work to do!

Pisces: You’ve got an incredible day ahead — f*ck yeah! You’ve got that animal magnetism in the boardroom and in the bedroom. You’re swimming upstream today, Pisces! Making waves and riding them. Seriously though, one of your best days all week. Don’t waste it in front of the TV.

Pisces' Happy Hour must-have: Champagne — you gotta celebrate your amazing day!

Aries: If your life was a movie, today is the scene where music’s blasting and you’re training hard. You’re workin’ up a sweat and givin’ it your all and then BAM! Sh*t happens. It might seem like things are going all wrong, but you love a challenge — and you know you’re the champ.

Aries' Happy Hour must-have: Whatever's on tap... a rough day calls for the basics.

Taurus: You woke up feeling like going all out this morning — and it isn’t even the weekend! Look forward to a good day at work (share the good vibes with your coworkers) and don’t be surprised if bae has something special planned. Today is all about your appetite — real, and otherwise (wink, wink).

Taurus' Happy Hour must-have: Tequila — hey, we said you feel like going all out!

Gemini: Take it easy on the PDA, Gemini. We get it, you’re feeling frisky and you want to play — but people are throwing shade today. You can still get a little flirtatious… try some flirty texts instead of a sloppy kiss. Plus, it’s kinda fun to let the tension build until you’re behind closed doors then… well, you know.

Gemini's Happy Hour must-have: Cosmopolitan, the flirtiest drink in all the land.

Cancer: Game night anyone? Skip on happy hour and call together some of your faves. Fire up your seamless app and order in! Coupled up? Turn game night into date night: add a couple cocktails and you just turned Twister into a sexy night of fun!

Cancer's Happy Hour must-have: Rum & Coke — perfect for a night in. Easy to make, easier to drink.

Leo: Hair toss, bend anddddd snap! Strut out into the world with that smile you woke up wearing and share the good vibes. Not sure if it’s because it’s Thursday or because you’re just plain awesome, but you feel damn good. *kissy face emoji*

Leo's Happy Hour must-have: Mimosa, because nothing says good vibes that champagne and OJ (who said it's just a brunch drink?)

Virgo: Your creative fires are burning. Now’s a PERFECT time to plan a romantic date. Whether you go classic (homemade meal by the fireplace?) or straight for seduction (full body massage?), you can’t lose. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little tense — we’re betting you find the perfect way to channel it.

Virgo's Happy Hour must-have: Red wine — romantic as all get out.

Libra: Killin’. It. All. Day. People are vibin’ you. Your phone is blowin’ up. But put Tinder aside ‘til you get your work done. Speaking of work, great days ahead. All this excitement makes you want to hit the gym or go for a run to clear your head — you’ve got lots of options to choose from.

Libra's Happy Hour must-have: Water. What!? You can't go for a run if you're tipsy!