The Area Of Life You Feel Most Ambitious Each Year, According To Astrology

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Solar return astrology is a wonderful branch of predictive astrology that can help you focus on a chosen year of your life between one birthday and the next and use the knowledge to your advantage. For example, your solar return ascendant can reveal your predominant personality and energy in the given year while the solar return Venus can reveal your romantic compatibilities and inclinations and solar return Saturn can highlight challenges you will face.

Similarly, your solar return Mars focuses on matters of ambition, personal drive, sexual energy and so on.

How solar return Mars in each of the 12 houses influences your ambitions each year.

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Solar return Mars in 1st house

Mars is the natural ruler of the first house in astrology. Therefore, the presence of solar return Mars in the first house is an excellent placement for increased drive, energy, and resolve during any given year. The energy is heightened if solar return Mars forms a conjunction aspect with the solar return ascendant.

You will come across as a go-getter during such a year and will act intuitively even if you are unaware that you are doing so. Physical intuition is a gift of solar return Mars in the first house and can equally translate to excellent satisfaction in romantic adventures as greater luck in athletic endeavors. If your profession is highly active and involves a lot of legwork, whether it's in the military or in news and media, having solar return Mars in the first house guarantees success.

Solar return Mars in 2nd house

When solar return Mars is in the second house of the zodiac wheel, the primary focus of that year tends to be on matters related to security and increasing one's wealth. You may suddenly decide to purchase a house during such a year or invest in real estate in some way. The desire to increase one's income through investments and venture funds is also a highlight, as is the desire to pursue a more entrepreneurial future or establish a business. Solar return Mars in the second house is an excellent placement for furthering businesses that deal with physical goods and precious things.

Solar return Mars in 3rd house

When solar return Mars is in the third house in astrology, you may suddenly develop the desire to improve your communication skills. Some people speak faster and become more impulsive in their communications, in all media, during such a year. Sometimes, this placement can lead to increased conflict as well if there are debilitations.

In the arena of love and romance, solar return Mars in the third house bodes well for communicative relationships, finding a partner through a dating app, and even deepening one's connection through spicy messages.

Solar return Mars in 4th house

When solar return Mars is in the fourth house of the zodiac wheel, you may become increasingly homebody-like during the year or become very focused on matters related to your home and family life. People who face challenges with procrastination often experience the former and lose the will to do anything beyond what is asked of them, and even then they may try to do less and work only when the mood strikes.

But others may find themselves renovating their home or welcoming home a new child during a solar return Mars in the third house year. The desire to beautify one's home is quite strong in such a year. You may even find yourself addicted to gaming or other indoor sports.

Solar return Mars in 5th house

When solar return Mars is in the fifth house in astrology, you will find yourself extremely inspired throughout the year. Ideas will practically leak from your pores, so much so that if you don't carry a pocketbook (or a notes app) to quickly note them down, you may miss out on a treasure trove of possibilities! The depth and speed of your creativity can even lead to sleepless nights because you don't have enough hours in a day to do all that you wish to do. In such cases, it is advisable to keep track of all the ideas so that you can slowly incubate them over the following years, especially when solar return Mars moves to the sixth house of work.

Romance and sexual conquests also become a highlight when solar return Mars is in the fifth house. But whether those connections lead to anything solid or just stay fun and engaging depends on other factors, including the position of the solar return moon and Venus.

Solar return Mars in 6th house

When Solar Return Mars is in the 6th house of the zodiac wheel, the chances of you becoming a workaholic during the year becomes astronomically high, whether you normally are a workaholic or not. The desire to work on intricate projects that require a lot of attention to detail is also highlighted during such a year. Some people tend to gravitate towards physical labor in some capacity when they have Solar Return Mars in the sixth house. This can be in a professional capacity, but can also be through volunteer work and taking on more responsibilities and chores at home.

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Solar return Mars in 7th house

When solar return Mars is in the seventh house in astrology, you will find yourself engaging with more people and circulating in more social gatherings during the year. The desire to find a romantic partner who will look good next to you is also highlighted, although whether that eventually leads to marriage or not depends on other factors. Solar return Mars in the seventh year is also great for entering into business contracts and partnerships. Collaborations bring success, too, during such a year.

Solar return Mars in 8th house

Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of the eighth house in astrology. Therefore, solar return Mars in the eighth house is an excellent placement for personal growth, transformation, and consolidating power in one's life. Nevertheless, given Scorpio's more malefic tendencies, conflicts and catastrophes are also common during such a year that call on you to act decisively.

Your sexual energy may be through the roof, too, when you have solar return Mars in the eighth house. If you have already found your soulmate, the desire for physical affection becomes extremely potent and all-consuming during such a year. More so than usual. And if you are single, the possibility of suddenly falling for someone is very high. Some people tend to falsely believe they have found their soulmate because of the intensity of the physical attraction this solar return placement can bring about.

Solar return Mars in 9th house

When solar return Mars is in the ninth house of the zodiac wheel, it bodes well for explorations of all kinds, whether it's the desire to travel the world, sign up for higher education, or have intricate conversations that open the mind about possibilities and philosophies. It's also a good placement for making new friends, especially with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, and across cultural backgrounds. For this reason, having one's solar return Mars in the ninth house is excellent for those who are in university or have professions related to diplomacy and cross-border exchanges of all kinds.

Solar return Mars in 10th house

When solar return Mars is in the 10th house in astrology, you can really make extraordinary things happen in your life and career. It's an excellent placement for gaining fame, especially if your are a public figure or have a high-profile profession. Power and positive advancement to one's reputation is also indicated here. Nevertheless, Solar Return Mars in the tenth house can make a person distant from their close family and even children, especially if they already are workaholics, since they receive more opportunities than usual and make more efforts than usual to advance themselves in a professional capacity.

Solar Return Mars in 11th House

When Solar Return Mars is in the 11th house of the zodiac wheel, it's easy to find oneself at odds with the world without actually having an adversarial relationship with society at large. You will find yourself far ahead of the curve, dealing with subjects and interacting with people who are at the forefront of human advancement or working with experimental sciences. You may even come up with your own hypothesis or two! 

Solar return Mars in the eleventh house has a very pioneering energy attached to it because it tempers the impulsivity of a novel idea with strategy and extensive know-how to create something that has the potential to change industries and the world in some way. Even attraction during such a year is more intellectual than physical.

Solar return Mars in 12th house

When solar return Mars is in the 12th house in astrology, you will find yourself attracted to spiritual subjects and the idea of life after death very strongly. You may even sign up for experiences that open you to other ways of thinking and seeing the world, whether through psychedelics, past life regression therapy or even having a conversation with a religious scholar.

The desire to close chapters is also strong here. Solar return Mars in the twelfth house also makes a person prone to falling in love without paying attention to the red flags. In fact, red-flag individuals can become extremely attractive in such a year as they become an outlet for the Mars individual to do good in the world and not judge others for their hardships and background. You can almost convince yourself that you are destined to have an enemies-to-lovers love story... only for reality to crash down around your ears when Mars moves to the first house eventually.

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