The Type Of Psychic Abilities You're Most Likely To Have, Based On Your Moon Sign

Looking to your Moon sign can help you tap into your psychic gifts.

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Because the Moon's energy is tied to emotions, this placement can be a gateway to learning how to connect with your intuitive side. Each zodiac sign and element can show us how to connect with this side and enhance our abilities. Psychic-type placements in the natal chart are usually synonymous with the water signs or having planets in water-ruled houses, but the other elements also have their own potency and charm behind them. 


Another factor that can help us uncover some psychic traits is the Moon’s placement in our chart. Each house and element will have a new story about the native’s abilities.

The type of psychic abilities you're most likely to have, based on your Moon sign

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Air Moons Gemini, Libra and Aquarius: clairaudience, claircognizance and clairalience

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Air weaves a story; it connects us with one another and it helps us communicate. The charm and power that comes with this element is how it can break relationships, create peace and seduce with its words. Air brings everyone together. The Moon in air signs knows how to form a pact and push others to their intellectual limits. Because communication is their weapon, they can cause significant problems with their words and they can almost function as incantations. 

The Moon in Gemini thinks rapidly, trying to make sense of the world around them. Their words also hold power. How they feel can make them see patterns and see ahead, almost as if they can expect an outcome of a situation to manifest. The Moon in Aquarius can read the emotions of others. The closer the connection is with others helps them to stay in the know, which can usually cause them to either get closer or retreat. The Moon in Libra’s intuitive side shines through in relationships. They will have a telepathic-type connection with the people around them, which can impact their moods, similar to water signs.

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Earth Moons Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: clairsentience, clairalience and clairgustance

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Patient and calm, the earth element knows that to develop mastery in a subject or craft — time becomes their mentor. Disciplined and focused Earth Moons are the builders of the zodiac. They understand the importance of planting seeds and becoming one with the world around them. Their psychic abilities lie in the creation of their routines. 

These are the healers. Their hands can be medicinal, especially with the Taurus Moon, a beautiful placement where the Moon is exalted. The native may be gifted in food preparation, and their warmth and passion, especially when making something for others, can be curative, a food that nourishes the soul. On the other hand, the Capricorn Moon is a healer in their own right, a protective and caring figure for those privileged to receive their guidance. Because their sister sign is Cancer, they can also feel the moods and emotions of others, making them sensitive to the people around them. Lastly, Virgo Moons are known to have premonitions that can make them anxious about their connections with others. The Virgo Moon will be the one to assist, channeling the opposing forces from their sister sign, Pisces, giving them an edge when it comes to psychic abilities and power.

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Fire Moons Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance

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When we think about fire, there is magnificence in how it can destroy but also create. Those with fire Moons start the show with their spark. Their confidence is their force, their charm, and their optimism. 

The Moon in Aries is the fearless champion whose optimism can open doors because they can achieve what they put their mind to. They know not to give up and will always look to the bright side. Fire is inspirational and emotional, aiding them when they need to trust their heart if they feel defeated. The Moon in Leo’s confidence can get them to win over their enemies and make them loyal friends. Their kindness and commitment to those they love is their strength. The more connections they make, the easier it is for them to read people. They can sense people’s motives and will be a step ahead. 

Natives with Sagittarius Moon have Jupiter on their side pointing them toward where they will have the recipe needed to grow and continue their expansion process. Their power comes with the knowledge they gain and understanding of the relationships around them. Jupiter can make them psychic types, bringing them awareness and making them trust their dreams and emotions.

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Water Moons Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairgustance

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It is known that there are hidden gifts, power and magic with the intuitive water element. Those with water placements are deeply connected with the emotional landscape and learn how to navigate the world around them when they become more aware of the potency of their abilities. 

The Moon in Cancer is in domicile for a reason. Their nurturing side can be healing to others. Their patience and willingness to listen and help others gives them their own power as healers. The Moon in Scorpio can feel and sense what others may think or do, so they become apprehensive about getting close to others. Their observant skills help them become masterful tacticians, waiting for their enemies to strike. The Moon in Pisces feels, sees, thinks, and can dream of events before they transpire. 


These signs are one step ahead of everyone, prepared for what is to come and fear what they may believe will occur.

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