The Ultimate Power Couple Match For Your Zodiac Sign

These pairs will take over the world.

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You've seen that couple. Heck, we all know at least one of them.

They're the couple that has been together for so long, you don't recall a time where they weren't together. They're the couple whose personalities are either too similar or too different.

They're the couple that, from the outside looking in, don't look like they fit but they just... do. And the same could be said for the zodiac power couples in astrology.


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One way to determine if a couple is truly compatible and get along on a deep level is to look at their zodiac signs. Astrology influences our personalities, so it's natural for us to be attracted to other signs of a similar or opposing personality.


Curious to see which signs make up those couples you'll always envy? Just take a look at these seven couples you wish you could be in.

7 Zodiac Power Couples

1. Taurus and Cancer

Stubborn, loyal Taurus and emotional Cancer are both caring and kind to others. This means they will be caring and kind to each other in a relationship.

They are the kind of couple who are so passionately in love with each other, it makes the other signs jealous.

2. Gemini and Aries

Gemini and Aries are independent in nature, but also enthusiastic. Aries' sense of adventure is indulged by Gemini, so moments with one another are never lacking in excitement.

Aries and Gemini are more likely to try new things because they have a partner-in-crime.


3. Leo and Leo

That's right, Leo's perfect partner is someone as confident and ambitious as themselves.

Since Leos are naturally encouraging, this is the couple who will motivate each other in anything. They will treat the other as a king or queen, and will never settle for less when it comes to each other's happiness.

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4. Virgo and Virgo

Much like Leos, Virgos find comfort in other Virgos because they match their logical and analytical mind. They both take comfort in plans and schedules.

Although they may not outwardly show their affection like other signs, they don't have to — they already know what the other is feeling.


5. Libra and Capricorn

Libra and Capricorn are a classic example of "opposites attract" that actually works. Libra loves being social and around people, while Capricorn prefers solitude and independence.

Libra is easygoing, talkative, and lazy; Capricorn is stern and distrusting, but hardworking. This is exactly why Libra's upbeat nature can loosen up Capricorn, and Capricorn can encourage Libra to work harder. They balance each other out!

6. Scorpio and Sagittarius

Independence is a trait that Sagittarius and Scorpio both have in common, and it ends there.

Scorpio is grounded, but Sagittarius is restless. Scorpios tend to feel their emotions in full force, whereas Sagittarius contain them.


But when it comes to love, both are wary and protective of their hearts. This is the couple who isn't attached at the hip; they give each other enough space to be on their own.

7. Aquarius and Pisces

Even though Aquarius is independent where Pisces is dependent, their creativity and imagination bring them together.

Pisces, though guarded at first, loves to talk about the subject of their interest, and Aquarius loves stimulating conversation. Aquarius is also spontaneous, which Pisces secretly loves.


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