Monthly Love Horoscope, February-March 2011: Passion, Fun & More

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The Sun moves into Pisces, bringing big changes to your love life this February and March.

The Sun moves into Pisces on February 18, to be joined by Mars on the 22. What does this mean for your love life? Glad you asked!

Since late January you've been living with Aquarian energy, which is the perfect for the dead of winter—Aquarius is intellectual, detached, and highly independent. Now, with spring just around the corner, it's time to start focusing on your emotional needs. Entering Pisces means people will be a lot more available, especially for love. Spring Cleaning Your Love Life

If you're single, expect some romantic chaos as winter ends and people burst into spring heart first, mind last. After the restricted, drama-free energy of the past months, you're in for some exciting changes.

If you are in a relationship, expect your partner to be even clingier than usual. You may need to buy an oxygen tank to get yourself some breathing room, because watery, fishy Pisces will submerge your love life in with intense, loving emotions.

There are a lot of other changes afoot this month, too. Major, era-defining shifts will be pushing everyone towards greater adventure and spontaneity. So let's see what the stars have in store while the Sun transits Pisces...

Set your course on adventure, your mind on a new romance. On March 11, Uranus moves into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, starting a whole new 84-year cycle. Uranus changes sign once every seven years, so this is really the start of a whole new era. It's now time for love to be based on passion and adventure. If you've felt blocked or bored, get ready for some fun!

Embrace independence. The other major shift this month happens when the Nodes move from the Cancer/Capricorn axis to Gemini/Sagittarius on March 3. The Nodes are about aligning yourself with your true karmic journey, so expect to discover the lighter side of life via adventure and exploration. Only by truly enjoying your own life will you find a partner to share that joy.

Take a risk on love. On February 20, Mercury, Mars and Neptune join forces, pushing you to take risks in romance. You know that hot guy you've had your eye on forever, the one who makes you tongue-tied whenever he's around? Stop daydreaming and ask him out! You have nothing to lose, and can at least move on if he says no. But, of course, there's a good chance he'll say yes...

Take a Zen attitude or things may spiral out of control. On February 25, Jupiter squares Pluto. This is a rare energy, as it happens only twice every 12 years, and it truly packs a wallop. Whatever you do, don't get sucked into game-playing or control grabs. Chill out and use logic to detach yourself from the drama. A Psychic Tells Us How To Eliminate Drama

Plan the perfect date night. The New Moon in romantic Pisces makes March 4 an amazing day to go on a date, seek out new love or take a relationship to the next level. March 10, when Venus sextiles Jupiter, is also a great date night. Everyone will be up for fun and love will flow, unblocked and free.

Be spontaneous on March 9th, when Mercury conjuncts Uranus. The quirkier and wilder your ideas, the more you'll turn him on.

Make a commitment. Venus, the planet of love, trines Saturn, the planet of stability, on March 14. There's no better date to get married, engaged, or become "official." Couples formed under this energy will be both long-lasting and romantic.

Avoid fighting. March 18 brings potential conflict to your love life. Mercury is opposing Saturn, so you'll notice your partner's unreliability and forget all their admirable qualities. Put off confrontation for another day.

End bad relationships. The full moon on March 19 will help you put an end to toxic situations. If you haven't had the courage to make the changes yourself, the energy on this day may finally push you over the edge towards transformation. 20 Shocking Breakup Statistics

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