What TODAY Has In Store For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Your free daily horoscope for Monday, November 9th.

Another weekend gone, another long Monday ahead! Sure, it seems like Friday is light years away. And yeah, maybe it is — but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this beautiful week! 

It's time to pause and take a breather, zodiac lovers. Check out your daily horoscope for Monday, November 9th, 2015 and see what the stars have in store for you today.

Horoscope for Monday, November 9, 2015:

Scorpio: Everyone hates Mondays, right? Not you. Not today! It’s still your birthday month and the universe is giving you the gift of a kick ass week. You’re feeling strong, energetic, and sexy (but there’s nothing new about that, is there?). While you run circles around everyone, be sure to give a an occasional shout out to that lazy coworker who’s always wearing her coffee on her face, the Karma will come back twofold. Opportunities abound for you at work and in the bedroom, perhaps it’s time to give those dating sites another chance? Go get ‘em, birthday beast.

Sagittarius: You have incredible energy today, Sagittarius! You’re thinking … when don’t I? We know, but for a usually dreaded Monday, you’re on fire! You’re using that archer bow and arrow to spread good cheer around and making the best out of every situation. Traffic jam …. so what? More time to dance to your favorite tunes in the car. No groceries? Even better! Order pizza and tomorrow when you wake up, you’ll wonder why it’s not Saturday because your Monday was like everyone else’s Friday!

Capricorn: Hey, hey there mountain goats! Another Monday, another day to rise to the top. Definitely a good career day for you, but when isn’t it? You’re the hard worker of the zodiac. But be a bit more careful today, people will be watching you closer than normal. If you were thinking of embezzling funds for your retirement,“borrowing” from someone’s snacks in the break room, or meeting up with with that hottie in the copy room for a quickie … trust us: today is not the day.

Aquarius: We know how much you usually hate Monday, but it’s actually not going to be a horrific day (huzzah!). You’ll get through those long-winded emails from you-know-who at the office without a single eye-roll. To reward yourself for good behavior, grab a bottle of champagne on the way home and relax in the tub with some candles and bubble bath. Invite a special someone over to join you. This Monday the best deal you might close will have nothing to do with your job. ;)  

Pisces: You are feeling fairly calm today, especially for a Monday. The waters for you are moving along very nicely taking you for an easy swim. You won’t find any crazy waves today and your internal strength is at its peak. When that coworker (groan) starts complaining about something stupid like the nearly vacant vending machine, transfer a candy bar to their desk to shut them up. Then say your inner mantras and sip your peppermint tea knowing you made Monday your bitch without being a bitch at all!

Aries: Well, well, well, lucky you! It looks like Monday is actually going to be one of your best days this week! You’re attracting people to you like a Hemsworth brother in every aspect of your life. Today might be a day where that person you’ve been flirting with  begs you to take them more seriously and (gasp!) settle down. You’ll think about it after your mani pedi and drinks with friends. If you’re attached, then maybe it’s a recruiter eyeing you for a new role. One thing is for sure, you are in high demand today.

Taurus: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the strongest of them all? It’s you, you sexy bull. You’re feeling vital and confident today, grr! All the right people are paying attention, your meetings are going well, you’re acing every single test, and people are just super into you today in general. If you need to unwind at the end of the day, take your energetic self on a hike or pick a worthy mate and exert that physical energy elsewhere … in private.

Gemini: You have big plans today to completely redecorate your apartment in between writing your sordid memoirs while giving your best friend a makeover (whew!), the difference? Today you’ll actually get it all done. As usual, you’re full of stellar ideas and today looks like the right day to pitch that one you’ve been holding off on. Just be your fun-loving, witty self and people will be clamoring for a moment of your time. Practice your regal wave, but while you elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist remember to also flash that big smile at the adoring public.

Cancer: It may be another Manic Monday, but you have all the tools to conquer it. Your thinking cap is on and charged so you’ll only need one cup of coffee today, no more. Organize your home with some of that fuel because you will be spending a lot more time there this week. Of all the zodiac signs, you’re happiest to hear this! If you live in a studio, just get creative about how to make that one flat surface go from desk to dinner table to bed for two.

Leo: Sometimes the ruler of the jungle has to put their subjects first and that’s exactly what’s happening now dear Leo. Your home and family is important today and they are demanding a lot of your energy. Make sure you get a cat-nap in there because you also have good aspects for new opportunities and you’ve been looking for a better gig to support those you love. Roar away!

Virgo: Feel that funky music today Virgo. Your energy is good, you’ve got a silver tongue and it seems the universe wants you to feel like you’re winning the slots at Vegas. This doesn’t mean carelessly spending your nest egg (like you would even consider that) but it does mean you should keep your eye out for new money making opportunities. If you’ve been meaning to ask for that raise, today may be the day!

Libra: So it seems today you’ll achieve what you’re always aiming for: You’ll be in perfect balance. Though the paparazzi may be harassing you, you’re remaining emotionally grounded. Deep down you may be thinking on what new designer outfits you’re purchasing this week, but you’re also aware that the bag you’re eyeing won’t really fulfill your inner desires, but it will fit your material possessions into a beautiful accessory! Hey, who says you can’t meditate inside your walk-in closet?