2nd House Astrology: A Guide To The House Of Value

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2nd house in astrology wheel

The natal chart is made up of 12 houses and each one impacts an aspect of your life. The 2nd house in astrology is called the house of value and is all about possessions, money, and other material things.

The sign in the second shows us how you instinctually manage and save money. While the first house shows the development of your identity, this house can also show ego development — how you see yourself, the status of your self-esteem, and how you manage your possessions.

In relationships, the sign in the second house can also show a glimpse into how you act and react in relationships since Taurus, ruled by Venus, is the natural ruler of the second house. 

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2nd house planetary transits

When natal planets or transiting planets are in the second house, you experience new lessons and changes in your income. With benefic planets, there can be an appreciation of finances and material possessions, while some malefic transits can allow us to reevaluate our ideology with how we make or save our income.

With a balanced and secure second house, we become more comfortable and confident in ourselves. These lessons learned with the long transits can help us be one step closer to a version of ourselves that we can grow to love.

Sun transiting the 2nd house

When the powerful Sun transits your second house you become an explorer. The area of your life ruled by the 2nd will feel revamped for the next month.

Sun transits can bring luck and enjoyment and boosts your self-esteem. It is a time that can feel like a wake-up call. You are motivated to have a little more faith in your abilities and confidence in yourself. The enterprising nature of this transit can make anyone feel on top of the world.

Moon transiting the 2nd house

A Moon transit in the second is brief and will impact you for a few days. These transits can be an emotional period where you reflect on how your second house has influenced you during the month.

Full Moon or New Moon transits can affect you for six months or more, allowing you to initiate new beginnings with how you relate to finances and present excellent opportunities to improve your relationship with ego. 

Mercury transiting the 2nd house

With Mercury transiting the second, you become more inspired to learn and be wiser about finances.

It is also a fascinating period where you can develop an interest in topics you may not have been curious about before. Expect to read, write and learn more about things related to the second house. Many will opt to purchase finance books and books on cooking and art or design.

You expand your interests here and are more inclined to develop knowledge along the way.

Venus transiting the 2nd house

Venus transits feel luxurious and relaxing since it typically leads you to prioritize yourself. The focus is on all themes relating to Venus. It can be a fun period, where everyone feels more glamorous. With the easy-flowing energy, you might even be open to developing new relationships.

However, there isn’t a structure tied to this transit. Venus can make you feel good, but not motivated or driven enough to earn. You may become complacent and money seems to come your way easier without much effort.

Nevertheless, this is a transit that can allow you to relax and take a needed break after a period of hard work. Venus is also comfortable in the second since it’s the natural ruler, so while things might take time to develop, it is still a positive time to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Mars transiting the 2nd house

During a Mars transit in the second, you are motivated to work hard and earn more money. Mars is a fighter. It doesn’t give up and you feel a lot more energized when handling tasks, especially when there is a chance for a promotion.

While this transit can make you impulsively spend more, it teaches you that you must create a balance and develop a planning process with finances. Just as hard as you can work in a day, Mars can still make you spend just as much.

Work hard and play hard is the motto for this transit.

Jupiter transiting the 2nd house

Although Jupiter is a benefic planet, it can still cause a bit of chaos during this transit. You can get carried away with this planet's energy since it can make you feel like you are on top of the world.

Jupiter expands, and it could help you gain more confidence and improve your finances. However, if you are impulsive and not thinking ahead, it can backfire.

Jupiter presents excellent opportunities to learn and discover things that you can use when it transits into the third house.

Saturn transiting the 2nd house

When Saturn transits through the second, you begin to develop a stronger relationship with your values and sense of self.

But this does not happen overnight. Saturn can be harsh and will bring many lessons here that can also transform how you will prepare for the future. Being reckless during this time doesn’t help the native, instead learning how to be more structured and disciplined with finances is more beneficial in the long run. Developing patience and responsibility are good lessons that prepare us all for adulthood.

Uranus transiting the 2nd house

Uranus in the second house can be unexpected. Nothing is predictable here because Uranus can’t be tamed. There are ups and downs with this transit since Uranus is incalculable.

The natives can experience lessons that allow them to prepare for the unexpected once this transit is over. The key here is not to be afraid and to go with the flow. After the native has experienced the volatility of Uranus, they can be more prepared to handle the ups and downs of things relating to the second house.

Neptune transiting the 2nd house

When Neptune transits this house the native must learn to be more practical and knowledgeable about their relationship with finances. Neptune tends to blur and it's easy to get carried away by impulsive actions that can “feel” right at the time.

Learn to make plans, and budget, and take a class on finances if it’s needed. Neptune transits can feel surreal, so using logic is the best way to combat them.

Pluto transiting the 2nd house

A Pluto transit through the second transforms how you manage your possessions and the way you see yourself.

You begin to get pickier during this transit after the process of the first house transit. You do not settle for basic relationships or jealous people in your inner circle and you only look for the things that help you improve.

There is more confidence and fear because Pluto can bring surprises, but teaches patience; you learn how to navigate this energy with more assertiveness.

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Natal planets in the second house



Natal Pluto in the 2nd house

The native excels at growing and constantly transforming their finances. They are not tied down to one career but will feel the need to change paths if they are not satisfied. These people are not afraid of dramatic changes and can go with the flow patiently.

Natal Sun in the 2nd house

They are confident with their material possessions and what they have accomplished throughout the years. It is the placement of fearless people that will focus on their betterment. The more they earn, the stronger their self-esteem.

Natal Moon in the 2nd house

Owning a lot of things brings security and comfort. The moment there is a risk of losing what they have, the fluctuating emotions of the Moon can make the natives highly sensitive. There is an attachment to people and material things. The native has to learn to let go.

Natal Mercury in the 2nd house

Mercury in the 2nd is a placement for those who value learning and education. If they are concerned about increasing material wealth, they can research and become more knowledgeable. These people are always willing to learn and keep up with topics of the 2nd house.

Natal Mars in the 2nd house

The energy of Mars is constantly revitalized when a planet aspects it. The native is motivated to make more, create more and spend more.

One of the greater challenges for Mars in the 2nd native is to relax and find a balance. Impulsive moments might make them splurge after working extremely hard for their money.

Natal Venus in the 2nd house

When Venus is in the second house of the native, it will have the opposite effect of someone with Mars here. While Mars fights, Venus sits back and relaxes. Things come easily to those with this placement so they don’t feel the need to fight for their place in the sun. 

Natal Jupiter in the 2nd house

Those born with this placement can experience the changes and evolution of their relationship with money. Jupiter seeks to learn, grow and teach others. The more they build their intellectual knowledge, the greater their ego development and security. 

Natal Saturn in the 2nd house

Growing up was not easy for the native. Their relationship with finances can be triggered by fear of not having enough growing up. Saturn in this house will make the natives not see their worth until later in life.

However, their work ethic is solid and does not change. It is a placement for those who are patient and careful about building their wealth.

Natal Uranus in the 2nd house

Here the native is not afraid of changes. Their financial life experienced constant changes since childhood. The natives experience a metamorphosis from early on, so they can handle the challenging periods that Uranus transits bring since they have them natally. They do not back down easily; not even fear can stop them.

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Natal signs in the second house

Aries in the 2nd house

With this fiery planet in the second house, the native is more inclined to spend recklessly but they develop a strong sense of self as they get older.

They need to learn to bring more balance to their spending habits and not splurge all their hard-earned money on useless things.

Taurus in the 2nd house

Naturally comfortable in the second house, the native seems to know how to develop a good relationship with finances. Their relationship with money begins early on and they know not to be reckless. They can be meticulous with saving.

With this placement, the native also learns to love themselves with time since Venus is their ruler.

Gemini in the 2nd house

A native with Gemini in the 2nd knows how to learn more about making money. It is the placement for researchers and devoted students. There is great appreciation for their knowledge since it becomes their source of wealth and power as they get older.

Cancer in the 2nd house

Because the Moon rules the second, the native can be an impulsive spender. Depending on the placement of the natal Moon it can either make the person irresponsible or very careful with finances. Their perspective on ego tends to fluctuate like the brief phases of the Moon.

Developing a positive relationship with themselves will begin once they embrace their emotionally intelligent side. 

Leo in the 2nd house

Natives with Leo in the second are confident and their sense of ego can become healthy as they age. They understand their worth and will not work for less. They want and demand quality romantic relationships and friendships in their lives.

Virgo in the 2nd house 

Here, the natives can be disciplined with their spending habits. They are meticulous and prepared when Virgo rules this house.

At times their nervousness about finances can make them develop anxiety about their income. Breaking away from negative thought patterns and focusing on a more optimistic outlook can help them in the long run.

Libra in the 2nd house

Since Venus rules this house, it can bring some luck to the native. Libra is all about balance, so being reckless is not in their philosophy. The native here is patient and prepared to take action with investments. Just like Taurus, they learn to value and appreciate themselves with time since Venus will bring them the security they desire.

Scorpio in the 2nd house

Ruled by Mars, Scorpio in the second house can grant the native confidence but there are still many insecurities that they face. It is a placement of the warrior, soldier, and tactician.

Scorpios know what they want in life and they are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Once they develop a good relationship with themselves, they can bring about even more success and victories with second-house topics.

Sagittarius in the 2nd house

Sagittarius in the second brings luck since Jupiter is this sign’s ruler. Just like Mercury-ruled signs, Jupiter signs do not worry about the material; instead, they focus on developing their knowledge.

With this sign, learning is essential, and expanding their intellect to help others can evolve their ego and make them confident. 

Capricorn in the 2nd house

Because Saturn rules this house, the native can lack confidence before their Saturn return. They could be inclined to work hard but earn less.

Once they experience a Saturn return, regardless of the natal Saturn sign, they will understand their worth a lot better. Knowing when to take breaks is imperative for this placement.

Aquarius in the 2nd house

The Aquarius in the 2nd native is not tied down by structure or fears of spending. Aquarius does not mind giving their money to the collective.

Channeling their Uranus co-ruled side, they tend to do the unexpected with their possessions. Learning to find a balance by incorporating Saturn’s structure and Uranus’ innovative side, can help them discover new methods to save and spend.

Pisces in the 2nd house

People with Pisces in the 2nd need to be careful not to fall into illusions regarding money management. Setting up concrete plans and goals while studying reliable sources can help them improve their relationship with money.

They can easily get influenced by finding shortcuts. When they learn to manage their time and incorporate concrete learning methods, they will feel more secure and proud of themselves.

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