How To Plan Your Day Almost Perfectly Using Planetary Hours

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Planetary hours in astrology assigns one of seven planets and luminaries to several hours throughout the day when the benefits of each planet are at their maximum potential.

Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars are the power players here, representing the order of each hour respectively.

The pattern and hours vary based on the day of the week, so each day will initiate a different planetary hour. The order of planets does not change, but the one that kicks off each day does.

You can use a planetary hour calculator to see upcoming planetary hours which you can use to plan your days accordingly.

How to use planetary hours

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Only the seven traditional astrological planets and luminaries listed above are used for this system (sorry, Pluto and Neptune).

Planetary hours can help you make some decisions in your day-to-day life, such as the best time to send an email or text for your desired results or when to plan an interview.



However, we shouldn’t live strictly through planetary hours since it would not be feasible or productive to halt an appointment or other major events simply because it does not align with the hour considered favorable.

Planetary hours can be used for some guidance but they should not be regarded as the last resort for planning.

Sun's hour

The Sun’s hour is the brightest and most vibrant, which can be very fortunate for us.

During this time, we feel more comfortable putting ourselves in the limelight. We feel braver about promoting ourselves and even trust our confidence.

It is a good time to begin a new project, plan your schedule, lead a meeting, submit a project or do anything else that involves you at the center.

Sun’s hour provides us with confidence and direction. Our confidence blooms and we could feel like the sky's the limit.

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Venus' hour

The Hour of Venus can be linked to doing Venusian activities. Art, music, or rest could bring us some joy. Romance is linked to Venus, so scheduling a date with someone you adore could enhance the quality of time together.

It is a great time to feel the presence of love surrounding you. You could reconnect with friends, socialize and do brunch during the hour of Venus. I like to do online shopping or go to the store during this time since I'll be more patient! 

Venus hours are also excellent for a much-needed nap. As long as you can focus, relax and bring the energy back to you.

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Mercury's hour

Here is where we feel the most inclined to brainstorm. If you have a pending project, use the Mercury hour to begin thinking about how to tackle it since it could surprise you. Anything involving studying, reviewing, writing, reading, or communication, in general, could prove to be favorable during this time.

Reviewing tedious documents could also be saved for Mercury hours. When I need help with tutoring in one of my classes, I usually schedule it during the hour of Mercury since I know I’ll be more talkative with my tutor and be more mentally prepared to do the work.

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Moon's hour

During the hour of the Moon, doing things that bring us comfort and joy will help us excel.

We could also be more focused on matters of the home since the Moon is linked to our sacred spaces. Planting, cooking, journaling, and any other activity you do at home in private could allow you to flourish.

Moon hours are great to light a candle, bake some cookies and do some much-needed journaling. Feeling at peace through meditation will make me feel calm during this period.

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Saturn's hour

The Saturn hour is all about reflection. If you have slacked on your duties, now is the time to get back on track. The Saturn hour is all about taking out the planner, working through your schedule, checking emails, doing homework, and learning how to be more productive.

If there is a new self-help book I am starting, I usually begin reading during Saturn's hour to take notes.

Your sense of duty is activated during this time, which can allow you to work through things more methodically and with intention.

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Jupiter's hour

The hour of Jupiter is benefic. You could feel a bit luckier and it could bring you some positive perspectives. 

But at the same time, since Jupiter expands, it could expand on indulging in things you should not do, like overspending.

Jupiter hours are about doing things you enjoy, going on a nice adventure, meeting people that bring you joy, starting a new class, and taking on the spotlight. As long as you focus on moderation and limiting yourself, the Jupiter hour could be utilized for powerful networking, insightful learning, and focusing on your ambitions. 

Mars' hour

Mars represents courage, strength, and taking initiative. If you feel apprehensive about something or find yourself avoiding tedious tasks, the hour of Mars might just give you that boost of energy you desire.

It is a good time to run errands, get things checked off of your to-do list, and focus on wellness. You could do energizing workouts that bring us fun. Make sure not to pick something that frustrates you because it could feel monotonous and discourage you.

Mars hours are about focus, being wise, and channeling your energy to incorporate success.

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