4th House Astrology: A Guide To The House Of Home

Planets in the fourth house influence your family life.

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The natal chart is made up of 12 houses and each one influences a different aspect of your life.

The fourth house is one of the more important houses, not only because it is linked to home but also because it is an angular house.

What is the 4th house in astrology?

It is the house synonymous with the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. It represents our private space, our family, our parents, and our early childhood upbringings.


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To fully uncover this house is to show a few of your secrets, which are linked to the 12th House.

Understanding the dynamic of the fourth house allows you to learn a lot about yourself as you grow older. You can also learn from your parents so that when you create your home, you can create or build your foundation and set up similar (or new) roots.


The fourth house is also connected to the 10th House of career because you first need to build a solid foundation to evolve the Midheaven. The more grounded you feel at home, the stronger your foundation is, and the more powerful and in control you may feel when you climb towards the top of your career trajectory or are in leadership positions.

Planetary transits through the fourth house

Planetary transits through the fourth house can impact your situation at home. Depending on the planet, it can create a stabilizing or unstable environment.

Sun transiting the 4th house

A Sun transit will bring to focus things that need to be discussed. Hidden topics are often brought to light with this transit.

You may feel more confident tackling any problems head-on and finding solutions with family members.


Moon transiting the 4th house

Lunar transits are a period of reflection and finding harmony or balance within yourself. Receiving love from those you care about can help you feel better.

Mercury transiting the 4th hose

Mercury transits can make you feel more rooted at home and tied to the past. This may lead you to want to uncover or research something about your lineage.

Venus transiting the 4th house

Lovely Venus makes us more artistic and creative. During this time, you appreciate your home and want to make the environment as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

Mars transiting the 4th house

Mars in the 4th House can be a great time to build, create and fix. These are the times when channeling your energy into a project can allow you to achieve success.


Saturn transiting the 4th house

Saturn transits are all about growing and building. When Saturn is in the fourth house, it is a time when foundations are solidified so that you can take greater steps.

Once Saturn enters the 4th house, the next 2.5 years are spent learning to mature and grow and perhaps take on more of a leadership role at home. 

Uranus transiting the 4th house

Uranus can bring some surprises. Sometimes with this transit, the native may move or new people could move in. 

Neptune transiting the 4th house

A Neptune transit in the 4th House could show that the native was raised in a creative environment with a great appreciation for the arts and music. 


Pluto transiting the 4th house

With Pluto, it could feel like there is a challenge to your foundation. Pluto asks you to evolve and abandon fear and go with the flow of unexpected changes.

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Natal planets in the fourth house

Natal Sun in the 4th house

Sun in the fourth does not mind being the leader at home. These people can coordinate and get family members to cooperate and work like a team. They run their home like a business and may even set up their family businesses someday.

Taking charge at home is natural for them.

Natal Moon in the 4th house

The Moon is comfortable in the fourth house, bringing harmony and balance.


Here the native felt the safest at home growing up. However, a changing environment is not appreciated by the native since it disrupts their equilibrium.

Natal Mercury in the 4th house

Those with Mercury here will be very comfortable at home. Learning was important in their early childhood environment.

They are inspired to learn from their roots and lineage. There is a need to connect to the past and discover their ancestry with this placement.

Natal Venus in the 4th house

Feeling safe and nurtured was synonymous with a comfortable and safe home. The natives learned to find beauty in their surroundings and the people that they loved.

A home filled with good times, love, and caring is something they strive to emulate as they get older.


Natal Mars in the 4th house

With this placement, the native might have very strict parents or learn the value of hard work from an early age.

This placement shows they could have been inspired to join sports early on, learn more discipline or be more assertive.

Natal Saturn in the 4th house

Those with Saturn in the 4th House may have grown up with stricter parents. These natives work hard and protect their peace.

As they grow older, they want to establish their roots. Creating their own rules is important to them as they get older.

Natal Pluto in the 4th house

Home is a transformative space for the natives and a place that allows them to constantly grow and change. They could have been raised in an environment that had them researching, learning, and teaching.


Here the native learns to be independent and responsible from early on.

Natal Jupiter in the 4th house

Religion and theology could be a major influence on the native from a young age. It is the placement for philosophers and researchers. The native will constantly be searching to find their spiritual path. 

Natal Neptune in the 4th house

Neptune in the 4th brings about creative inspiration to the native. They can channel this energy to make their home beautiful or to embark on a learning journey.

These people are imaginative and inspired by things that can move them on an emotional level.

Natal Uranus in the 4th house

The natives with Uranus here are accustomed to changes at home. Moving around was probably a major thing for the native with this placement.


As they get older they go with the flow whenever there is a change. Uranus teaches them to appreciate their freedom and independence.

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Natal signs in the 4th house

Aries in the 4th house

The native with Aries in the 4th is strong-willed and not afraid to take on challenges. They feel the strongest at home and shine the brightest.

While they might be more diplomatic at work, they learned from early on that showing their other side will make things more favorable for them in their career.

Taurus in the 4th house

Those with Taurus in the 4th love to bring their creative energy to the home front. They enjoy eating the best meals, going to the best hotels, dining at the best restaurants, or being at home. Their home needs to feel like a 5-star hotel. 


Gemini in the 4th house

Communicating is very important to the native. It is a placement that could translate into the native having many siblings or a home that was always packed with people.

It might have been overwhelming, but they adapted and as such have learned to become passionate conversationalists.

Cancer in the 4th house

Having a relaxing and drama-free environment might be important to the native with this sign ruling their 4th. They thrive when they can feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings doing what they love. Home represents a sanctuary to them.

Leo in the 4th house

Leo is another creative placement in the 4th. Having Leo here means that the native felt extremely comfortable at home expressing themselves.


The native has a strong personality inspired by the encouragement and love that their parents gave them. They shine and radiate, feel comfortable, and want to control others. They are the aristocrats in their abode.

Virgo in the 4th house

Growing up, the need for order and structure was emphasized by their parents. These people are very particular about the way they keep their homes and do not appreciate others ruining this dynamic. They will be strict and meticulous about tidying up.

Libra in the 4th house

These natives were encouraged to beautify their rooms from an early age since their parents might have focused on making things a lot more aesthetically pleasing around the house.


Finding comfort and a relaxing place to call home becomes a priority for them as they get older. Creating their balanced home allows them to be a force of nature at work.

Scorpio in the 4th house

Finding their source of comfort and self-care might have been a motivator for Scorpio in the 4th growing up. They could have experienced many changes and now want to balance the transformations they handle and experience by building a sanctuary where they reflect and heal. 

Sagittarius in the 4th house

Learning was always encouraged growing up and the native is proud to be someone that embraces academia.

It could also translate to someone who was raised traveling a lot and living in different parts of the world. These people feel most at home when they are away from home.


Capricorn in the 4th house

When Capricorn is in the 4th, the native might have felt some restriction as this Saturn-ruled placement might have had them obeying a strict curfew.

However, as they got older they learned to appreciate the lessons their family taught them and incorporate them into their day-to-day lives.

Aquarius in the 4th house

This placement indicates an eccentric environment with a dominant parental figure. Although the native might have felt some strict boundaries imposed by their parents, they were still encouraged to express themselves freely.

The Aquarius in the 4th native is not afraid to create dynamic changes in their environment since they want to break free from monotony.


Pisces in the 4th house

As a Jupiter-ruled placement, finding their philosophy or theology growing up was a predominant theme for them. Their parents might have pushed religion on them, but they may have rebelled as they got older.

Pisces here want to find their philosophy and explore their connection with the divine as they get older.

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