Your Romance Archetype And How It Affects Your Zodiac Compatibility, Based On Your Sign

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romance archetypes by zodiac sign

Have you ever met someone you're physically attracted to only to get instantly turned off by their behavior? How about finding yourself insanely attracted to someone who you never thought would be your type? Your zodiac sign's romance archetype may be at play here.

Archetypes enable us to digest complex subjects like personality features and romantic compatibility through easy-to-understand stories and tropes. Your sun sign romance archetype in astrology is the same. It can help you understand why you approach love and relationships in a certain way (as opposed to others), what gets you hot and heavy, what turns you off, and how to use this knowledge to find your soulmate.

Here's your romance archetype, based on your zodiac sign



Aries romance archetype: the chaser

The romance archetype of straightforward Aries is that of The Chaser. Aries Sun sign folks are naturally good-natured and find delight in a wide range of interactions and experiences. But once they fix their sight on someone and decide they want to be in a relationship with them, there's no going back. Aries can develop tunnel vision and will move heaven and earth to interact with the person they have fallen in love with.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who like to be chased, like Libra.

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Taurus romance archetype: the sensual

The romance archetype of trusty Taurus is that of The Sensual. Taurus Sun sign folks are naturally peace-loving and indolent. They like to spend time with their loved ones and engage in activities that bring them comfort and routine. They don't like to explore too much unless the new people and experiences occur in safe spaces where they feel at home. It's the same in love and romance. They like to take things slow and express their desire through glances and secret touches. The slow-burn romance is their favorite because the closer and more comfortable they get with their partner, the more bold their desires become.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who love the art of seduction, like Scorpio.

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Gemini romance archetype: the manic pixie

The romance archetype of flighty Gemini is that of The Manic Pixie. Gemini Sun sign folks are extremely animated in everything they do and are known for their expressive faces and fast-moving hands as they talk, and talk, and talk. When they fall in love, they fall hard and fast and all at once. And because of their incredibly animated personality, very few people can resist their charms, although the life span of such dalliances are often short-lived.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who are interesting in their own right but bring something varied to the table, like Aquarius.

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Cancer romance archetype: the spouse

The romance archetype of loveable Cancer is that of The Spouse. Cancer Sun sign folks are not interested in one-night stands beyond the short experimental phase during their teenage and youthful years. They care deeply and want to be cherished in love. They may take a while to get to the point and fear rejection like the plague, but once they commit to someone the relationship quickly turns into something a lot like marriage, whether the partners are married or not.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who value intimacy and genuine bonds of love, like Virgo.

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Leo romance archetype: the love-of-a-lifetime

The romance archetype of regal Leo is that of The Love of a Lifetime. Leo Sun sign folks are larger than life. They love to laugh and live to the fullest and have an extremely generous and loving heart. But they want the same intensity and dedication back from their partner, if not more. This makes relationships with a Leo absolutely unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime, the-one-that-got-away kind of affairs.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who live for romance and fantasy, like Sagittarius.

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Virgo romance archetype: the observer

The romance archetype of practical Virgo is that of The Observer. Virgo Sun sign folks are incredibly observant and detail-oriented. They are also finicky about cleanliness, hygiene, and good health (especially a clean sexual history from the doctor's office). It may not be everyone's cup of tea, since they prefer understated romances, but when they fall in love, they will remember everything about you. Of course, all this heightened perusal often leads to conflict and fights too.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who want something solid for the long haul and would rather be in touch with reality than lose their heads in the clouds, like Capricorn.

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Libra romance archetype: the runner/the coquette

The romance archetype of socialite Libra is that of The Runner or The Coquette (depending on their gender identity). Libra Sun sign folks are extremely level-headed and love to socialize and know the who's who. But they sometimes take too long to make up their minds because they don't like to burn bridges or close any doors by being too hasty. This personality is evident in their love affairs as well where they prefer to be the one who is pursued and wooed. Of course, that doesn't mean they are cold and stay aloof, they are good at flirting and inviting the attention of the person they desire. But this also means they are turned off by people who don't take a hint or don't take no for an answer.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who love to pursue and play the game of seduction, like Gemini.

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Scorpio romance archetype: the seducer/the siren

The romance archetype of intense Scorpio is that of The Seducer or The Siren (depending on their gender identity). Scorpio Sun sign folks are incredibly secretive and love to observe people and situations before they make themselves known. They also get very obsessed and can fixate on someone or something for an entire lifetime. This makes them extremely intense to engage with in romantic situations. They love to be the one who controls romantic encounters without their crush realizing that they are being stalked and observed or being drawn inexplicably to them.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who love to feel like the center of attention or the Sun in the Scorpio's universe, like Taurus.

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Sagittarius romance archetype: the charmer

The romance archetype of honest Sagittarius is that of The Charmer. Sagittarius Sun sign folks are known for being straightforward and not having a filter. They are also brash, loud and love learning about new people, places, things, and more. They cannot be tied down to one place for too long. In love, they are open and honest about their feelings right from the get-go, but they don't like playing games for too long.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who are just as straightforward as they are, like Aries.

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Capricorn romance archetype: the stoic

The romance archetype of charismatic Capricorn is that of The Stoic. Capricorn Sun sign folks do not settle down right off the bat with just about anyone. They have their goals and priorities in life, and even if they were to engage flirtatiously with someone, they won't pursue them unless they are certain that the relationship will add value to their lives and bring them joy instead of dragging them down to the pits of hell. This calculated approach to love is why Capricorns like to be part of a power couple relationship. And once they commit, it becomes apparent that for all their hardness on the outside, they are pretty soft and cuddly on the inside.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who can understand the big picture and are conscious of their place in society, like Cancer.

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Aquarius romance archetype: the oddball

The romance archetype of eccentric Aquarius is that of The Oddball. Aquarius Sun sign folks are humanitarian, future-focused, and progressive. They have hobbies and interests that most regular people don't. And their love interests and relationships are odd too in a lot of ways. Some can say that these individuals are very sapiosexual and need to fall in love with a person's mind first before they fall in love with their heart.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who are broad-minded and are open to new experiences and unconventional ways of thinking, like Pisces.

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Pisces romance archetype: the star-crossed lover

The romance archetype of dreamy Pisces is that of The Star-Crossed Lover. Pisces Sun sign folks always have one foot in this world and one foot in the beyond. They are unconventional but do not come across as so until you notice their creative talents and get to speak to them one-on-one, which can be a task in itself as they are also very introverted. When they fall in love, they love to build castles in the sky and daydream about their crush instead of actually doing anything to pursue the relationship. But they don't mind being pursued themselves.

This romance archetype is most compatible with individuals who are larger-than-life and incredibly creative themselves, like Leo.  

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