EVERYTHING You Need To Survive This Tuesday (Says Your Zodiac Sign)

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Your free daily horoscope for Tuesday, November 17.

Tuesday: possibly the only day of the week that's Mondayer than Monday. Sure, you got one day out of the way but like... there are still 4 days left in the work week! 

We're not surprised if you woke up feeling a little down this morning, but chin up! Take a look at your horoscope for today and we bet you'll find you have nothing to complain about.

Scorpio: You’re totally on it today, and we’ll be damned if you didn’t just sell that pitch! Everything’s flowing smoothly for you today, and you’re giving it your all. Treat yo’ self! A back massage, a mani-pedi... a little self-pampering goes a long way today.

Sagittarius: You’re a hot ticket, you archer of the zodiac! Who do you want to hit with your arrow? Because tell ya what… Cupid let you borrow his for the day. Already involved? It’s the PERFECT night to rekindle the spark — even if it’s just hot cocoa by the fireplace, it’s still good times with bae ;)

Capricorn: You’ve been putting that deal or compromise off, but today’s the day to go for it. Your money instincts are on point and you know how to strike a bargain. Maybe it’s for that purse you’ve been eyeing, or something work-related. Either way, you got this. It’s smooth sailing for you for a few days — enjoy it!

Aquarius: You’re always all for peace and harmony, and today is no different. You’re beaming from head to toe and you just love everybody — and everybody loves you! Time to plan the family holiday card or get your gift list going. But make sure to put yourself on that list, you’ve been good this year… for the most part ;)

Pisces: Did somebody say teacher’s pet? Because, YUP! That’s you right now. The boss just loves you and you can do no wrong, but that’s because you’ve been doing everything right — so enjoy this! And don’t worry, your peers aren’t jealous because they know how much you do for them too. Swim in the sea of appreciation today. It’s nice, isn’t it?

Aries: You’re known for focusing on one thing at a time. Right now, it’s your social life taking center stage. Can we get a personal assistant over here? Time to make Siri your go-to gal, trust us. You’re gonna need her to manage that cal!

Taurus: You may be feeling a little bit of stress today, so easy on the caffeine. Remember: all is well in the grand scheme of things, you’re just in a tiny rut. If people are extra critical and negative today, eff ‘em!. You’re a bull, a freakin’ bull. Don’t let ‘em get to you.

Gemini: Helloooo, Positive Polly! You’re upbeat today, but might feel a little ‘ugh’ for a brief moment (like, when that alarm goes off — UGH), but it’ll pass. So much is going your way, you’re not gonna let anyone ruin your day. Keep your eyes and ears peeled because there’s a great opportunity in the air today. Woot, woot!

Cancer: And… Action! Change doesn’t happen on its own (who’re we kidding, you know that). That sprinkle of discomfort you feel, that’s your gut telling you it’s time to make those changes you have on your mind. Stop thinking and start doing. Baby steps… it’ll happen.

Leo: Hi, popular! How many friend and follow requests did you get today from old and new friends? Who can keep up? All apps are open and you are the social media ruler. Just remember to also make time for the people in your real life too. Accept an in-person dinner invitation. Your fingers need a break anyway.

Virgo: We know how OCD you can be, and today has you a little more on edge that usual. Take a deep breath, and RELAX! Take that tension and put it to work. You’ve got some ideas brewing, and focusing on the best for others. You know what? It’s time to work that hard for yourself.

Libra: You know when you’re out and you notice that person and your heart starts to beat a bit faster and you want to look as much as you don’t want to look? Oh, the agony! But today? “I should have” is NOT in your vocab. It’s high time to make yourself known (and it’s very likely they feel the same way).