How To Determine Your Unique Psychic Abilities & Start Using Them

Don't ignore your intuition. Instead, learn to develop and enhance your inherent psychic abilities.

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Psychic ability is a misunderstood phenomenon many people dismiss as imaginary, but if impressions appear to you without warning, you might want to investigate them as being psychic in nature.

Intuition or psychic ability can be defined as the soul’s capacity to capture information from beyond the limits of your physical senses. If this definition has meaning for you, you can benefit by creating your personal psychic profile.


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How to build your psychic profile.

Begin by taking some time to recount instances you have noticed were unusual in nature. Start your investigation by understanding the field of psychic study has a language and terms that need to be understood.


1. Understand the types of impressions beyond the limits physical senses.

Clairsentient impression: A feeling from beyond the physical ability to sense.

Clairvoyant impression; A vision of something happening.

Clairaudient impression: Hearing sounds or voices as guides.

Claircognizance: Knowing answers or new ideas.

Clairfragrance: Smelling odors as portents.

Clairgustance: Taste as the psychic sense.

When you understand these sensations in terms of feelings, seeing, hearing, etc. then you can begin to understand more about the psychic gifts you possess.

2. Recount your experiences.

The next step is to get a piece of paper and divide it up into several columns. This paper should list several of your experiences with a note of what you felt, saw, heard, knew, smelled, or tasted of the impression. Once you have done this, you can determine the type of strongest sensations and which of them were weak or non-existent.


3. Find your dominant psychic senses.

A clairsentient is a person who feels the energy of a situation or a person and can interpret the meaning of a feeling. This ability is the most common among people, and these individuals are often drained by other people or situations. If you notice this, you need to further investigate whether you are an empath or not.

People with strong visions are clairvoyants. If you have vivid visual impressions, then you might want to memorize them so they can be reviewed more closely when you have a chance. The images can be very revealing whether they are based on reality, or if they are symbolic in nature.

A clairaudient is when you hear information from beyond the limits of your physical hearing. There is an element of mediumship to being clairaudient because you can hear a voice. The voice is not your inner voice, but one that gives you a psychic message. The message you receive can be very helpful if you pay attention to it.

Claircognizance is a very special gift and is highlighted by having thoughts or ideas drop suddenly into your mind. This is sense is the most human because it is a source of creativity, invention, and problem-solving. It can be a “door opener” for other psychic senses to help you discover how to make an idea into a reality.


Clairfragrance and clairgustance are two senses unrecognized by most people, but both are very strong in many individuals. Paying attention to the sensations of smell and taste that are not physically generated by your surroundings is an indication you have these psychic gifts. Once you discover you have these talents, they can be used to enhance your general awareness of the world around you.

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4. Sort out your psychic tendencies.

Discovering your natural psychic skills is only a part of your psychic profile. The next step you will need to recount is whether the sensations were from the past, the unspoken or unknown present about a person or situation, or whether the impression was precognitive. Combining these experiences with the strongest psychic ability you have will give you insight into the type of psychic ability you possess.

Some people are good at recognizing health issues, others may be good at finding missing objects, and some may be good at matchmaking. These talents are specific and should be valued by those who have them. However, any psychic ability must be used with a sense of caution/humility and not out of ego.


You may learn you are an empath who has healing skills, or you have clairvoyant dreams with precognition. Recognizing your individual gifts allows you a sense of freedom and confidence to make good decisions. You might learn you are an excellent judge of character because you know a person’s character as soon as you meet them.

A knack for something does not give you or anyone else a “license” to exert power or control over others. There is a responsibility you have once you recognize your gifts. A gift should be used with the intention of being used for good and not for any other purpose.

5. Take a psychic self-test.

Psychic impressions often can come as a “blast” of information and this overwhelming energy can be interpreted using a “Psychic Test”.

This is an exercise where you need to determine how the impression made you feel, the vision you saw around it, anything you heard, knew, smelled, or tasted around it. This test will give you some perspective about the energy sensation you experienced.


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6. Enhance your personal growth.

Discovering your psychic abilities is an exercise of self-empowerment. It is a self-help exercise for your personal development. Noticing impressions can be a new experience for you, but it is rewarding and pays big dividends.

Your psychic profile is a valuable tool for you because you can use it as a base for personal growth. Knowing your natural talents and building upon them is enriching. It broadens your perspective and allows you to understand the world around you by giving you “ah ha” moments.


If you think you have psychic abilities, it is a worthwhile exercise to create your psychic profile. You will not regret this learning experience you will be able to build upon and assist you with your personal growth. It is an easy review of your personal experiences that will enhance your confidence and possibly help others as well.

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John Cappello, M.B. A., is a practicing psychic medium, astrologer, radio talk show host, and author of metaphysical books and children’s books about angels.