Your Inner #GirlBoss, Based On Your Horoscope For November 16

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Your free daily horoscope for Monday, November 16.

And just like that, it's Monday again. Sure, you have a full week ahead of you — but what if that week is full of all great things?

Good news: it very well may be. Take a look at today's horoscope and find some inspiration from your zodiac sign's #GirlBoss to find out what you should expect (and if you should hit that snooze button just one more time).

Scorpio: Easy commute to the office? Check! Being the G that you are at your work meeting? Check! Passing that test with flying colors? Check! Catching up with your bestie? Check! You’ve got a lot on your to-do list today, but don’t stress — you’ve got it covered. Monday? Check!

Scorpio's #GirlBoss: Glee's Quinn, in her 'Skanks' Era

Sagittarius: You’re up and you’re raring to go. Spinning class or a morning tumble in the sheets, you decide — maybe even both. You’ve got the energy and people are into it. Your posse is in position getting your back all day long. Take that, Monday!

Scorpio's #GirlBoss: Taylor Swift as Catastrophe

Capricorn: Shine bright like a diamond! Hand out the sunglasses to your adoring fans because you are that fabulous today. New It hair, new It outfit, new venture, new job, new class, you’ve got this. Today, you’ve got the Midas touch. With all that gold and bling in the air, how can you not feel like a star?

Capricorn's #GirlBoss: Rihanna in 'Diamonds'

Aquarius: You got the call back, you made it to the next round of interviews, your new crush has an amazing date planned. Yes, more money may be on the horizon but don’t go using that plastic like it’s free; you’re still paying for this so keep your finances in order. And though you love to help a pal out, don’t go overboard lending out all your stuff. You kinda need the shirt on your back, you know, for that interview or date.

Aquarius' #GirlBoss: Beyoncé in 'Run'

Pisces: You’ve get pep in your step and you’re humming along to your new fav song. It’s a good day to get out whatever feelings you’ve been keeping inside. People will be more understanding than you think, and you can’t stuff everything inside forever! Spell it out in emojis! Lighting bolt, tearing up smiley face, purple heart, and angry kitty cat. They will know what you mean!

Pisces' #GirlBoss: Miley Cyrus being Miley Cyrus

Aries: Did you just make it onto The Apprentice? Maybe not, but work is on the brain today. Just to be safe, go about your day as if the cameras are on you. They might as well be… today is not the day to mess up! You can let loose tonight… in your sexy lace nightie. You won’t mind when eyes are on you then.

Aries' #GirlBoss: Britney Spears in 'Work B*tch'

Taurus: ROAR like a dungeon dragon, Taurus! Pumped and feeling good today, you plow through your tasks and ravish your lover later. Pop some vitamins, though, because you definitely don’t want to lose steam tonight.

Taurus' #GirlBoss: Katy Perry slaying in 'Roar'

Gemini: Yes you can! Make those dreams a reality today. File things away at work, get that business plan going then run out and meet that cutie for some gourmet pizza and wine at your fave Italian spot. Hey Monday, you’re alright!

Gemini's #GirlBoss: Jennifer Lawrence, when she just wants to know where the pizza is

Cancer: You knew it! You just had a feeling! And your gut was right. So make that investment today, try your luck, and give that hottie a minute of your time. You know it will all be worth it. And if your gut says order in and binge on Netflix, then you know that’s the right thing to do!

Cancer's #GirlBoss: Gloria from Modern Family

Leo: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Leo. In between all the accolades today, find time to lay down some plans for your future. Ideas put into motion now will make for a lush jungle in the future, and we know you like your luxury and labels.

Leo's #GirlBoss: Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens

Virgo: Things are moving along nicely today and looking good, including you! Damn, you’re turning heads and you are feeling frisky and fun. Singles, try a new meet up or game night out. You’re bound to impress.

Virgo's #GirlBoss: the always impressive Emma Stone

Libra: You love “love,” and today, “love” loves you back. You’re feeling good and lookin’ good and people feel ya Libra! If there was a picture in the dictionary next to good vibes today, your photo would be there! Now give ‘em a wink and a smile, will ya?

Libra's #GirlBoss: certified badass Ruby Rose in Orange is the New Black